Can I Delete APK Files? – Details Explained

We know, before uprooting a tree, we have to learn how to plant a seed. In the same way, before understanding the procedures of deleting an app, we must know what kind of functions the app has.

Such as: does on our android or IOS or any desktop computing devices so that we could be assured that deleting the system or app will create any loss for the device or not. So, can I delete APk files?

After that, we can look forward to knowing all the procedures or alternatives if anyone wants to delete the files or apps permanently. So, in this article, we will be demonstrating, or you can say, discussing APK files or apps; more broadly, we may say if we can delete the app or not?

Can I Delete aPK files

Details About APK App

The word ‘APK’ stands for ‘Android Application Package.’ Its former name was Android Package Kit. It is an ordination system of files or apps on android. This system lets any application downloaded from the play store or any other source install accordingly without any issue.

This android package stays archived or invisible from the very initial factory version mode of any android device. It can contain a considerable amount of data from all applications. People call it a hybrid app with diverse information inside it.

It has basic information about apps installed in that particular device and what its applications are. When we download any app from the play store, APK gets automatically downloaded there, and it also causes all the updates even it is also needed if we tend to uninstall or reinstall those apps.

APKs gives us access to all the latest versions of apps installed on the phone by keeping them updated from time to time. As the application manager contains various apps on a device, any malicious software can be spread on the other applications. That is why we must be careful about downloading and installing any apps on the phone or any android device.

Reason for Using APK File

If we look at the world’s population, we see, around 2.5 billion people are Android users, which is approximately 87 percent of the total mobile phone or electronic device users. The word APK is familiar to 90 percent of Android users. People should only use APK when they know accurately about the sources of the apps that will be downloaded. Otherwise, it will bring malicious software to the device.

Nowadays, APK’s are automatically downloaded with the app we want to have on our mobile phones, and the google play store gives us alert notifications if the particular app’s source can bring malware or not. When we have APK file format on our device, and safe application we want to download can be adequately downloaded without creating any issues. This file extension format is used in Windows operating system too. APK files give security alerts if any malicious app gets installed and keep every app developed by auto-updating them and keeping their data saved.

Can Anyone Delete APK Files?

Can Anyone Delete APK Files

In general, we know a single application software does only one kind of job, similar to tissues of the cell. But, as APK apps are fully contained with multiple information from multiple apps, we can see two kinds of APK files. Such as- The first one gets automatically downloaded from Google Play Store. When we press the ‘install’ button of any app in the play store, the APK will automatically get downloaded and let the app get installed correctly and malware-free.

For the second type, it is a built-in version which we see nowadays. We have to locate the APK on our device. Most probably, it resides inside our file manager app. If we do not have the app, we must download the app and then search for the APK that we need.

Is It Safe To Remove The APK File?

Yep! As long as you’ve installed the app, you may remove the APK files to free up space on your phone. You may safely remove the APK without affecting any other applications that are already installed. Only APK files are required to install the software.

Process of Deleting APK Files

Process of Deleting APK Files
Every android user knows about the android application package system and knows about its function a bit too. There are four ways to delete an APK file. Such as

  • If we uninstall any of our regular and typical applications, the APK file will be deleted, too installed along with the app itself.
  • We need to press the app longer, an option of uninstallation will pop up, and we have to drag the app to that option. That’s it! So, it is pretty easy! The easiest way to delete APK files from the latest mobile android devices.
  • To delete the built-in APK files, we have to search for APK files inside our file manager app, which is available on all devices. Then we have to tap and delete that APK file.
  • It is sometimes found that after completing numbers 1 & 2, there is still no change in the internal storage. Even no space has been cleared.
  • Then what we will have to do is, we have to download any third-party cleaning app. There are so many free cleaning apps available on the play store.
  • We have to clean all internal junk files from the device. That’s how the APK files will be deleted permanently.

Whatever there is no worry about deleting APK apps or files. Anyone can delete it with pretty straightforward steps. If someone still faces problems, then that will be their software issue.

Do APK Files Contain Malware In The Built-in Version?

No, it does not. Not just about APK files, but all the factory version files do not contain any malware initially. It just works as a medium to install any file correctly. The main fact is that APK files get downloaded automatically and get functioned too.

Do We Need An Internet Connection While Deleting APK Files?

No, generally. But if we have to download it, we will need a stable internet connection. When you have the files on your phone, it won’t ask for a network because it does not work when you are just using your random apps. The network is only needed when you download or install anything.

Are APK Files With Malware Spread and Damage Our Device Too Much?

Yes, these files contain mixed information from all the apps. So that if there is malware in any, it will get spread fast, and the rest is known to all. To avoid this issue, you will always have to keep anti-malware software with you to notify you when you are about to download any corrupted file. That’s how malware won’t get spread.


Lastly, we may bring the end line claiming that the two kinds of APK apps can be deleted in only three steps. The APK file that comes with an application can be deleted by only uninstalling the application itself. To delete the built-in APK files, we have to search them in the file manager and manually delete it. These apps will delete any kinds of junk files from the device. However, there is no worry about deleting APK apps or files. Anyone can delete it with pretty straightforward steps. If someone still faces problems, then that will be their software issue. I hope now you know can I delete APk files or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is It Permissible To Remove APK?

Apk files are the installed programs and cannot be uninstalled, no matter how hard you try.

2.Are APK Files Necessary?

You may install programs on your Android phone using APK files. When you visit Google Play and download an app, the store usually downloads the APK for you. As a result, the Play Store also functions as a package manager—a tool for effortlessly installing, updating, and deleting apps from a device.

3.How Can I Remove An APK?

To uninstall an app on Android, tap and hold it, then drag it to the “Uninstall” text at the top right of the screen (next to the trash icon).

4.Are All APK Files Dangerous?

With Android, you may either utilize Google Play or side load the software by utilizing an APK file. According to research provided this year by the Android security team, if you don’t just use Google Play, you’re around ten times more likely to have a potentially hazardous application on your smartphone.

5.What Is The Purpose Of APK?

The Android Package (APK) file format is used by the Android operating system and a variety of other Android-based operating systems for the distribution and installation of mobile applications, mobile games, and middleware. It is possible to write it in either Java or Kotlin.

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