Doorbell Camera Compatible with Xfinity and Xfinity Doorbell Camera Pairing

We are living in a modern world. This 21st century has been overtaken by technological development. We see technology everywhere. We cannot take a step forward without it. Technology has taught us modernity. It has brought the whole wide world into the grasps of our hands.

It seems that we are surfing on the vast ocean of technology. With technology, the unthinkable is doable. It has blessed us with comfort and security in every aspect of our lives. So how to do doorbell camera compatible with Xfinity?

Security Camera, one such technological invention, provides us security. Here in this article, we will discuss the Xfinity Doorbell Camera and its compatibility. It is also known as the Xfinity Outdoor Camera. We will discuss some features, pairing processes, and some tips to make this article a complete package. Sit tight and scroll down to learn about this security-providing technological device.

Doorbell Camera Compatible with Xfinity

Xfinity Doorbell Camera And Features

Xfinity Doorbell Camera and Features

Xfinity is one of the most renowned names in the sectors of security cameras and smart devices. Xfinity outdoor or doorbell cameras are very much compatible with Xfinity apps. A doorbell camera is generally mounted just outside your door near the doorsteps so that you can watch the happenings outside your door. This smart camera is controllable with the Xfinity Home app. Now, we will focus on some advantages and features of this amazing doorbell camera.

Advantages Of  The Xfinity Doorbell Camera

Advantages of the Xfinity Doorbell Camera

A security camera is an essential device nowadays to strengthen the security of our territory. People usually choose a security camera that provides many advantages. Xfinity Doorbell Camera is a prominent device in this regard. Let’s check out some advantages below.

  • The biggest advantage of this camera is that it can deter criminals. Whenever some evil guys see it on your doorstep, they do not approach to execute their evil plans.
  • You can watch the live footage from anywhere in the world. So, you can always inquire about what is happening at your doorstep, who is coming and going. This doorbell camera is your trusted eye.
  • This camera also provides the service of recording footage. So, you never miss anything. You can recheck the recorded footage and find everything out.
  • You can take care of your little kid or pet by always keeping an eye on them. It lets you be sure of how your kid is doing at the doorstep.
  • If you fall victim to robbery or burglary, your doorbell footage can be a great help for the police,
  • Your doorbell footage might be great evidence to prove your claim to the insurance company if you fall victim to incidents.

So, there are tons of advantages to having a doorbell camera. Xfinity has made the doorbell camera a modern-day device. In the next section, we will find out some features of it.

Features Of  Xfinity Doorbell Camera

Features of Xfinity Doorbell Camera

This is an amazing security device because of its excellent features. Let’s take a glance at these.

  • HD Live Video: Xfinity Doorbell Camera provides high-definition live video footage. The HD videos help you to look at every detail.
  • Distant Footage: This is the most amazing feature of this security camera. You can watch the live footage of your doorbell camera from anywhere in the world using the Xfinity Home app. This app helps to pair the camera with your smartphone. This is the very reason your doorbell camera is so compatible with Xfinity.
  • 24/7 Record: You can purchase a subscription to this service. It costs about 10 dollars per month in the United States of America. This service records your video all the time so that you can rewatch and inquire about any event at any time.
  • Weather Resistant: Another amazing feature is that this doorbell camera is incredibly weather resistant. It is very durable and works perfectly in hostile weather conditions.
  • Night Vision: This one is a significant feature. It helps you to get a clearer picture even in the darkest of nights. Xfinity doorbell camera uses infrared illumination for this purpose.
  • Xfinity Home App Compatible: The most useful feature of this doorbell camera is the Xfinity Home app compatibility. You can control the camera using this app.

So many wonderful features, right? We guess you have already bought one for your doorbell. In the rest of this article, we will walk you through the pairing and mounting processes of your doorbell camera along with figuring out the compatibility of the Xfinity Home app with your Doorbell Camera.

Doorbell Camera Compatible With  Xfinity

Doorbell Camera Compatible with Xfinity

The Xfinity app or Xfinity Home app is very much compatible with the doorbell camera. Using this app, you can do anything with your doorbell camera. This app is like the steering wheel of your camera. With this very app, you can watch live footage of your doorbell camera from anywhere across the globe. We will discuss your Xfinity Doorbell Camera pairing process with the Xfinity app or Xfinity Home app below.

Doorbell Camera Pairing with Xfinity App

Doorbell Camera Pairing with Xfinity App

There are some important issues to keep in mind before you start the pairing process. We would like to mention them first.

Things You Need To Know

Things you Need to Know

  • You can only pair your Xfinity Doorbell Camera with the Xfinity App.
  • The app type depends on the camera type. If you purchase the xFi model, you would need the Xfinity App. Again, if you purchase the Xfinity Home model of doorbell camera, you would need the Xfinity Home app. These apps are free to download from the google play store. These apps are also available for free on the App Store.
  • The network connection receiver or provider of your Xfinity Doorbell Camera is its adapter. So, you must keep it indoors. The power outlet that you use to plug in your adapter, must be near your Wi-Fi router. This helps you to get a strong connection. The Xfinity requires a minimum of 3 Mbps download and 2 Mbps of upload speed to work well.
  • You have to plug in your adapter. Only then the app will find it to pair.
  • This app will require permission from your smartphone’s Bluetooth and location services. Turn those on.
  • Pair your camera before you mount it.
  • It is better for the camera performance if the adapter receives a strong Wi-Fi signal. So, watch out for any obstacles or larger objects between the router and the adapter.
  • You can pair and control many doorbell cameras with the Xfinity app. But you have to pair every camera with each one’s adapter. You cannot pair several cameras with a single adapter.

