How To Control A Man Mind [5 Proven Methods]

Believe it or not, reading and controlling the mind is not exclusive to science fiction. If you achieve a complete understanding of male emotions and desires, you can achieve a significant level of control over your partner’s mind.

The question is, then, how to control a man mind in a certain way? The answer is closely related to the power of mental suggestion and its actual effects.

If you want to know more about this technique, keep DIGGING! The best thing about mental suggestion is that it doesn’t require you to cheat or attack it aggressively.

You will already know that manipulation is somewhat toxic. But, with this method, what you do will be healthy for your man. It could be said that it is a beneficial approach for both of you. Besides, you can know your man’s desire too.

How To Control a Man Mind

Note That

There are some qualities of the male mind that you should always keep in mind. It’s lower the emotional power and its use of space to recharge. Once you have mastered these tactics, you will be able to understand all the mental laws intuitively.

How Do Men Store Emotions?


Energy is needed to store emotions. For women, life has provided them with greater emotional storage capacity. Men, on the other hand, are more easily stressed by daily stress.

As if this were not enough, society discourages them from expressing their feelings. When a man is under a lot of stress, he will need to get away, spending some time apart. It may be hard or difficult, but it is not something you should take personally.

It’s not that he wants to break free from you; he just needs to recharge. You probably want to avoid dealing with people around you when you’re doing emotional stunts.

If a man finds a woman who respects his particular need for space, it will be practically impossible for him to let her go.

But if you don’t respect it, the opposite effect is achieved and the only thing you want is to get away from it. To avoid this, know the mistakes women make and ruin relationships. It will help you know what to do when he walks away.

What Does He Want?


He wants to feel capable of making his partner happy. Also, if he sees that you appreciate his efforts and feels validated by you as a man, he will feel a great subconscious attraction.

On the other hand, both will get closer and more united as a couple. He will want to spend more time with you when he feels you “get it” on a level that other people couldn’t.

Steps To Secure The Emotional Connections With Your Partner


Step One: Watch It


To know how to control a man mind, keep in mind that, before acting, the man sends a warning. You can take note of the recurring emotional patterns and the connections between certain signals and behaviors.

For example, when you need more space, you may find it more resistant to communication.

Step Two: Speak


You should verbalize the fact that you notice something is happening to him. But at the same time, try not to be too direct.

You can try to express something as simple as: “Love; lately, I have the feeling that things are a little different. I care about you a lot, but I don’t want you to feel like I’m suffocating you.

I will give you all the time you need if you want to be alone, but if you want to talk, you know you can count on me.”

You just have to give him the opportunity to speak, but not demand it. So you have a better chance of knowing how to influence a man’s mind.

Third Step: Analyze The Following Movement


This is the step when you must exercise patience. Part of this analysis consists of not being impatient and giving yourself your space. Don’t try to contact him; just wait.

Now that you know how to control a man mind and you have a general idea of ​​the benefits of understanding male emotional patterns, it’s time to consider the mistakes you should avoid. 

5 Proven Steps To Control A Man Mind


Step 1: Make Him Feel Happy With You


When a person feels happy with you, he will be automatically influenced to spend more time with you. He will gradually give you control of his life. In this way, you can control his mind too. 

Steps 2: Be Mature With Your Partner


We usually make silly mistakes and make fun of them. Don’t do this! Cause, it will decrease the trust of your partner in you. You have to behave maturely and be confident in what you are doing. So, he will open up about his own life with you and you can control his mind naturally. 

Step 3: Don’t Behave Like You Want To Control Him

Dont Behave Like You Want To Control Him

You are wondering about how to control a man mind, and in this way, you can behave like over-possessive in every aspect.  It will let your partner know that you are trying to control him. So, he will be aware of that and won’t let you succeed in your goal. 

Step 4: Show Your Respect To Him


The human mind always wants significant satisfaction and getting respect from others is one of them. You have to show your partner that you have respect for him and his works. 

