Taurus G3c Review – Know About Details

Worried about self-protection! You can carry a Taurus G3c pistol for powerful self-defence. Besides, if you are fascinated with firearms, you must have a Taurus G3c on the top of your choice list because this gun is luxurious with exceptional features.

This article will discuss the design, features, performance, pros, and cons of the Taurus G3c. We will also present a specifications chart for your better realization. So, if you are a revolver lover or want strong defence for yourself or your family, you must read this writing till the end.

Taurus G3c Review

Basic Information Of Taurus G3c

Taurus G3c is the most popular product of the G series of Taurus. The personal defence system, advanced features, durability, reliability, and easy-grip capacity made the Taurus G3c the most generous handgun ever. The Taurus G3c is manufactured in Brazil and was first introduced in 2019. Taurus USA officially declared the Taurus G3c in June 2020.

Design of Taurus G3c

Taurus G3c has a standard design. It looks spectacular and has a unique touch. You can find this rare and beautiful gun in two traditional colours. One is Black, and the other is grey. Black and grey have the power to create authenticity.

The thoughtful design of the slide brings different views of this gun compared with other G series designs. People will be excited to buy it after glimpsing it the first time because it is designed satisfactorily. The visual loaded chamber indicator can replace the mechanical indicator which you saw in the Taurus G2c.

Features of Taurus G3s

The terrific Taurus G3s has some incredible and remarkable features that make this gun a masterpiece.

Manual Safety Check 

I think this is the finest feature of Taurus G3s. You will get a safety button. When you are on the safety regulator, your weapon will not work, and the bullet will not come out. Even if you load the pistol with the safest option, the bullets will not turn out. So you will get your security in your hand. Plus, the inside safety of this great gun creates more shielding for you.

4.5 Pounds Trigger with Trigger Safety 

The trigger of the Taurus G3c is very smooth because it has a 4.4 pounds trigger. So you can fix your target and can shoot effortlessly. Moreover, you get trigger safety with it. So you need not take any stress during shooting.

Matt Finish Look

The total look of Taurus G3c is very stunning with a matt finish glance. It makes the gun attractive. When it looks impressive, people are attracted to buy it easily.

Highly Grip Panels 

Taurus G3c has a thumb rest scheme that helps you get a proper grip, and it fits very well in your hand. The grip is the factor that makes you comfortable to hit your mark. And you must obtain a solid grip for controlling your actions.

Specifications Chart

Frame material Polymer
Firing system Striker
Caliber 9mm
Length 6.3 inches
Width 1.2 inches
Height 5.1 inches
Capacity 10 to 12 rounds
Weight 23 grams
Price $305.74
Magazines included 3×10 or 3×12


The Taurus G3c is a great looking gun with a high-performance level. It follows the never compromise with performance rule.

Smooth Firing Process

The firing process of Taurus G3c is the striker method. It is very beneficial for your operation, and you can fire very smoothly, so your operation will be successful and easier.

The Magazine Release Button is in the Right Place 

The magazine base plate is very extended in the G3c pistol to get more bullets for your great performance. Furthermore, the magazine release button is in the right place, which is very effective for throwing bullets.

Provide The Third Generation Trigger For Shooting

The trigger is extremely steady, and you will receive the third generation trigger only in Taurus G3c pistols. It takes the performance to another level.

Excellent For Home And Personal Safety

If you are conscious about your home safety and personal defence, you can carry a Taurus G3c. It is an excellent weapon to protect your home, family, and yourself from enemy attacks.

Great Durability 

With the extreme level of performance, it comes with great vitality power. You can use this reliable product for many years without any doubt. Durability proves the performance worth of a product. So, the Taurus G3c is admirable for its tremendous performance.

Very Compatible 

The Taurus G3c is compatible with you if you want to use this gun for personal protection or family protection. It will also go with you if you have a passion for bullets or guns.

Rare Sight Helps Faster Sight Acquisition 

In the middle portion of the slide edge, you can discover a rare sight that is very useful to fix your target and shoot the mark correctly.

Value For Money Product 

The price of this gun is very reasonable according to its performance and quality. So it’s worth your money. For this reason, it is called a value for money product.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Suitable for everyday carry.
  • Effective for smoother operation.
  • Very sustainable and reliable.
  • Have manual safety, trigger safety, and inside safety.
  • Provide outstanding performance.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Looks pretty decent.
  • Very handy to carry.
  • Gives a great grip.


  • Hammerless gun.
  • The design could be better.
  • The capacity is pretty small.

What Sights Fit Taurus G3c?

Taurus G3c has TRUGLO TRITIUM PRO sight, and it fits the gun best. They are accessible through distributors and dealers worldwide. It maximizes compatibility and provides the heading sights. TRUGLO is the international ruler in fibre and optic technology and has more than 25 years of experience.

There are two types of TRUGLO sight compatibility for the Taurus G3c, and they are:

  1. Tritium Pro Orange
  2. Tritium Pro White

 How To Adjust Taurus G3c Sight?

If you want to operate a Taurus G3c, you need to know how to adjust the Taurus G3c sight, so here we will describe the Taurus G3c sight adjusting model. You can see the elevation adjusting screw in Taurus G3c; turn it counterclockwise, then you can raise the rear sight. Similarly, if you want to lower the rear sight, turn the elevation adjusting screw in the clockwise direction.

If you raise the rear sight, the impact point will rise. Again for lowering the rear sight, you will get lower points. You will also find the windage adjusting screw. When you turn it clockwise, it will move to the level to the right side, and it will move the level to the left if you turn the screw in an anti-clockwise direction.


Hope this article gives you a good proficiency of the Taurus G3c gun, and you are confident about the decision that you should buy it or not depending on your demands. After adequate research, we can guide you. If you need personal defence, you surely can buy the Taurus G3c.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.When Is The Taurus G3c Coming Out?

Ans: Taurus G3c was first brought up in 2019. Now it is available in the market with an EDC friendly means everyday carry compact structure. This gun will assist you in any defence situation.

2.How Is The Taurus G3c Gun?

Ans: Overall, the Taurus G3c is a good gun for protecting yourself. It fits very well in your hand, and you can carry it effortlessly because it’s very lightweight and the weight is only 23 grams. And the most important thing is that it performs very pleasingly.

3.Is Taurus G3c Very Expensive?

Ans: The Taurus G3c is pretty expensive and costs 305.74 USD. Comparing it with other guns is very reasonable and gives better quality, execution, action, and performance. So it is a value for money product, not expensive. The cost is reasonable based on the quality.

4.Does The Taurus G3c Have Premium Safety?

Ans: Yes, Taurus G3c has excellent safety. Firstly, you will get a manual safety by which, after loading, your bullet will not come out. Secondly, trigger safety helps to trigger easily and safely. Lastly, inside safety works for your premium insurance. Those three safety features together make a premium safety for you.

5.Is A Taurus G3c A Bad Gun?

Ans: No. It is a good gun for what it was intended to be made, but it will not change your life if you just purchase one to use at the range or plink around out in the backyard with BlackSpot Mounting Points.

70 / 100

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