Why Do I Keep Breaking Up With My Boyfriend? [Things You Need To Know]

A relationship is the most wonderful fact in the world. In the world, everyone wants to have a loving relationship where they have respect, understanding, protection, cheerfulness, etc.

The relationship may break up for different motive. But the decision of breaking up in a relationship may be good or bad. So, why do I keep breaking up with my boyfriend? If your partner is really good, then breaking up will be wrong. Sometimes the decision is taken after discussion but sometimes it happens suddenly.

Why Do I Keep Breaking Up With My Boyfriend

What Are Your Relationship Ingredients?

What Are Your Relationship Ingredients

Humans are rational beings. They want to live with each other. That’s why; people make and stay in a relationship. Every relationship is based on some criteria. These are given below:

  • Love and promise to the wedding.
  • Being friends to share everything.
  • Enjoy loving moments with each one.
  • Keep beside them when they are in a good or bad situation.
  • Attraction keeps on all the time.
  • Respect each other in every situation.
  • Admiration makes everyone happy.
  • Giving importance makes the relationship successful.
  • Protect each other from any danger.
  • Happiness makes their life easy.
  • Effective communication expresses a good solution for every decision.
  • Lack of restrictions to have external friends or other relationships.

Some Signs That Tell You Your Relationship Is End

You would not ignore the signs of a potential breakup, and there are some signs that you should not ignore before your relationship end. Some signs are:

He Stopped Responding To Your Text Messages

If your partner does not respond to any of your texts or phone calls for days then it’s a big problem. This can be one of the warning signs of a breakup.

He Stopped Calling you ‘Babe’

If your partner no longer calls you with terms that are affectionate, then it does not mean that he is planning to leave the relationship. A possible reason behind this could be because he feels stressed about his studies or at work.

But if it’s been more than a month and he still does not call you anything affectionate, then it is a sign of a pending breakup.

He Becomes Secretive About His Social Media Accounts

If your partner becomes too secretive when they are on their social media accounts or they start deleting some chats, then this may be an indication that there is someone else in his life.

He Often Gives You The Silent Treatment When There’s A Fight

If your partner starts ignoring you during fights, then it can be one of the major signs of an impending breakup. Even if he has not ended the relationship yet, his actions will put you in great hurt which may cause you to break up.

If he does this, then you should try your best not to give him the silent treatment while talking, but instead talk about your feelings.

He Starts Communicating Less With His Family And Friends

If he stops replying to calls or messages from his friends, or if he turns off his phone when they call, it’s a big warning sign of a breakup.

You should also try to do the same with your friends and family. This will help you avoid any future conflicts that can arise due to possible negative comments about their relationship or breakup.

He Opens Up Slowly To Spending Time With You

If he is very picky when it comes to making time for you, then it may mean that he is not very excited about being in a relationship with you.

He may be saying yes to all of your plans only because he does not want to hurt your feelings, but he will eventually get bored or tired of the whole romance.

He Changes His Usual Routine For Weekend Activities

If he has always gone out on weekends but suddenly stops doing so, then it could be because he does not want to get out of the house or spend time with you.

He Spends More Time On Social Media

Some couples will use social media to monitor their partner’s behavior. This can mean that they are spying on them. If your partner spends a lot of time surfing the net and going on social networking sites, then it can be a sign of a breakup.

If you think that they are going out with someone else then you should not try to spy on them, but instead communicate or confront them about your suspicions.

Keep Breaking Up With My Boyfriend

At the first step, every relationship commits with each other to live for a long time. But they break their good relationship for different reasons. Somebody thinks that if they break up with their partners, then a good relationship will keep between them.

Breaking up with somebody can be a fine decision if there is a sad relationship. When you are staying in a relationship but you feel unhappy. At last, this relationship turns into separation.

  • Before taking a breakup decision, you should think more and more, because it relates to other emotions and feelings. You should take the exact right decision.
  • Think about the other person’s feelings and you think that what you should say is perfect.
  • Of course, you make your decision with a good objective.
  • You take your decision honestly, don’t behave brutally.
  • Don’t avoid your partner, you should communicate and first say about the breakup.
  • Don’t disrespect and don’t rebuke your partner.

How Do You Stop A Relationship From Breaking Up?

How Do You Stop A Relationship From Breaking Up

Human life is problematic. To live a healthy and happy life, you should know the reason which is the main reason to break a relationship and which steps make your life easy and prevent a breakup. Here some necessary steps are given:

  • Love your partner from the center of your mind.
  • Idealize partners.
  • Overlook troubles.
  • Allow impatience to slip.
  • Keep away from looking at prospective difficulty.
  • Ignore personality differences.
  • Values conflicts and dissimilar beliefs.
  • Never push anyone to do anything that they don’t like.
  • Take some time at a distance to realize everyone.
  • Maintain some physical and emotional space.
  • Reflect on yourself
  • Thinking your mistakes
  • Break the silence and discuss problems
  • Do small things to impress
  • Promise to change your attitude
  • Try to understand partners
  • Show love in a struggle

How To Handle With Regret And Guilt

How to Handle With Regret And Guilt

After initiating separation, it is normal to feel sad and lonely. It is rarely a good idea to acquire back mutually after breaking up. Every step shouldn’t be done quickly and it takes time to make a decision. There are some ways to create regret or guilt easier:

  • Before going to create a relationship, you should think because you may face the best or worst situation. In both situations, you should compromise with each other.
  • In a relationship, you can’t always find a fantasy life or a loving partner. You should cooperate with your partner to get according to your thinking.
  • You should mind that romance and imagination always bring happiness to life.