It will help you to gain his respect too and you can control his mind gradually. Make sure that your partner doesn’t doubt you! 

Steps 5: Understand What He Want


Understanding your partner’s desire is very important. If he sees that you understand his needs without his explanation, he will naturally rely on you more. 

It will also help you to bond your relationship stronger. So, understand what he wants, and the rest will happen automatically! 

What Should You Avoid To Control A Man Mind Positively?


Understand it, and you will fall in love even more! Many women tend to think of their men’s minds within a feminine framework. As we have seen, there is a big difference in the way men and women deal with emotional issues.

Therefore, thinking about what you would do in your situation will only lead you to the wrong conclusion. Nor should you expect him to be overly expressive or cooperative in sharing his thoughts.

When you stay calm after your man gives you less emotional information than you want, and you show him that you respect that personal space he needs so much to recharge, your MAN will undoubtedly admire you. 

How Do You Make Him Obsess Over You?

There are three main things that will make any man become completely obsessed you. He will never get enough of you, and will always be thinking about how to win you over again. The only trouble is that few people know how to do this.

The problem is that most guys won’t act like this naturally; too many traits in our society today promote the ‘nice guy’ that is far too timid to approach a woman. He will never make her feel like she is wanted and desired and all women want these feelings from their men!

So: if you want to be irresistible, follow these three steps:

1) Act Slightly Selfish at First

The first thing that attracts a man to you is that he can feel that you are different than the other girls. They all act so needy and desperate around him, but *for some reason* you don’t seem too interested in him. This draws his attention like crazy, making him think ‘I MUST GET TO KNOW THIS GIRL’.

But here’s the thing: you need to play the game carefully. It’s good to be a little mysterious at first, so he can’t really know what your intentions are until he gets to know you better… but if you keep this up for too long, it might send him running because he starts thinking that *maybe* you aren’t interested in him after all.

2) Start to Act More Interested Around Him

Finally, once he starts chasing you, it’s time for you to start showing just the right amount of interest. A little less mysterious now, but still more aloof than some other girls he meets.

You can make him feel special by asking questions about him or his life; this makes him think that you actually care about who he is and what he does.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once a guy falls for you, that you can start acting like yourself; men love to chase women they can’t have. Play hard to get until it’s time to take things further in your relationship!

3) Act Shallow Around Him

The third and final thing that will make him obsess over you is to act shallow around him. You can still show signs of intelligence, but it’s good to occasionally act like you’re only interested in things like looks or money. This might sound odd, but let me explain:

When he hears you talking about the attractive girls in the office, he knows you’re just trying to make him jealous. And when you tell him all about the latest handbag that you saw or ask him how much his car cost, he realizes that you are just another girl who only cares about what’s on the outside.

You can’t blindly follow these three rules for getting any guy to fall for you; sometimes, there is a little bit of luck involved but the trick here is to have fun with guys and test out your new found powers! After all, it’s going to be a lot easier when you know exactly what they want from a girl.

Frequently Asked Question:

How Can a Man Control His Mind?

1. You can control a man mind by consciously controlling the things you say
2. Instead of bringing yourself down, compliment yourself
3. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions out of your mouth-if he knows what you’re thinking or feeling then he’ll be able to figure out how to treat you and win your heart.

How Do You Stop Loving Someone You Can’t Have?

1. The moment you stop loving someone, they’ll begin to fade out of your mind
2. It might be hard at first but the more time goes by, then the easier it will become
3. Spend as much time with your friends and family members who can give you emotional support
4. Try not to look

How Can I Free My Mind?

1. The first thing you need to do is let go of everything that doesn’t serve a purpose in your life
2. Change up your friends list-if you’re surrounded by the same people, then they’ll only bring negativity into your life
3. Make sure you’re gaining knowledge from books and other sources


So, these are some tips and steps to control your partner’s mind. REMEMBER, behaving over-possessively will ruin your bonding with your partner!  Therefore, that’s all on how to control a man mind. Make sure that you follow them in steps and enjoy your happy relationship!

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