Eating Healthy Without A Refrigerator – Food Guideline

Many of us think that life is impossible without a fridge. If there is no fridge, it is as if there is nothing. But why can’t anyone live without a fridge? How can you eating healthy without a refrigerator?

Most people in Africa and Asia live without refrigerators. Because most of the time there is no power supply system. We think it is impossible to live without electricity, just as there is no alternative to refrigerating food.

We market one day a week and store all the food in the fridge and eat that food throughout the week. And we know we won’t die of any foodborne illness.

So what will those who do not have a fridge do? Can’t they live without a fridge? When there was no refrigerator in the past, people used to live without refrigerators. But at that time they knew how to eat healthy food without refrigerator.

  • Foods that are less likely to spoil were stored.
  • Didn’t cook extra food than needed.
  • They used to store food so that it would not be wasted.

And if you want to eat healthy food for free, then you need to know some things. Different foods have to be stored differently. You also need to change the way you shop and the way you cook. I will help you how to eat healthy food  and save it without refrigerator.

Eating Healthy Without A Refrigerator

Store Food To Eating Healthy Without A Refrigerator – Tips & Tricks

Store Food To Eating Healthy Without A Refrigerator

First you need to know how to store food. There are certain foods that need to be refrigerated. And if you don’t keep them in the fridge, they will spoil very quickly.

You may think that no food can be kept outside the refrigerator at all. That’s why I will tell you some rules of food preservation and you should know about it.




We all know that fruit is much healthier for us. Most fruits do not need a refrigerator to store. But yes you need to know that the shelf life of the fruit varies according to the type of fruit. We all know that oranges and apples are good for more than a month. Pears stay there for about two weeks.

There the banana ripens in a very short time. And if it is not eaten before it is too ripe, it is spoiled. Pineapple mango takes time to ripen there so it can be stored. Again, there are some fruits that cannot be preserved at all. Berries need to be eaten and finished within 24 hours of purchase, otherwise they will be spoiled.



Did you know that vegetables are easier to store than fruits? There are many vegetables that do not need a refrigerator to store. Potatoes and onions can be stored for one to two months. Ginger Garlic Sweet Potatoes These can be stored for up to a month without any refrigerator.

In addition, you can store tomatoes for one week if they are ripe and up to two weeks if they are green. Among the winter vegetables, butter nuts and corn are good for one to two months and are completely healthy.

There are many more vegetables such as eggplant, carrots and peppers that you can store for 1 to 2 weeks. And what you can store for three to four weeks is turnips and beets.

There are also many vegetables that can be cut and stored in water for many days. These include broccoli, lotus, cauliflower, cabbage and similar vegetables.

You may be surprised that so many vegetables can be stored without refrigeration. But yes, healthy food can be eaten without refrigerator.

But the most important thing is that fruits and vegetables should usually be kept away and should never be refrigerated. This is because their nutritional value changes after refrigeration. And we all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthier.

Fruits and vegetables are likely to spoil quickly as a result of washing and bacteria can attack very easily. As a result, bacteria can easily attack the food after keeping it in the refrigerator.



In the case of eggs, I think that if the eggs are kept in the fridge, it will be better for a long time. Rather there is no need for a refrigerator to store eggs.

Eggs do well for more than a week, but care must be taken to ensure that the eggs do not contain refrigerators and are not washed with water. Because if there is a refrigerator in the past or water is given, then the eggs do not stay well outside for long.

And if you lay eggs, the anti-bacteria on the outside of the eggs will be destroyed, which is called bloom. And if it is seen that there is a lot of dirt in the egg, then you should clean it with a clean pad before storing it. And if you feel the need for water then be sure to use cold water but do not use any soap.

Moreover, there are many other ways in which eggs can be stored for more than a week. Times you can store the eggs using the folds of the roots or basement.

You can cover the eggs with something non-toxic so that the pores are sealed and oxygen is out. In the past, eggs were traditionally stored in liquid sodium silicon solution.



When it comes to storing butter and cheese without refrigeration, it seems to be challenging. Butter can usually be stored without refrigeration for about two weeks if it is a cool place. Such as a cool basement that helps extend the shelf life of butter. Cheese can be stored in exactly the same way.

