Some Unknown Information About Gen4 Glock 9mm

Glock is a popular company in the firearm industry. Everyone who has some knowledge about firearms knows Glock. The Glock 43, The Glock 42, The Glock 22, the Glock 19, and The Glock 18 etc. guns are very popular pistols from Glock. Glock Gen4 pistols were much different from others. Glock launched their Gen4 guns in July 2010.

Gen4 Glock 9mm has some issues. We will try to cover them as far as possible. In addition, we will give you some unknown information about this topic also. Besides, we will highlight some benefits of Gen4 Glock 9mm. That makes our site different from others. We discuss both the good and the bad. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Gen4 Glock 9mm

Some Issues of Gen4 Glock 9mm

Some Issues of Gen4 Glock 9mm

Quite Hard To Control

Quite hard to control

Glock 19 is a popular gun by Glock. It would be best if we talk about Glock 19 Gen 4 instead of all Gen 4 guns. Glock 19 Gen 4 pistol body parts attach together loosely than others. That’s why it’s tough to control the pistol. The accuracy of the gun is very poor. You will struggle to use this pistol.

Cheap Material

Cheap material

Cheap material is one of the key reasons for which people don’t like the pistols of Glock. Good material is a vital thing of firearms. People check the body and material first while buying a gun. Nowadays, companies are updating their guns. Most companies are using steel to make the body strong. But Glock is still using polymer-framed bodies. Glock Gen4 guns are also built with polymer frames. That’s why users don’t like Gen4.

Ejection Problem

Ejection problem

Shell ejection of Glock 19 Gen 4 gun wasn’t normal. Normal pistols shell eject from the gun then fall aside. But the Glock 19 Gen 4 shells come into the user’s body side after ejecting. There is a strong possibility of the shell falling on the body. If the shell touch your skin, your skin will burn. That’s why users didn’t feel safe while using this pistol.



The sights is the most common problem of every Glock pistol. Gen4 isn’t different from them. The rear sights of Glock pistols are quite big and rectangular than other pistols. For the rectangular shape of the sights, some people can’t grip Glock pistols easily.

Especially, fat and big-handed people face this problem most. There is a chance to break the sights of the Gen4 guns if the pistol falls from your hand on a hard floor. Because the sights of the Glock 19 Gen4 gun is made of plastic.



After reading this point, you may have a question in your mind, how reliance can be an issue. Reliance is not an issue of Glock Gen 4 guns. At the end of this point, you will realize why we add this point. Glock is a well-known and reputed company in the firearms industry. In the past, they made some excellent pistols. That’s why people have trust in their products. People always expect good from them.

They launched Gen4 guns in 2010. Some of them had some significant issues. People couldn’t accept that. If any underrated company makes those mistakes, people won’t talk about them as much. You may understand why we raise this point, although this is not an issue.



Easy To Grip

Easy to Grip

Most companies use wood, plastic, metal, and leather to make a pistol grip. The grip is a vital thing in guns. If you want to buy a gun, you first have to be worried about the grip. You have to check whether the grip is properly fitting with your shooting hand or not. Gen4 Glock pistols have a rough texture on the grip. You will feel good to grip Gen4 Glock 9mm. The texture will help you to hold the gun perfectly. It will be beneficial for those who sweat their hands.

Easy To Use

Easy to use

Every Glock pistols are pretty easy to use compared to other pistols. Everyone can use their firearms who has some knowledge about a firearm. It is a big reason for Glock to be a popular company. Gen4 Glock 9mm are also very simple to use. You can easily customize Gen4 Glock guns. It’s very helpful for the new users.

A Good Update From  Gen3 Glock

A good update from Gen3 Glock

Glock fixes some of Gen3’s problems in Gen4. For example, Glock Gen3 pistols don’t have any rough texture on grip. Users were very disappointed about this. That’s why Glock adds a rough texture on Gen4 pistols. Gen4 guns are relatively compact than Gen3. For example, the Overall length of Glock 19 Gen3 is 7.36 inches. The other side Glock 19 Gen4 overall length is 7.28 inches.

Reload Time

Reload Time

Reload time depends on users. It is a simple equation; professional people can reload faster than non-professionals. The average reload speed of a regular pistol is around 5 seconds. But professional people can reload a Gen4 Glock gun in around 3 seconds. Most of the pistol companies give 2 magazines with their pistols. But you will get 3 magazines with Glock 19 Gen4. Also, they provide a speed loader.

Easy To Carry

Easy to carry

Most Glock Gen4 pistols are compact. You can carry a Glock pistol easily. Many people want to bring a compact pistol for their safety. Glock Gen4 9mm pistol are a good option for them.



Everyone knows Glock is a famous firearms maker company. The company has a big reputation in the firearm industry. Glock is cautious about their users. They take their user’s feedback. Actually, Gen4 was a flop project. The company tried to bring something new, but their thought didn’t work. After realizing it, Glock took action. They tried to solve some problems with the Gen4 guns. They had launched an updated version of Gen4.

Final Words

Gen4 Glock 9mm indeed has some big issues. All Gen4 Glock pistols have some significant problems. It is pretty hard to control those guns. There are some competitors in markets of Glock Gen4 pistols. For example, the FN 509, the Sig Sauer P229. These pistols are slightly better than some Glock Gen4 guns.

But Gen4 is the updated version of Gen3. Glock fixed many Gen3 problems in Gen4. Glock also released the updated version of Gen4. They fixed some big problems in the updated version. We recommend, before buying any firearms, think about one thing. The firearm you are going to buy can fulfill your demands or not.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Are Gen4 Glock Being Discontinued?

Ans: Yes, Glock discontinued their Gen4 pistols. Glock decided not to produce any Gen4 gun. They want to focus on Gen3 or Gen5 guns.

2.Are Glocks Cheap?

Ans: Yes, Glock is cheap. Glock 19 Gen5 price is around 559$ to 645$. Glock 19 Gen4 price was only 499$. This shows how cheap Glock is. Though, Glock has some premium quality firearms.

3.Why Don’t People Like Gen4 Glock? 

Ans: Gen4 Glock have some significant issues. For example, sights problem, ejection problem, and recoil problem, etc. Glock is a famous firearms company. People desire better from them. After seeing those issues, people started to unlike Gen4 Glock.

4.How Many Rounds Can Glock 19 Hold?

Ans: On average, Glock 19 can hold 15 rounds. This pistol can hold 17, 19, even 33 rounds by using mag. So, it depends on the mag how many rounds can Glock 19 hold.

5.What Was The Most Selling Pistol By Glock In 2020?

Ans: Glock 19 is a famous gun by Glock. Also, it was the most selling pistol by Glock in 2020.

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