How To Have A Fantastic Funny Short Film Ideas With Minimal Spending

Suffering from frustration and boredom in a busy life? The funny short film can give some relief to your frustrated and monotonous life.

An enjoyable funny short film can take away the frustration in a moment and fill the mind with joy.Do you need some ideas for a comedy funny film? I can give you for making this kind of funny short film ideas.

Generally, we get our ideas from an excess of different sources such as novels, news, headlines, movies, television shows, our fears, our lives, etc.

Again, these can come from a scene or a moment in a movie or from a single visual or from creativity. The idea of a funny short film is formed by combining some of these ideas.

How To Have A Fantastic Funny Short Film Ideas With Minimal Spending

Top 5 Funny Movies of All Time:

Starting from number 5 to number 1, the list goes as follows:

  1. Dinner for Schmucks (2010) – Starring Jermey Piven and Paul Rudd. This movie revolves around a guy who is invited by his girlfriend to her rich boyfriend’s annual dinner party where he tries to turn the event from elegant evening to total fiasco.
  2. Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007) – Starring Rowan Atkinson and Emma Bunton. A now iconic character, Mr Bean travels to France with the goal of winning a prize at a theme park called Kid’s World, but everything does not go according to plan once he is there.
  3. Dumb & Dumber (1994) – Starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniel Phillips. Lloyd Christmas has found the girl of his dreams but in order to win her heart he has to cross state lines in a road trip with his friend Harry Dunne, who is essentially an idiot.
  4. Meet The Parents (2000) – Starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. Greg Focker meets his girlfriend’s parents before proposing, but her suspicious father is hard on him as he tries to get into the family as well as show that he’s worthy of their daughter.
  5. American Pie (1999) – Starring Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott. 4 boys enter a pact to lose their virginity before they go off to college in this raunchy comedy that spawned 3 sequels and probably a bunch more.

10. Proven Fantastic Funny Short Film Ideas

1. Read Related Comedy Scripts


You need to read related comedy scripts. You won’t find any filmmakers who have never read the script. The type of script you want to make should be read more and more. Now that you want to make a comedy short film, you should read a comedy related short film.

The more you read comedy-related short films, the more knowledge you will gain. This will allow you to be aware of the details and apply them in practice. This will make your funny short film of better quality.

2. Know Your Audience


What looks good to one visitor may not be great so great to another. For example, for comedy some prefer Charlie Chaplin’s acting, while others prefer romantic Victorian love stories, some people like action, some people like animated movies, some are like a horror movie, some are like documentary movies.

So comprehensive themes you have to use. So you need to decide which specific group to target. You have to make a short film based on that specific target.

3. Don’t Be Too Late

Then the jokes run the risk of getting old, if the screenplay or film lasts too long. For example, Beth Jones’ first edition of ‘The man Faces’ was seven minutes long, resulting in a lot of momentum between Beth and the agent.

The joke started to land better after five minutes of editing it harder, and the audience loved it. You need to make sure that the type of short film you make is not long. Unnecessarily lengthening a scene can distract viewers and adversely affect your short film.

4. The Film Is A Visual Medium, Particularly with Comedy


The film is a visual medium and the visual elements should be used alongside the dialogue that is essential to remember. It is also important to use everything in the frame for your convenience, if a film made up of just funny dialogue. It is more difficult to joke by showing something than to tell jokes by the characters.

Because people can be made to laugh even by acting silently only through gestures. On a storyboard visualize your funny short film ideas. Building your short film ideas around its discipline is a great thing and creating a storyboard . You can create a visualized storyboard by hand and also by using the software.

5. Read Comedy Stories


Reading comedy stories is a great way to make a comedy short film. You can get ideas from thereafter different jokes, comedy stories.

There is no substitute for mastering comedy stories to make comedy short films. You can see the comedy films of their filmmakers, how they made them, you can get an idea from there.

6. Life Experience


There are many inspirational or funny moments in human life that can be made into a short film. People use different methods to put a smile on the face of their laugh one, you can use those methods or use their life story to make a funny short film. But of course, they should get permission before taking it in a funny short film.

A funny short film can be made with a good idea, but the essence of the story must be kept intact. Most Hollywood movies are made in these ways.

You can also use your own experience to make funny short films. Facing any ridiculous situation in your life can be a great idea for a funny short film.

7. Utilize Other Mediums Of Entertainment


Some filmmakers have success stories that you can read to get ideas. Choose a painting or a picture, find the story, inspiration, or funny side behind it and use it as your funny short film idea.

From your own, you need to create some attractive idea and for that, you are a different funny poem, joke, funny drama, or find ideas from any other sources.

8. Take Stock Of Your Resources And Budget


While this may not help you come up with some fancy ideas, it does allow you to budget your movie. This can definitely help you narrow down the budget. How much you spend on a funny movie will depend on your budget.

The resource here can include any location or tools and props you can use that you have access to, which will save you less time. The budget is all about planning the ingredients needed to make a funny short film.

It is important to choose the right equipment, such as your professional video camera, illumination, and sound equipment, as these will play an important role in finalizing your funny short film concept.

If you do not have enough resources, you need to select the next possible idea from the list so that you can make the funny short film in an alternative way.

9. Keep Your Idea Simple


Keep your ideas simple for short films. Short films are usually made with a single central idea so if the subject matter of your film is difficult then the audience will have a hard time understanding.

If your film includes a complex storyline with different angles and scenes, skip it now and add a simple storyline instead. The essence of your idea needs to be presented very clearly.

10. Ask People Their Story


You can find an idea to ask people about their stories. You need to get curious about people because it helps to get an idea of a short film. Look at the world and look for different ways. Ask your family members about the funny moments that you don’t know.

Ask your friends or relatives about their funny moments and surprise them by finding ideas and making short films. Get interesting in people’s lives and ask questions to satisfy curiosity. It will give ideas for funny short films.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Final Step In Making A Short Film?

So you’ve got a great idea for a short film. Now what? Film festivals are a good place to start. There are a ton of them out there, big and small. Short of that, consider posting your work online or even on YouTube. The power of the Internet is immense, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

What’s The Name Of A Short Film Script?

The name of a screenplay for a short film is the same as other scripts: it’s written in Courier 12pt type, and should be double-spaced.

What Is The Hardest Step In Making A Short Film?

The hardest step in making a short film is finding the time to write, shoot, and edit it.

Is It Good To Brainstorm Ideas For Short Films?

Absolutely! Lots of people have trouble entertaining themselves for even five minutes at a time. If you can find a way to spin a quick story, you’re already halfway there.

What Is The First Step In Making A Short Film?

The first step in making a short film is coming up with an idea, then putting that idea into script.


Create a script with fun elements to compose and direct a short comedy short film first. But you have to remember that whatever you write should not be out of the main discussion.

You take it as a challenge and try to create something unique. I hope now you know the funny short film ideas.

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