After regretting, you can feel lonely, it isn’t a bad sign. You can feel the same feelings when someone is keeping beside you. So you shouldn’t get the wrong impression of your feelings, here some good points are given below to reduce your regretting your feelings:

  • Thinking lonely is normal.
  • Develop and agree to your emotions.
  • All-time to be happy or be strong is unrealistic.
  • Love yourself first.
  • Learning to be alone isn’t impossible.
  • Explore new interests
  • Engage in hobbies
  • Try blogging.
  • Look for help to communicate perceptive or urgent thoughts.

Why Do You Always Think About Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend?

Why Do You Always Think About Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend

Although your partner is a great and honest man and also behaves well with you, you think about breaking up with your boyfriend. The causes behind this thinking about breaking up with your boyfriend are given below:

  • Don’t love him,
  • Think trapped, desire to escape,
  • Maybe cheat and don’t want to upset,
  • You want to go into a new relationship.
  • You think both of you are different.

Most Common Reasons Couples Break Up

Most Common Reasons Couples Break Up

At first, humans start a relationship which is called love. Someone thinks that they love each other which can be built slowly or quickly and again somebody is engaged through the family. In the midline, both of them decide to commit to a long time relationship.

Some relationships turn into marriages and some break up for many problems. “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” Say by Fredrich Nietzsche. There are many kinds of problems that cause breaking up issues. For only one reason isn’t the main issue to break up rather two or three motives lead to breakup.

  • Break promises,
  • Dishonest in a relationship,
  • Cheating with partners,
  • Lack of trust,
  • The imbalance between real or perceived,
  • Inequality in the decision-making power,
  • Blaming each other unnecessarily.
  • Separation from family and friends
  • Lack of self-awareness
  • Low sense of worth,
  • Insecurity and jealousy.
  • Hide true selves,
  • Depend on body language to express your feelings.
  • Judge your relationship to each one else’s.
  • Only think about yourself.
  • Lack of respect.
  • You depend on your partner for justification.
  • Never forgive or forget.
  • Ignore your partner’s speech.
  • Reject to compromise.
  • Misbehave with a partner.

Why Breaking Up Is Good For A Relationship?

Why Breaking Up Is Good For A Relationship

Truly a good relationship is very important but an unhealthy one is also harmful to all. It isn’t good to continue an ill relationship rather than break it to make life easy. Although a true relationship can’t break at any cost. Breaking up a relationship, you can understand the faults, the behavior, and the thinking about another. Also, a breakup reminds you of the previous mistakes you made to create a new relationship.

What Not To Do When You Break Up With Someone

What Not To Do When You Break Up With Someone

At first, love yourself because if you love more and more, none can harm you. A breakup is really hard for anyone but you shouldn’t hurt yourself after a breakup. There are some topics that not to do when you break up with someone:

  • Don’t try to find them out on social media.
  • Don’t keep friends on social media.
  • Don’t ask anyone about them.
  • Don’t compare it to the new one.
  • Don’t ignore yourself to take care of yourself.
  • Don’t neglect your career.
  • Don’t keep away from social life.
  • Don’t waste your time on tension.

How to Improve Yourself after a Breakup?

How to Improve Yourself after a Breakup

After a breakup, you don’t think that everything is lost. Rather than you improve yourself and lead a wonderful happy life. Here some suggestions are given below:

  • Be realistic.
  • Cut off all contact.
  • Cry if you need to reduce stress.
  • Give yourself some time.
  • Making you busy.
  • Enjoying it with friends.
  • Love yourself as much as needed.
  • Pray and be grateful to the creator.


A relationship to enjoy a happy life and a breakup is a great opportunity to discover you as a new one who can recover the fault and respect other feelings. Making a decision is very easy but it is also complicated for feelings. After severance, many thoughts go through my mind but after thinking a good decision should be taken and it is truly amazing quality. I hope now you know about why do I keep breaking up with my boyfriend.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Can A Relationship  Work  After Several  Breakups?

Breaking up is hard to do- especially if you’re doing it over and over again. If you’re the one who keeps ending your relationship, then why are you continuing to break up? Is this for his own good? Are you trying to make him realize you’re not right for him? Or, is it something else altogether?

Breakups are common in relationships. The trick to figuring out if you should stop breaking up with your boyfriend is finding out why you keep doing it. After all, if the relationship isn’t working, then there’s no use in dragging things along. But how

2. What Does  It Mean When You Keep  Breaking  Up And Getting Back  Together?

Breaking up means you’re not comfortable with how things are going in your relationship. It’s normal to look for ways to improve it. But, if you keep ending the relationship, then there might be deeper issues that need to be addressed.

You might need more time apart or some space before getting back together again. If your problems are caused by things that can be fixed, then you should try to find solutions. You both need to put in some effort for this relationship to work out.

3. Can Breaking  Up Save  A Relationship?

Breaking up can be a healthy decision. But this means you don’t want to get back together again. It’s not healthy for one person to always end the relationship. If you do it repeatedly, then it’s time to change your approach towards the relationship.

You might realize that breaking up with someone is much easier than trying to make them change. It might be time to end things if you’re tired of giving ultimatums every few weeks. But, it also means you two are not on the same page.






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