Is A Home Security System Worth It? [Things You Need To Know]

We all want our family and home to be protected. With an alarmingly increasing crime rate and burglaries, people switch to a home security system for a safe house. But the home surety system isn’t cheap.

Before investing in it, it is essential to know whether it is worth your money or not. So today, I discussed every corner of a home security system. Does a home security system protects your home, or is it  even safe to use one? I covered everything.

Home Security System Worth It

Is A Home Security System Worth It?

Is A Home Security System Worth It

Whether a security system is worth it or not depends on your environment, wealth, and your decision. If the burglary rate is high in your area and you have the money to invest, a security system is worth it. But you live in a well-secured area, and there is no burglary incident, then installing a security system is not a bare necessity for you. But it’s not a waste of money either, as any crime doesn’t come with prior notice. You will not feel unsafe or panic if you are out on vacation with a security system. A home security system gives you safe life and mental peace.

 Home Security System: Why Should You Choose One?

 Home Security System: Why Should You Choose One

Home security systems are gaining popularity in recent years. And why not? Burglaries and crime rates are increasing too. In a recent study conducted in 2019, In every 100,000 residents in Mexico, US, 696.8 were burglarized. And Oklahoma was in second place. 671.7 residents were burglarized. Hence, people are more concerned now. They are installing surveillance cameras and burglar alarms.

Besides these, the home security system comes with fire alarms, which is very important. You care about your family member most. If your house catches fire while you’re sleeping, the alarm will instantly turn on. The alarm will save your life and valuable belongings. A home security system is a good investment for you and your family. Not only this system makes burglar stay away from you, but can even save your life.

What Features To Look For In A Home Security System?

What Features To Look For In A Home Security System

Nowadays, home security systems are brilliant. They have dozens of features in them, which is good.  But it can confuse the new customers. Some systems are also very pricey because of the added features, so customers on a budget search for the basic features. Here I pointed out some basic features you should look for while buying a security system.

  • Battery-operated system: If your security system only depends on power, it wouldn’t be a great choice.

As power can sometimes go down or the burglar can cut off the power line, look for a battery backup system.

  • Cellular communication: It can happen that when you’re trying to reach the monitoring system, your Wi-Fi is disconnected.

The worst-case scenario can be a burglar has cut off the Wi-Fi line, then how can you connect to the monitoring system? That’s why a cellular communication system is fundamental.

  • Communication protocol variety: Look for a system where you can change your network protocol.
  • Professional Monitoring: This I the most crucial part of any home security system. Many people think professional monitoring is a waste of money.

But imagine you’re out on a vacation or sleeping in your house. If a burglar sneaks, you won’t even know. Then what is the purpose of installing the cameras if you cannot prevent the burglary? Professional monitoring will constantly protect and act as a human surveillance camera. They can call the police if any suspicious behavior is identified.

  • Distant controlling: This one is a great feature. It is not an emergency feature but comes in handy sometimes.

You may go on a vacation and want to check what’s going on in your house.

Unimportant Features In A Home Security System

Unimportant Features In A Home Security System

The importance of any feature depends on the user. If you are minimalistic, a simple security alarm is good for you. But if you are extravagant and, unique features give you chill, then there are many unique and fun features in a security system.

Home security systems are improving day by day. They are adding features that you’ve probably never even heard of! But do we need these additional features? Too many features can be puzzling. The company charges extra bucks for these. Below I pointed some less essential features:

  • There is a feature that detects you in front of a door. It will turn on the lights before you enter the house.

Quite fancy, right? But does it have to do anything with your security? No.

  • The smart lock is another useless feature I have seen unless you are an Alzheimer’s patient.

How many times have you left for work and didn’t lock your door? We often care to close the door ourselves. But this feature is perfect for older people and those with Alzheimer’s.

  • Another one is the pretending feature. This one is fascinating, I admit.

This feature records your movement in the house. When you watch TV, when you turn on the lights, it takes note of everything. When you’re out of home, it will automatically do those works—pretending to be you. So burglars will think you’re at home and won’t try to sneak in. It sounds beneficial and handy. But really? Burglars are clever enough to know whether you’re at home or not.

They don’t just choose a home and sneak. They gather information for a long time before picking a house. So, as impressive as this feature sounds, it will not work. Every security system company has its features and facilities. Try to understand which one will work for you, which one you will use in everyday life.

Home Security Systems: Privacy Concern

Home Security Systems: Privacy Concern

You are installing cameras in your house. The company is professionally monitoring. The idea of privacy invasion or data leaking through security systems is not wild. It is unlawful to take records of your data and sell them elsewhere. You can complain to the police or even case against them if you are sure about privacy invasion.

