Can I Disable Config APK? Details Explained

We often see unwanted apps on our devices and wonder why this app is on our phones. You might find out that config APK is installed on your mobile and don’t know whether it is necessary or not.

Likely, you are thinking, can I disable config APK? After reading this article, all your doubts about config APK will be clear.

In simple words, config APK is a system app of Android mobile provided by the manufacturer of your phone. This is found in all the latest android phones. Config APK is responsible for the function of installing and uninstalling our mobile application from an android device.

Can I Disable config aPK

Relation Between Config APK and APK

Most of us are familiar with the word APK. When we download a mobile app from a browser, the word APK is shown after the filename of the app.APK stands for Android Package Kit, which is an android application file format. Like computer application files, png or jpeg for image file format,mp4 is for the video file format. Furthermore, APK is an extension of your file, placed just after your file name with a dot. For example, car games, apk, audi.jpeg,mycar.mp4, etc. So it is clear that APK is only used for android apps.

Whereas the package name of config APK is It was first introduced on the Android 5 version named lollipop. After lollipop, it is used after all the latest versions of Android. This is not a virus or malware. Therefore it is a necessary app for your mobile

Uses of Config APK

Uses of Config APK

Config APK helps to install apps on the android mobile. Most of the applications are a combination of multiple files, including music files, code files, image files, and so on. While installing an app on your android device, config APK extracts the file and helps to function the app on your phone. After completing the installation process, it automatically deletes the file. For this reason, you could not find any file after installing anything from the play store. Hence, the file is invisible to you.

What Is The Purpose Of The Config APK App?

ConfigAPK is an app that comes with your Android smartphone and is developed to assist in the execution of various APK packages. The APK package is used in Android devices to install applications and is frequently included in the package as

Whether Config APK Is Harmful or Not

Every Android device has some pre-installed bloatware. Sometimes these apps are accountable for making suspicious issues in our mobile. In such cases, you may be concerned about these unwanted apps. These apps are harmful to your phone, and sometimes it is an alarming issue for your phone security. To get rid of these problems, you can use antivirus on mobile. Almost all computer antivirus have a mobile version. Moreover, some system apps are not necessary at all. It will help if you disable these apps, which you find useless. It gives you some space on your phone.

Whereas some applications require your phone to perform other tasks on your mobile, you don’t directly use these apps. Unlike some unnecessary apps, config APK is helpful for your mobile. It is responsible for installing and uninstalling your mobile application. It performs in the background automatically when required. Some people have the misconception that config APK is responsible for slowing down the phone or is the cause of finishing the charge of the battery quickly. The truth is Config APK is a pretty small file, almost less than 1 MB. It merely harms your mobile or battery.

Steps of Disabling Config APK

Steps of Disabling Config APK

Most of the system apps could not uninstall but also can be disabled. Therefore, you can also disable config APK. As mentioned above, config APK is a part of the android operating system. Perhaps it will run in the background automatically after disabling this. If you want to remove it permanently, you have to root your phone. But there is some security issue if you root your phone.

So we do not recommend you delete this app. Indeed, this is not responsible for any unwanted issue of your phone, nor is it a virus or malware. Without any solid reason to delete any system, it will not be wise to root your mobile to delete the system app. Although you use antivirus and disable all unwanted apps still you are facing problems with config APK. There is also a way to disable this. Just follow these easy steps :

  1. Go to your phone setting
  2. Click on app
  3. Config app
  4. Disable config APK

What Is The Difference Between An App and An APK?

APK is the file extension that can be used only for the android system. In contrast, an application can be installed in any operating system, whether Android or IOS, windows.

Can APK Contain A Virus or Malware?

Suppose you downloaded an android application from the play store that was the most reliable option for you. For the APK file, you have to download it then you can install it manually rather than auto installation from the play store. So download the APK file from trustable sources.

Is There Any Safety Issue With Config APK?

Config APK is not malware or spyware. It is a system app, and every system app is safe for you. Moreover, Config APK is a helpful software for our android device, which is essential for installing android applications on your device.


It is not a coincidence to find an unwanted app on our mobile. Typically people are concerned about viruses or malware in the device. We have many secret things on our phones. Moreover, it is a normal phenomenon to attack viruses in our phones and harm our devices. Checking these unwanted files and software in your phone may provide you extra protection. Therefore, If you find any useless application, deleting the app will be beneficial for you. I hope now you know can I disable config APK or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What Exactly Is A Configuration Updater?

Ans: Configuration update is a program that allows you to control the updates that your Samsung-branded device receives. If you don’t want your smartphone to slow down with the passage of time, you must optimize it. To that end, it’s critical to keep your versions under control.

2.What Exactly Is The Imslogger App For Android?

Ans: What is the function of imslogger+ on Android? It is messaging sync; moreover, it is supplied for Samsung and is intended for that phone. It’s possible that you won’t find it in other phones. This makes it simple for the gadget to function effectively. It communicates correctly with the communication applications provided by the providers.

3.What Exactly Is The Scpm Client On My Phone?

Ans: SCPM client, also known as Smart Certified Project Manager, is an Android kernel app package. implementing device power management policies The client works in tandem with a Smart Manager on your Android smartphone to improve the device’s power use.

4.When My Phone’s Storage Is Full, What Should I Delete?

Ans: It’s far easier to erase these files as you go than it is to go through hundreds of photos later when your phone is full. Delete your cache. When you choose certain applications under the “Storage” settings area of an Android phone, you’ll typically be given the choice of clearing the cache or erasing all data.

5.What Is The Purpose Of The Config APK App?

Ans: Config APK is an app that comes with your Android smartphone and is developed to assist in the execution of various APK packages. The APK package is used in Android devices to install applications and is frequently included in the package as android. auto-installs. config.

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