12 Tricks On How To Make A Man Obsessed With Your Psychology

Wondering on how to make a man obsessed with your psychology? With some psychological tricks and a lot of energy, you will know how to catch a man and feel an unstoppable attraction.

Just changing a few attitudes will drive you crazy with love! Do you wish with your heart that your boyfriend, or suitor, feel hallucinated and obsessed with you? Believe me, it’s not that difficult at all.

Read step by step the tips you will see on this website and I assure you that your man will not stop chasing you! By using resources to generate a magnet-like attraction, you will be able to have the man you want to be obsessed with you. Take possession of his mind so that he is aware of you at all times.

It will follow you wherever you go, like a lap dog and so you will have your boy eating from the palm of your hand. So, here’s some highly recommended activity I get after doing hard research regarding how to make a man obsessed with your psychology. Let’s start:

Tricks On How To Make A Man Obsessed With Your Psychology

12 Tricks On How To Make A Man Obsessed With Your Psychology

12 Tricks On How To Make A Man Obsessed With Your Psychology

1. Let Him To Miss You

Let Him To Miss You

You must entirely fall in love with him, drawing his attention and drawing him into his thoughts and mind.

When you get to know his most deep concerns, it will be easier for you to get to his emotions and thus generate an uncontrollable attraction to you. He will miss you, and that will be the first positive step to obsess him.

2. Looks Good To Seduce you

Looks Good To Seduce you

Try to look the best you can for that boy you want, the man is characterized by being extraordinarily visual, and everything will have a good start if he sees you very attractive. A neat makeup, hairstyle, proper manners and ways of speaking, will make him to notice you and feel subjugated.

3. Get Attractive Grooming

Get Attractive Grooming

If your body shape doesn’t allow you to pick something trendy, don’t worry. You should not fall into the mistake of being fashionable, with clothes that do not suit you.

You just have to aim with the style you use, highlighting your privileged parts and looking for colors and designs that enhance your figure.

4. Take Advantages of Social Media

Take Advantages of Social Media

Enjoy the social networks to publish photos where you show yourself attractive, beautiful and elegant. It is not worth that you want to provoke being ordinary, because you are going to demean yourself instead of exhibiting yourself in your favor.

Refer to your activities and hobbies in an exciting way. All this adds up so that whoever gave you the eye starts to impress with you.

5. Be Feminine At All Time

Be Feminine At All Time

Always be very feminine! If something enchants and enraptures a man, it is that you show yourself feminine. Your manners and behaviors in the eyes of others, speak a lot about you.

For a boy, it is essential to know that you keep your qualities as a woman firm. It is a point in favor and elementary so that the attraction arises from him and he becomes obsessed with you.

6. You Have To Always Make Yourself Respected


You are the one who must set limits and respect must always prevail when you are with a man. Before learning how to make a man obsessed with your psychology, you should learn how to make yourself respected.

Whoever does not respect you, neither is going to fall in love or obscure you, avoid being behind him as if you needed his oxygen to breathe. Don’t let him humiliate you, despise you or demean you in front of anyone. Value yourself, above all things.

7. Don’t Let Him To Touch You On First Date

Dont Let Him To Touch You On First Date

When you start to relate to a man do not let the touching occur on the first date. If he impulsively approaches you and wants to touch you, just move on and follow the conversation as if nothing had happened.

He may be upset, but then he will have respected and valued you much more. That will also start to fascinate your personality.

8. Strike Up Entertaining Conversations With Him


Your way of listening to his confessions and the attention you pay in his talks will be decisive for your man to be dazzled with you.

He will value you for being exceptional; will trust you; will respect you much more than anyone when listening to him. And will begin to obsess over your presence.

9. Get Him To Admire you


If you openly demonstrate that you have hobbies, that you excel in any field and that you are a striking woman in terms of physique and personality, do not doubt that you will fall in love.

A man is obsessed with having a woman he likes and is admired by other men. It won’t take long for him to have you on a pedestal that he wants to reach, to have you next to him. 

10. Allow Him To Flirt But Without Being Overwhelmed


The man who flirts with you will feel that he already has you in his power. But you will be responsible for showing him that you are the one who dominates the situation and that you have the pan by the handle.

