How Long Should I Wait For Him To Text Me Before Giving Up?  

You have met a guy at a party or somewhere else. You have given him your number and talked to him for sometime. And you are hanging out with him many times. Now you are waiting for his text message.

Now there is a question that is “How long should I wait for him to text me before giving up?” And is an interesting and well talkative question for everyone. According To Many Online Blogs Men Generally Respond A Certain Period Of Time After Their First Meeting Of Women.

How Long Should I Wait For Him To Text Me before giving up

The Average Time Of Responding Is Discussed Below

Three-Day Average

Most of the men respond on average 3 days time. They do not response early of he first meets. They generally respond after 3rd days from their first meet. Men do so for not showing too much eagerness toward women. Sometimes, if men do not respond on the third day you must take them more than 1 day. Sometimes they don’t want to show you that they plan for you.

One-Week Rule

If Someone has not responded to you after your meeting 1 week ago then it is considered that he will not be interested in you. In this case, you should avoid the person and move forward. But sometimes that can happen that he may have lost the number then he searches for your number from friends or your workplace. When he gets your number he responds to you. But it happens occasionally not normally. So when he does not respond for seven days, you should move forward. There Are Some Reasons For Him That He Doesn’t Respond For A Long Time.

We Have Discussed Here Why Guys Do Not Respond Or Text Me

He’s So Inconsistent

He’s So Inconsistent

Inconsistent is one of the main reasons for not texting me. Because he may not be very serious about relationship deepness. Though he hangs out with you, He has other issues that will not support him to move ahead. In this situation a question can arise: How long will I wait for him to move to the next step of the relationship.

Nothing Serious

Nothing Serious

In case you show nothing about seriousness. He will not show eagerness about seriousness. If you think you will want to see him for a long time but will not engage with him. So you should not expect that he will call you or text you.

Texting First

Some men are so shyful that they cannot express their emotions. He doesn’t call or text you or date. In this case a lady should text first if she knows everything about the guy. It may have happened that after receiving the message He return message for the date.

Should You Text Him If He Hasn’t Contacted You In More Than Two Weeks?

If you haven’t heard from a guy in a week, he’s probably not interested and you shouldn’t text him. When a man is sincerely interested, it is clear, and he will not be inconsistent in his efforts. Men don’t play hard to get, and he’d never risk making you believe he’s uninterested.

Making The Moves

Making The Moves

Making the right moves can help you get his response. There are several stories online that can help you make your first move. Unless you’re making moves he does not get an indication of love. Some Men are so smart and they are advanced in relationship maintenance and dating with women. But some men are really dumped of this matter.

Asking Him If He Likes You

In some cases, The girl needs to ask them if he likes you. By asking the question it is clear to you that you like him. This is one kind influential task for men that will help them to come forward with the relationship When a Guy Does not Respond to You For a Long Time or a Week, What will be Your Next Step? It Will be Discussed Below.

Next :

You will have to think about your next option. Because when a guy doesn’t respond to your text. Then He must have ignored you or he is not interested in you. So it is not good to continue a relationship. The man knows that he has to text a woman within a certain time period. Otherwise, Woman will not continue the relationship.

So a guy will have to communicate with the girl or woman who they like. From this, we can confirm that if he does not send a text to her then there is a clear indication of unwillingness in the relationship. But sometimes a girl is waiting for them hoping men will respond because she likes or loves him as much as expected. Seriously women should not do this, they should look forward to a new destination.

Releasing Your Energy

The world is amazing and the people of the world are also. When a girl likes a man who is really handsome and cool. Then the girl wants to get him as a boyfriend or life partner. When she goes a long way towards him and knows the guy is not interested in her. She is disappointed and becomes eager to get close to the guy. She goes to the situation that she does not want to forget him. And try to reach him but He does not respond to him and ignores him.

She sometimes tries to create or tell lies to get the attention of the boy. She does many silly things to get attention and wants to know if there is any chance. According to experts, please don’t do will decrease your reputation and courage in life. In this situation release your energy and let it be what is happening. Don’t be overexcited. Look forward to a new relationship and be relaxed.

Settled Your Mind

When you face this, a guy does not respond to you though you love or like him a lot. Don’t worry. It is a good thing for you to look forward to. You should settle your mind and go forward. You are a serious person who wants a serious relationship and an honest guy . When someone doesn’t keep a promise according to his word. You now relax that the boy you have dated one or two is not the right person. If he is the right person for you he must respond to you. You deserve more than that and now you must settle your mind in coming to good feelings and happiness with your desire person.

The Right Control

The right control of the mind is a very good habit because by this you will not be disappointed. Life has a normal process of passing days. If you get a strike from one, never lose heart. Continue your journey for a better one. When someone does not respond properly to you and ignore you. Don’t be disappointed much and don’t do any harm to your life following him. You should control your mind, that is called the right to control at the right time. Search for the new, better one Who cares about you very much. Hold your mental energy and enter the new age of dating with the new right one.

One Exception Will Be Happened

When a guy responds for a date and he says at the last date that he will take you outside to date but after the date he again gives time to a date. It is a good sign of a long term relationship. In this case you must, you don’t want to wait for his response. He is a busy person but when he gets time he wants to go with you.


When your boyfriend’s return after some time, you should forgive them. He may have dated other girls but it is ok . In this situation when he comes you must forgive if he is really serious for you. Finally I want to say that how much time I will wait for him is not a good solution. Better When I realize  that  the person I care for is not the right person ,I should move forward.


I hope now you know how long should I wait for him to text me before giving up.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.How Long Should You Wait For A Guy To Text You Before Giving Up?

Ans: You shouldn’t wait. If a guy isn’t texting you, it means he doesn’t want to speak to you and there’s no point hanging on for him because he obviously wants nothing to do with you. Give him some space and try again later when he’s willing to give you his time.

2.Should I Just Wait For Him To Text Me?

Ans: No, you should just text him first. Make the first move and ask if he wants to hang out because it might be hard for him to say no to you in person. Even if he does say no, at least you won’t be waiting around forever for him to make a move. It’s better that he knows how interested you are as soon as possible so he knows not to ignore you.

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