Learn To (Do) Silent Short Film Ideas Like A Professional

In words, [The picture speaks to the mind]. Even without saying a word, any story or history can be erased by silent acting. The idea of a silent short film came from silent acting.

The key element of a silent short film is the proper use of body language and its actions. The more you can replace body language, and its actions, the more attractive your silent short films will be to the audience.

In a silent short film, you have to convey what you mean to the audience by acting. So let’s discuss the Silent short film ideas.The silent short film can be of many types.

To get an idea about the silent short film, you must know about silent short film types. The types of the silent short film are:

Learn To (Do) Silent Short Film Ideas Like A Professional

Origin of Silent Short Film

The year is 1928. George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is a Hollywood actor with a silent film star ego the size of the silver screen itself. The advent of “talkies” hasn’t yet diminished his own star power; in fact, Valentin’s onscreen charisma is what helped make the transition to sound pictures possible.

It wasn’t until audiences began snubbing him at premieres and his wife (played by Penelope Ann Miller) left him for another film producer that he began to see it for himself: there’s no “sound” in Hollywood without his silent trademark smile.

Silent Short Film Ideas- A Definitive Guide

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Different Types of Silent Short Film Ideas

Different Types of Silent Short Film Ideas

1. A comedy

A comedy

Comedy is an excellent thing in a short film. The popularity of comedy silent short films can be seen only in the silent performance of Chaplin. Due to its exceptional setting and very entertaining sequence, it has become popular with everyone. I can feel how talented acting is without the word of Chaplin.

The only purpose of comedy is laughter. No need to use a joke, but instead make a silent short film using only body language and actions to create a smile. You can follow Chaplin acting to get the ideas for a silent comedy short film.

2. Crime


Crime is such a thing that we do not want, but it happened or continuously happening. You can create silent short films on crime-related topics.

You can show in a silent movie how criminals are committing crimes, how criminals are being identified, how the crimes are being done without the eyes of the law enforcement, how the international court is catching and punishing top terrorists.

For example, police are looking for where terrorists hide in crime. The fleeing terrorists are praying to the creator not to be caught. The police have arrived very close to the terrorists but cannot find the terrorists. In this situation, by acting silently, you can show exiting moments that the police will find/ not find terrorists.

3. A Victorian Love Story

A Victorian Love Story

This is the best idea for the silent short film. This would require fancy costumes and settings, and I also personally feel this is too predictable because as soon as I think of the silent short film in a love story in the past.

The silent love story is more liked by viewers. You will find many silent short films on social media. You can make a Victorian love story short film for viewers.

4. Exploring Protected Characteristics

Exploring Protected Characteristics

One of the most important aspects of society is exploring protection. Exploring protected characteristics, such as; gender reassignment, race, disability, pregnancy/maternity, age, gender, or marriage. You can get a real picture of these aspects of society through the silent short film.

You can inform the public about the problems, the possibilities, the remedies for these aspects through a short film. On the one hand, there will be the development of society. On the other hand, the purpose of your short film will also succeed.

5. Religion


Depending on the religion, the social system is formed. The laws of society are based on religion. Religion is one of the sensational issues in which people are influenced.

You can make a silent short film about the history of religion. You can highlight the importance of religion, how people are brought back to a good life through religion through a silent short film.

6. Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness

You can create a silent short film to raise awareness about protecting socially different elements.

The rising awareness for issues such as; environmental issues, death or suicide, traffic rule issues, pollutions issues, load shedding issues, educational issues, health issues, family planning issues, tree plantation issues, etc.

7. Materials Ideas And Tactics

Materials Ideas And Tactics

You can get the idea of a silent short film from all the issues mentioned above. All these things are happening in the society regularly so visitors will easily accept them. But to make the silent short film on these issues, you will need many settings, camera, equipment, costume, props, elements, location, a character cast, etc.

Your film will not succeed if you do not use the right combination of each material. Below are some ideas for short film material to make your silent short film to success.

1. Location

Sharp Protruding Edges

Location is the most important thing for a short film. Depending on your script, you need to select the location. You can choose your location on your house, bedroom, roof, street, park, coffee shop, college campus, or anywhere. But you should avoid bad weather.

2. Duration


Since you create silent short films means you will have fewer durations. So you have to schedule according to the type of short film. The typical silent short film time is usually 3 to 15 minutes.

Elements Of The Short Film

Elements Of The Short Film

Silent short film elements such as setting, costume, effects, makeup, lighting, furniture, or anything else, if not used as needed, the silent short film will fail.

1. Effect and Sound

To create a silent short film, you need an adjustment to the sound and effects. For example, a dark mood is required if you want to show a scene in the dark or if you want to know a horror or terrible scene, an awful light effect is needed.

If you’re going to show a heart-touching moment, you need to play a heart-warming sound.

2. Camera Shot

After adjusting the setting, costume, location, script, characters, the short film will flop if the camera is not set correctly or your camera shot is not better. You have to decide which shot is appropriate from which angle, and you will make sure that your camera resolution or quality is better.

3. Storyboard

Visualize your silent short film ideas in a storyboard. Try out how to create a storyboard. A storyboard can spark your creative spirit. You can use your hands to create an innovative team or even work with storyboard software.

4. Character Cast

Your silent short film will be meaningful when the characters can fulfill the purpose of the script. For example, just look at the Miles from sideways who perfectly exhibit despair. They are very impressive to look at. Initially, the perfect character for a short film is like a cast.

5. Script

The script is life for a short film. If your script theme will make attractive and living, your short film will be meaningful. Depending on the script, a short film is good or bad. No matter how good the characters, costumes, setting, location, the short film will flop if the script is not good. So try to create living script ideas.


You should start the props with your film. Use all the props needed to bring your productions to life. This is the basis of your budget and helps to brainstorm short film concepts. You can automatically make a silent short film more productive by creating a list with props.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Makes A Good Story For A Silent Movie?

Silent films have been around for more than a century. Though the silent era is no longer with us, silent movies are still produced from time to time. The question of what makes a good story for a silent film remains an important topic in film studies today.

2. How To Come Up With A Short Film Idea?

First of all, you need to know that silent films are not like modern ones. Silent movies rely on visual storytelling rather than dialogue. And it’s more like theatre production in the sense that things happen on stage while everything is accompanied by music played live or prerecorded tracks.

3. What Is The First Step Of Making A Silent Short Film?

If you’re interested in making a silent film, the first thing to do is to come up with an idea and learn how stories for this type of movies should be like.

4. What’s The Hardest Part Of Making A Short Film?

Silent films are not easy to make. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. What’s important is that you believe in your idea and know how to tell a compelling story without the use of dialogue. Also, silent films demand great visual storytelling skills so graphic artists would benefit from learning more of them as well.

5. Is It Good To Brainstorm Ideas For Short Films?

Yes, it is. There are several ways to come up with ideas for short films. Some people like to brainstorm first while others go straight into production after they’ve agreed on everything with their team members.


First of all, confidence is necessary to make a good silent short film. I have shared Silent Short Film Ideas to boost your confidence. Hopefully, you can apply my ideas and make a successful silent short film.

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