If you connect incredibly with your man, making yourself valued and constantly demonstrating your qualities, you will not need more things.

11. Make Yourself Desired Without Falling Into His Arms

Make Yourself Desired Without Falling Into His Arms

A woman’s perfect formula for a man to rave about her is simple. Attract him with your visible qualities, your body, your eyes, your gaze and your way of being, all together.

If you are preparing yourself so that your boy is wholly tied to you of his own free will, make yourself desired, fall in love with him and leave him wanting to be with you.

I assure you that he will not be able to remove you from his mind and his obsession with you will be the only thing that matters to him.

6 Secret Ways To Make A Man Deeply Obsessed With You

6 Secret Ways To Make A Man Deeply Obsessed With You

1 – Stop accepting a man’s love conditionally. Men want a woman who takes their feelings seriously and who won’t try to change them or “fix” anything about them. A man will feel that you truly care about him, respect his boundaries and share life with him only when you fully accept all of him, the good and the bad parts.

2 – Give him your full, undivided attention. Men need to know that they are number one in your life. Show them how much you care about them by giving them your full, undivided attention when you are with them (no texting while you’re doing something else). Make eye contact. Be fully engaged in the conversation.

3 – Be easy to love. Make it as easy as possible for a man to fall in love with you. Smile. Laugh. Be kind, caring and compassionate towards him (and everybody).

Don’t go out of your way to make yourself look beautiful if beauty is not who you are . A man will see your beauty when it comes from within you, in the way you treat him and others.

4 – Be unashamedly feminine. A man is looking for a woman who can be trusted to protect herself and who values her femininity. Let him know that his masculinity is appreciated by being comfortable with your own femininity. If you feel insecure, don’t fake it. Practice the “art of vulnerability” and share your feelings with him in a constructive way.

5 – Be sexually open to him (not just sometimes, but all the time). Let him know that he can trust you because sex does not hold any fear for you. Show him how much you love to be intimate with him. Don’t make him feel guilty about wanting you.

Make it clear that your body is a temple of pleasure and that you want to please him in whatever way makes him happy.

 6 – Trust his judgment more than yours. Men are generally better at making decisions because they don’t question their instincts the way women do, so trust him more than you trust yourself.

If your man makes a decision that you disagree with, just go with the flow. Listen to his reasoning for making that choice and follow suit if it’s sound enough.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. How Do You Get a Guy To Like You Psychology?

Ans: 1. If you want a guy to like you, then use psychology and get into his head
2. People naturally like anyone who likes them back
3. Give him compliments and ask him questions that will make him feel like he owes you something-he’ll be more likely to give you what you want if there’s something in it

2. How Do You Make a Man Become Obsessed With You?

Ans: 1. Guys are always looking for someone perfect so you need to show him that you’re different from other girls
2. This is an easy way to make him obsessed because he won’t even think of being with anyone else
3. Another way to make a guy obsessed with you is by being mysterious-guys love a girl who doesn’t give away too much and has a lot of secrets                                            4. You can also make him obsessed with you by arousing his emotions
5. A guy will always want what’s unobtainable, so try to act

3. What Makes a Man Obsessed Over a Woman?

Ans: 1. A woman who is different from the rest
2. Men feel special when a girl is into them and they will want to meet all of her needs
3. If you’re trying to make him obsessed, then you need to bring in psychology-he’ll  be interested when he’s thinking there’s something that only he can give

4. What To Say To a Man To Make Him Obsessed With You?

Ans: 1. The best thing you can do is to play hard to get you.
2. If you act like he’s not the only person in your life, then when you do give him attention, it will be special and he’ll want more
3. Mention other guys but make sure that they don’t actually exist

5. What Is a Man & Secret Obsession?

Ans: 1. Men have a secret obsession with women’s bodies and the way they function
2. Men love women who are confident and can stand up for themselves so if you’re able to stand up against him, then he’ll be obsessed with you because you’re different from all of his past relationships.


Making a man obsessed isn’t an easy job. But, let me tell you that it isn’t too tough if you do it accordingly. You just have to be honest with your partner and everything will happen naturally.

That’s it on how to make a man obsessed with your psychology. Follow the tricks in order, and you will see the results in a short period!

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