Can You Bring A Weight Scale On An Airplane – Effective Ways

Do you ever face this embarrassing situation? Like you are at the airline’s checkpoint waiting to weighting your luggage and thinking about the trip and how it would be seeing your family again.

But suddenly they announced that your luggage is over weighted. You have no time for checking it. You have to choose either throwing your packed things or the cost of a penalty. Such an embarrassing situation it is!

So, can you bring a weight scale on an airplane? A weight scale can save you from this embarrassing situation. Yes, you can bring a weight scale with you on an airplane.

Can You Bring A Weight Scale on an Airplane

Can You Bring A Weight Scale On An Airplane? Details

Can You Bring A Weight Scale On An Airplane

Why This Restriction?

Why This Restriction

You might wonder why airlines are so strict about carrying luggage. What is the problem with a little difference in weight? A plane is a more sensitive transport than overland transport. It has a certain amount of carrying capacity.

The airplane faces many problems like shorts in fuel, unbalancing, or difficulty in an emergency if the load exceeds its capacity. Carrying restrictions and weighting before aboard gets that much priority to ensure your safety.



Every airline has different regulations about carrying amount. It would be better to check and read the regulations while booking your ticket and be sure how much weight you can carry with you before heading to the airport.

Weight Scale

Weight scale

Bring a digital handy weight scale in your carrying bag while on a trip. It is very common that when you are on a trip, you must buy something for your family and also take some souvenirs as a memory.

Those things increase your luggage weight. If you carry a weight scale with you, you can keep track of it. You can be cautious earlier before luggage becomes overweight.

How Does The Weight Scale Help you?

How Does The Weight Scale Help you

A weight scale helps you in many ways-

  • Pre measuring luggage and keep a count of it.
  • Protect you from taking overweight luggage to the airport.
  • Rescue you from the harassment at the checkpoint.
  • Save from not wasting extra items by throwing.
  • Freed from the penalty for over weighted carries.
  • Recognize the wrong read of the checkpoint if it differs too much.



  • Weight varies from scale to scale. Try to keep the luggage weightless according to your weight scale. It gives you safety in the checkpoint’s scale measures and shows more weight than your scale.
  • While weighting, don’t forget to measure the luggage weight. It also has some weight own self.

Weight Scale Or Smart Luggage

Weight Scale Or Smart Luggage

Nowadays, you can get smart luggage with an attached weight scale. It automatically measures and shows its weight. You may feel it would be better and have less trouble.

But some airlines have restrictions over using smart luggage. It is better to carry a weight scale than having trouble getting permission for smart luggage.

Those who regularly travel onboard know the importance of measuring the weight before the check post. But the question of whether it is permissible or not always remains. Though it is a battery-running device, it is permissible to carry the weight scale in your carry-on luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1.Can You Bring A Weight Scale On An Airplane?

Ans: You are allowed to have a scale in your carry on luggage. If it is a digital scale it may have to go through the scanner separately.

2.Can You Weigh Your Bags At The Airport?

Ans: As a last resort, you can just weigh your luggage at the airport. Be prepared for the possibility that you might have to discard things from your luggage before your flight, though! Once there, you’ll find several stands that let you weigh your luggage for a small fee.

3.What Does Lifting 50 Pounds Feel Like?

Ans: Passengers want to know what 50 lbs feels like compared to something they are familiar with. … A 50 lb suitcase feels quite heavy to lift, in fact, it feels exactly liking picking up 6 gallons.
That’s why your suitcase has wheels and why we are always encouraging readers to travel light and consider flying carry on only.

4. How Much Do Suitcases Weigh?

Ans: A standard rolling suitcase could weigh 14 pounds when it’s totally empty. If your limit is 50 lbs, that uses up 28% of your allowed weight before you even pack a thing.

5. What Happens If Your Bag Is Over 50 Pounds Spirit?

Ans: For overweight baggage, Spirit charges $30 for bags weighing 41 to 50 pounds, $55 for bags weighing 51 to 70 pounds, and $100 for bags weighing 71 to 100 pounds. If your bags are oversized (63 to 80 inches) then you will be charged $100; for special items over 80 inches, the fee is $150.


I hope now you know can you bring a weight scale on an airplane or not.

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