Chrome Sound Not Working – Know All The Things

If you want to list the best operating system, you must give Google Chrome the number one position. It includes everything. This operating system offers all the facilities which any could want.  But it also offers some problems. Sometimes Google Chrome might demand regular updates, and most importantly its might stop chrome sound not working correctlySometimes we also hear that ‘chrome sound is not working on certain websites,’ and sometimes, they say the sound is not working at all. So now, at first, we will share why this problem may occur-

Chrome Sound Not Working

Chrome Sound Not Working Correctly


1) First make sure that your chrome is updated to its latest version. It will automatically download the required update if not done already.

2) Make sure that you are allowing all the permissions asked for while playing some videos or watching some clips online through your chrome browser as some times it asks for mic access which sometimes causes this error.

3. Check the Headphone Port

Check the Headphone Port Solutions

Sometimes headphone port becomes the issue. Often the port shows that the headphone is connected, but actually, it’s not. That’s why you feel like chrome sound is not working.

It is most probably the most known problem. Sometimes Chrome demands an update, or most often, something wrong happens in the central settings option of Chrome.

Once that happens, Chrome starts to create a problem, resulting in a sound issue. Though we will talk about this problem’s solution, we still thought its better to discuss that issue before.

These are known reasons behind this problem. Now we will try to make you know about the solutions.


1.Try Restarting Option

Chrome Try Resetting

Whenever anything wrong occurs with the computer, what we suggest is to restart it. Why do we always suggest this? That’s because sometimes the computer fills with internal junk, and that can be removed through restarting.

     2.What About Chrome Internal Sound Settings?

What About Chrome Internal Sound Settings

Here comes the most crucial option. You know that sometimes Chrome automatically sets up few settings. So this happens in terms of sound options also. That’s why we always suggest users check the built-in sound settings of Chrome and try to solve it.

      3.Fix The Volume Mixer

Fix the Volume Mixer

After trying those two options, if nothing happened, something happened in the volume mixer. What should be your step? Click on the volume mixer tab and check everything. It may be automatically decided to ‘turn off the sound option.

     4.Go to The Control Panel

Chrome Go to the Control Panel

In our last few solutions, we talked about chromes central settings. Now it’s time for the PC’s/Laptop’s sound setting. You have to go to the control panel and find out the ‘sound’ option. Once you click on that, you will see the speaker option. If it is turned on, then turn it on.

     5.Scrutinize Windows Settings

Chrome Scrutinize Windows Settings

As you are done with the control panel setting, it’s time to fix the windows setting. Click on windows setting and find out ‘sound settings.’  Once you find it out, then check that if it was automatically turned off. Or if the sound is low. If they are, they do the needful and turn it on or increase the volume level.

      6.Remove the Cache File

Remove the Cache File

Sometimes cache files fill up in a way that Chrome couldn’t work correctly. So for this thing, it’s essential to remove those cache regularly. For this, just open Chrome, go to the settings option and find out the ‘clear cache option. Then clear it.

      7.Extensions May Be Causing ThisExtensions May Be Causing This

For using other software, we sometimes enable the extension bar of Chrome. Yes, it’s fine unless it’s becoming a cause for a problem. SO check it out. If anything wrong is found, then disclose the extensions for a few software. It may solve the issue.

       8.Update Windows

Update Windows

What if your chrome version is not matching with the windows version? Yes, this doesn’t happen always, but for some users, it’s a known problem. So without wasting time, update the windows of your  PC or Laptop.

       9.Delete and Install Chrome Again

Delete and Install Chrome Again

If you are updating windows, and still nothing is happening, delete the Chrome installed on your pc. Then install it once again. It may work for you.

       10.Try Resetting

Try Restarting Option

That’s the very last option we could suggest to all of you. Though it might sound ordinary, in some cases, it worked. So reset the Chrome’s sound and wait until you see the chrome sound is working. If we tried all of these, then hopefully, you got your desired solution.


I hope now you know what to do when your chrome sound not working.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We always get questions from our readers. Then we find out which are mostly asked one. So here, we will be answering the questions asked by our readers.

1.Why Is There No Sound On My Internet Browser?

Ans:  It might happen because of few reasons. If the computer sound is not mute, then your internet browser won’t provide sound. Apart from that, if the computer is on mute, you will also face the same problem.

2.How Do I Unmute Google Chrome?

Ans:  No matter which website you are visiting right now, you will see a tab in Chrome. Near the tab, you will find out a sign like ‘volume box.’ Sometimes this turns off automatically. So please turn it on.

3.Why Is My Audio Suddenly Not Working?   

Ans:  It’s tough to say. It may be happening because of the hard wares. Or it may happen because of software issues. Find out if any cable is not connected correctly. After that, restart the computer and, most importantly, update the vital software.

4.Why Is My Audio Not Working On Zoom?

Ans:  Zoom needs permission from your device before providing sound. Go to the settings option of zoom and allow zoom to use your microphone and speaker. Thus your audio will work on zoom.

 5.How Do I Fix Google Chrome When It’s Not Working? 

Ans:  You can try the restarting option. Often restarting the pc solves the issue. If it’s not solved, then you can update the version of Chrome. Another thing is, Chrome often stops responding because of extra caches. So delete them.

6.How Do I Clear Cookies From Google Chrome?

Ans: For clearing cookies, you need to go to the settings option of Chrome. Then you will see the privacy option. Click on it, and then the ‘cookies’ option will be visible from that cookies option. Clear all the cookies of Google chrome.  That’s all about this problem. Hopefully, you will get rid of the problem and will enjoy Chrome with enough sound.

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