Can I Carry Lipstick In My Purse On a Plane?                                  

Are you travelling on a plane for the first time? If yes, then you may have many questions in your mind. You may be confused about many things.

Like what kind of stuff you can carry & whatnot; apart from these, if you are a makeup lover, then some questions can pop up in your mind. For example, one of the common questions is can I carry lipstick in my purse on a plane?

This is a typical question. If you’re looking for an answer to this question, then this article is for you. Here I’m describing it.

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Carry Lipstick in my Purse on a Plane

Carry lipstick in my purse on a plane

There are some specific rules for carrying stuff on a plane. If you are a regular traveler & carry lipstick in your purse, you have to keep certain things on your mind.

Among the makeup items, lipstick is the most usable one for ladies. Almost every woman uses lipstick while travelling. Therefore, it is the most common item of makeup.

Plus, ladies use it very much. While on a plane journey, many people may have the carrying lipstick in the purse question in their mind. If you fall for these people, you can read this article to know about it.

Method -1

Method -1

Step-1: Determine the Liquid & Non-liquid One

Determine the liquid & non-liquid one

Yeah. First of all, you have to select the liquid and non-liquid lipsticks. Because the liquid items have to go through the TSA fluid rules, every makeup item has to be 100 millilitres or more minor.

Plus, it must have fit under a 1-litre plain zip-top bag.

Step-2: Keep your Containers Small

Keep your containers small

If you are carrying liquid lipstick, make sure to keep your makeup container or liquid bag small. Don’t forget to pack it in the zip-top bag. You can easily avoid hassles security by this.

And if you are carrying solid lipstick, then you can follow these rules.

Method -2

Method -2

Step-1: Ignore Zip Bags for Solid Lipsticks.

Ignore zip bags for solid lipsticks

If you carry solid lipstick instead of liquid one, you can have it in your purse because the security checkpoint does not count it among the liquid items.

That’s why you don’t need to carry them into the zip bag. You can easily carry it in your handbag. Plus, the solid lipstick doesn’t fall into any size or quantity restrictions.

Step-2: Try to Keep the Most Useful one in the Purse

While carrying lipsticks in your purse, try to keep your daily used one. In other words, don’t carry all shades of lipsticks. Instead, always try to keep your preferred one.

Because if you carry multi-shades within your purse, you will find it difficult to look up in your time. That’s why it’s better to keep the quantity less to avoid anxiety.

If you are travelling on a plane for the first time & confused about carrying needy stuff like makeup kit, lipstick, Kajol, etc., this article is for you. Here I have discussed the rules. Plus, I have pointed out the most common question: Can I carry lipstick in my purse on a plane?

I hope it will be beneficial for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do Makeup Items, Count, As Liquid Ones?

Answer: No. But some particular items count as liquid one. Some of them are mascara, eyeliner, lip gel, liquid lipstick etc.

2.Can I Carry Liquid Lipstick In My Purse?

Answer: No. As this is liquid lipsticks, they count as the liquid one. So if you want to carry them, you have to put them in a plain zip bag or liquid bag.

3.Can I Carry As Many Lipsticks As I Want?

Answer: Yes, if you are carrying the solid ones. There are mainly two kinds of lipsticks: solid & liquid. If you want to carry solid lipsticks, you can keep them as much as you want.

Because there are no obligations or quantity restrictions for it, but if you want to carry a liquid one, you have to keep the weight under 100 millilitres.


I hope now you know can I carry lipstick in my purse on a plane or not.

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