Here we go. At this point, we will start discussing the steps of pairing your doorbell camera with the Xfinity that is very much compatible.

Pairing Process

Pairing Process

  • Download and install the Xfinity App or the Xfinity Home App based on your doorbell camera model on your smartphone.
  • You have to sign up or sign in with your Xfinity ID.
  • Then go to the home or more options.
  • There you can find the plus button or add a device option. Go there and select the option named Xfinity Camera. This is to let the app know that you are about to pair your camera.
  • The app will ask permission for Bluetooth and Location, allow them.
  • After adding the device, select the option named get started.
  • Now is the time to plug in your adapter.
  • Connect your camera with the adapter using an ethernet cable.
  • Select next and then the I’m ready on your app.
  • After a moment, your doorbell camera will start powering up. The blinking light on your camera confirms that you are on the right track. The color of the blinking light will be white or blue.
  • Then select the option named Light Blinking on your app. It may take about 2 minutes to start blinking the light. So, wait if you do not see the light.
  • As the light blinks, bring your smartphone near the adapter. The app will search and find your camera. Now select your camera and it will be configured.
  • Give your camera a name and select next.
  • After a few other steps like 24/7 record and audio settings, the process is done. Select finish and you are done.

You can control the settings of your camera using this app. This app provides the 24/7 recording service subscription option. With this app, you can select the audio or no audio option with your live video or recording service. Please note that there are some laws regarding security cameras in the United States of America. Do check those out if you want to stay out of any legal troubles. After these discussions, it is clear as daylight that the Xfinity app is a must for your Doorbell Camera.

Mount Your Doorbell Camera

Mount your Doorbell Camera

In this final section, we will briefly talk about mounting the doorbell camera and some helpful tips. Take a quick note if you are about to place your doorbell camera.

  • Pair your doorbell camera with the Xfinity before you mount it.
  • Know the local laws regarding security cameras. This will help you to keep out of any troubles.
  • Your doorbell camera will be mounted outdoors. But make sure to keep the power adapter indoors as it is the receiver of the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Use a drill and make a hole in the wall. This is to connect your camera with the adapter through the ethernet cable. Make sure you do not damage any electrical wire or waterline during the drill.
  • Mount your camera about 10 to 12 feet above the ground. This will help to prevent street thugs and burglars from reaching the camera.
  • It is better if you mount the camera under a shelter like an overhang. Use screws to stick the camera with the overhang. This will protect the camera from unfriendly weather conditions.
  • After connecting the camera with the adapter (pairing is already done), if the status light of the camera keeps on solid blue, then the camera is online. It can take up to 3 minutes for the light to become solid.
  • After you fix it with the wall, check the live video footage with the app. You can adjust your camera angle now to get the best view out of your doorbell camera.

If you find it difficult to mount your doorbell camera, you can call for professionals. The Xfinity authority provides professional services. Besides, you can always find support from them in case you need any troubleshooting.

The Bottom Lines

The Xfinity app or the Xfinity Home app is an integral part of a doorbell camera. With this app, you can watch live footage from anywhere as well as store them by using the recording service. Now is the time to feel more secure by using a doorbell camera that is compatible with the Xfinity. I hope now you know how to do doorbell camera compatible with Xfinity.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Can I Use  Xfinity Cameras With  Another System?

Ans: Xfinity can be paired with another surveillance system, but you will have to disconnect one camera from the current system before connecting your own. When asked about Glock compatibility, Xfinity said it has not done Glock 44 tests yet.

2.Does Xfinity Work  With  Ring  Doorbells?

Ans: Yes, there are two known ways around this: 1) Put the fixed home hub centrally in your house and install a Ring Spotlight a little further away. 2) Ensure that the Ring camera has access to a stronger/uninterrupted wifi signal which you can do by plugging it into an ethernet power source or adding another wifi router.

3.Do Xfinity Cameras Need To  Be  Plugged In ?

Ans: Yes, Comcast does have a hard-wired requirement with their home security system. This is so the cameras can stream HD video 24/7. If the camera wasn’t plugged into a power source, your footage would only be recorded up to five consecutive seconds of activity before being written over by the next five seconds.

4.Where Should Camera Power  Adapters Be  Kept ?

Ans: We recommend placing the adapter in an open area where it is not likely to be damaged or cause a tripping hazard. Do not place behind furniture, under rugs, or anywhere that might get wet (such as near a sink). The goal is to have a stable, clean, flat surface that is close enough to an electrical outlet so the cord can reach.

5.Does Xfinity Have a Ring ?

Ans: Yes! Comcast offers the Xfinity Video Doorbell which is compatible with their home security set-top box, allowing users to experience ring technology. The ring doorbell allows for real-time motion alerts and lives video feeds.

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