I always recommend buying a home security system from a renowned company. They are in the business for a long time. And no one can last by doing illegal tasks. People often fall into the trap of cheap security devices. These devices trade your data with a third party, or hackers can easily hack them.

How Much Are Home Security Systems Per Month?

How Much Are Home Security Systems Per Month

As I said, good quality home security system is not cheap. It would be best if you thought of it as an investment. There is a cost of equipment, installation, and monitoring. Other annual prices include service charges or battery charges. The first thing is the equipment. Equipment is not a monthly cost but a one-time investment. You can choose your security system from a vast range- $300-$1200.

Then comes the installation fee. You can even get a completely free installation service if the service is from a govt company. Otherwise, the installation cost can go from $0 to $200. Professional monitoring is also crucial in terms of your home security. You have to pay the company a specific charge for monitoring. It may cost from $10-$60. Tax charges and service charges depending on the individual. Some company charges for a service, some don’t.

Do Alarm Systems Scare Burglars?

Do Alarm Systems Scare Burglars

Alarm systems do scare the burglars off—an interview with 68 former burglars told us. Most of them admitted that dogs and security cameras were a big no for them. If they targeted three different buildings and one of them had an alarm, they didn’t risk sneaking inside the secured one. But there are some brave burglars too, who wouldn’t care about alarms. Some of them even smash the alarm even before it started ringing.

Are Wireless Home Security Systems Safe?

Are Wireless Home Security Systems Safe

Wireless home security systems are safe if given a strong password. The old-fashioned security systems days are over. There was a lot to do to install them. Drilling, making holes in many walls, the permission of the owner. It was a lot of work to install a wired security system.

But now systems have developed and are more modernized. You only need a password to install them. These are compact too. The only problem is they can be easily hacked. So buy from a good company. And don’t repeat the same password you have used anywhere before.

Unhackable Home Security System

Unhackable Home Security System

As wireless home security systems are getting popular, everybody is concerned about making their security system unhackable. Surprisingly, it is simple. Don’t use a password with your personal information. Don’t repeat any passwords. You are wondering how this simple step can make your home an unhackable one?

Hackers use a way called credential stuffing. They collect passwords from a database where other hackers contribute. 52% of internet users repeat the password they used before in any app or website. This mistake made over 8.2 billion accounts vulnerable to hackers.

Final Verdict

So home security system isn’t a luxury but a basic need in modern life. Investing in a sound security system will make your life easier and safer. So home security system is definitely worth your hard-earned money. After all, your and your family’s life comes first. I hope now you know is a home security camera worth it or not.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Is A Burglar Alarm Worth It?  

Ans: Many homeowners opt to secure their homes with a burglar alarm. Still, as research by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has shown, those who do may be wasting their time and money.

Burglars spend an average of just three minutes inside a victim’s home, and only 10% of intruders will enter if they spot an alarm box, the association said.  This means that homeowners are more likely to foil burglars by ensuring their home is secure through good-quality locks and other anti-burglary precautions.

2.Is It Worth Paying For Security Monitoring?

Ans: It is usually more efficient to pay for an alarm system that alerts the homeowner via either phone, text messages or email. Many monitored alarms come with automatic locks and lighting systems which are triggered at night upon a breach.  

3.Do Alarm Systems Deter Burglars?

Ans: The security industry is divided over whether alarm systems are effective in deterring burglars.  Some industry members argue that alarms act as a deterrent because they warn intruders away through loud noises, which will trigger neighbors to call the police.  

Others believe it is more effective for homeowners to install strong locks, lights, and security systems that are less likely to be spotted.  The National Security Inspectorate is an independent body set up by the government to improve security standards in Britain, but their research has found that alarms work as a deterrent.  

4.What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Home Security System?

Ans: The pros include there is no way to disable the system using a switch; And also, if you ever want to change out your window and door locks, it is easy enough with the keypad & wireless signal. The cons:

1) You’ll be spending money on something that isn’t needed— breaking into your home at all amounts of times— even just for reinforcing their image, which we can see they’re trying desperately to do to make money

2) You’d have lights & sirens going off for no reason as alarms don’t include a backup battery or generator

3) with all that said, this is AT BEST just a deterrent And if they choose not to continue into your house,

5.Are Home Security Systems Worth The Money?

Ans: Home alarm systems are usually worth the money if they act as a deterrent through strong locks and anti-burglary precautions. If an intruder can disable the system, however, then homeowners may miss out on refunds.  It is also often necessary to sign up for additional services such as burglary monitoring or identity tracking, which can push up the price of an alarm. Alarm systems that a third party monitors will also push up the cost, as will those with complex functions which homeowners might not need.  

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