Now when it comes to storing milk, it is impossible to store it without a fridge. Because milk loses its ability to be eaten very quickly. So when you need milk in any cooking, you buy it that day. Or if you need too much preservation then there is no substitute for powdered milk or tinned milk.



When it comes to storing meat, it is impossible without a refrigerator. Because fresh meat cannot be stored without refrigeration. So buy meat and cook it on the day you want to eat meat. You can usually keep it in the meat cooler for a short time. However, if you want to eat preserved meat, you can buy tin dried meat. This type of meat can be stored for many days.



We usually use refrigerators to store condiments. You do not need a refrigerator to store these. You can easily store these condiments without any refrigerator. Jams, jellies, maple syrups are good for about 3 to 4 weeks.

Healthy foods include peanuts, butter, and various types of nuts depending on their shelf life. So these can be stored for up to a few months. But if you talk about honey, its shelf life is a lot because honey is never wasted.

Other Tips

Other Tips

I think you have a good idea about how to store food without refrigerator and how long a food can be stored. But if you want to eat healthy food without refrigerator, then you should know some more things. Here are some important tips that may come in handy.



It is very difficult to deal with the fact that there is nothing left after cooking perfectly. You should never save leftovers for eating after two days. Because cooked food cannot be stored without refrigeration. You don’t have to prepare a lot of food for lunch all week.

Because when you want to store without a fridge, all your food will be wasted. If you want to do without the refrigerator, you have to make a small meal so that the meal is over. Even if you have some food left over after cooking, you should finish eating them within 24 hours. Because I think food should not be wasted so cook a little to save food.

16 Healthy Foods That Don’t Spoil Easily

  • Canned fruits and veggies
  • Nuts
  • Dried beans
  • Canned meats and seafood
  • Dark chocolate
  • Dried grains
  • Dried fruit
  • Canned coconut milk
  • Seed
  • Caned oil
  • Ghee
  • Honey
  • Jerky
  • Salt
  • Red wine
  • Vinegar

Shop Daily

For eating healthy food I would suggest you to shop for meat and produce every day. This is why meat and production are not likely to be wasted. And you can eat fresh meat every day.

You can even eat fresh vegetables every day which have no bacteria but are completely healthy. And you can eat healthy food every day without the help of any refrigerator.

I will suggest you to always try to buy meat and produce from the farmer. This is because the produce is not usually refrigerated in the farmer’s markets and is completely fresh and free of bacteria. And we all know that fresh food is good for health.

In the end we will say that the fridge gives us only one advantage but we are completely dependent on it. And for healthy living we can live without fridge. We just need to change our shopping and eating habits. And there is no need for a fridge for healthy food and healthy living. If you think this article is useful then try to save food in the ways given by us. Live a healthy life and eat healthy food. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1.How Can I Eat Healthy Without A Fridge?
  1. Marinated White Beans. Think of this as mezze platter meets lunch box.
  2. Peanut Noodles.
  3. Peanut Butter & Banana Pinwheels.
  4. Lentil Salad.
  5. Rice Cake and Nut Butter Snack Box.
2.How Can I Survive Without A Refrigerator?
  1. Live in the inner city.
  2. Invest in an Esky.
  3. Eat all your food really quickly.
  4. Don’t eat.
  5. Replace all meals with crackers.
3.Why Refrigerator Is Bad For Health?
Ans: According to the Delhi based nutritionist, Pooja Malhotra, “During the process of refrigeration and storage there is loss of essential nutrients. Also, their is some loss of colour, flavour and texture. ” Eating too much of leftover food can be harmful for your health.
4.What Can I Use Instead Of A Refrigerator?
5 Budget-Friendly Fridge Alternatives:
  • High-Quality Coolers. Though we generally associate coolers with tailgating and camping, they can be used year-round as an effective way of keeping products cool without using any electricity.
  • Zeer Pots.
  • Propane Fridges.
  • Spring Houses.
  • Root Cellars.
5.How Do I Keep Something Cold Without A Refrigerator?
Ans:  Cooling without a Working Refrigerator. Create a collection of freezer packs and ice in your freezer. Always keep some space for ice cubes and freezer packs for situations like power outages that can put your food at risk. Block or dry ice is ideal for keeping your freezer cold for longer periods.


I hope now you know how can you eating healthy without a refrigerator.
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