Awesome 10 Best Most Watched TV Episodes Of All Time

Television is a considerably less brought together insight than previously. A few years back, there were less programs, and that implied more individuals watched every episode.

While these shows lasted a long time, they created a certain level of devotion that they must keep an eye on, mostly when airing the main episodes. Of course, these episodes were often of one kind or another of finales, but this was not always the case.

Sometimes, these episodes were by no means unique. So, what are the most watched TV episodes of all time? This list focuses on whether an episode has achieved a higher rating share. This number measures what percentage is available for a particular episode. As rating systems have drastically changed in TV history’s rating system, rating shares provide more regular metrics.

Additionally, the absolute number of TVs in the nation has expanded over the long haul, which means seeing rating sharing permits us to give a more extensive degree of confirmation. This rundown additionally restricts itself to scripted series and one passage for each series. We should not think about the most-watched television episodes ever.

Best Most Watched TV Episodes Of All Time

What is TV Series Episode?

A TV series episode is a live-action or animated self-contained story that provides approximately 43 minutes of programming. Episodes usually have a beginning, middle and end, with the most important parts being the “beginning” where we are introduced to the characters and situation, the “middle” where most of the action takes place, and the “end” where everything is resolved (or not, if it’s a cliffhanger ending).

10. Most Watched Tv Episodes Of All Time List



Roots gripped America from the very first moment because of the limited nature of some parts. Roots claimed it had to be finished, not to say that you can’t follow it just by looking at its bits. Giving the country a little experience, though, encouraged many people to aim for its completion. As the series caught on steam, it also reminded members of the audience.

After reaching the final episode of the show, it fascinated the nation it deserved. The root is an story about the detestations of subjugation, yet it is likewise a tale about its enduring effects. By looking at the routes, you can create a history that did not even begin in America. Kunta Kinte had the power to buy, and his descendants followed his leadership. Roots’ fantastic thing is that it doesn’t sound like a history lesson, and many people proved it. It saw the end of 51.1% of households.

2.The Thornbirds

The Thornbirds

Another mini-series on the list is The Thorn Bird. There was an effective novel change about a minister constraining to pick among adoration and restoration inside the Catholic Church. Most episodes of the show were approvingly watching, but the third episode topped the show. This separates the focal figures as they work to overlook one another, looking for their joy.

The Thorn Bird is a love story that has been shattered, and it has kept the audience fascinated for the whole race. The third piece was not the last point of the series. Instead, it was a tragic medium, where both tried to cope with separate lives. The episode earned a 43.2% rating share, trapping viewers across the country with its love and loss story. The Thornbird shows listeners just how unique a serialized story can be.



This episode was not a series ending. It wasn’t even a season-ending. This was the fourth episode of the show’s fourth season. This episode has earned so many viewers for this reason. Everyone needs to know who shot JR. Dallas is probably most famous for this cliffhanger, leaving the audience unsure who shot among the main characters for an incredible period. When the information finally released, millions of people found out who committed the crime.

Dallas revealed the potential of the TV with the fury surrounding Cliffhanger. It became clear that TV serials could be used to tell stories, and viewers would take enough care to tune in each week, hoping to open up what they had seen in previous weeks; although this was seen as a risk at the time, it was undoubtedly paid off. It has achieved a 53.3% rating share.



The most elevated evaluated series of the 21st century is still friends, which finished in his 10-season run on May 10, 2004. Every scene of Friends’ last season runs somewhere in the range of 20 and 25 million viewers, which is as of now a crazy sum however the last, which NBC went through weeks energizing. It grabbed the attention of 52.5 million viewers.

In addition to the fact that it is one of the most seen series finals ever, it’s likewise the most seen diversion broadcast in a long time since it circulated. It seems almost impossible that the end of a modern show series would be able to draw more than 52 million viewers, which means that the Friends’ record as the finale of the most-watched series of this century is entirely secure.



Not everyone liked the Sinfield finish, but everyone saw it. His historic run came to an end with what many understood from the beginning – Seinfeld’s main characters are the worst. Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer all end up being investigated for their wrongdoings, and the series closes with the loss of the entire world with the team as the Crusaders go to prison as groups.

From one perspective, the show’s previous characters permit it to penetrate its present and denounce the show’s focal environmental factors for their terrible conduct. Then again, the last left many disappointed, however it was additionally directly with Seinfield’s roots. It was not entirely interested in giving a ceremony and wisdom without lessons. It was not sincere and sweet—the show’s end, which shared a 41.3% rating.



The last of the Cheers series is really the finish of an era. Cheer is a cultural experience that was regularly shared by millions. It was a show that didn’t need to be watched weekly, so most people were comfortable going out because they were happy. There was an event to watch during the show though it had an ending, which came more than a decade later.

The incredible thing about this episode is that it stayed stable even after the finish of an era. It’s telling viewers that it’s okay to move on as the show’s characters continue their lives. The cheers ended beautifully, and millions of people watched it unfold. As the show draws to a close, 45.5% of the family members are in tune, and they are all sad but satisfied. The show has appeared to be somewhat unfocused in late episodes.



It is almost noticeable that it retained the top of the list long after it was aired after the end of the M * A * S * H. Yet, it’s still another one in the final group that ended up perfectly proving to be a favorite of their listeners for over a decade. With M * A * S * H, the ending of the title “Farewell and Amen”, a heartbreak perfectly blended with the sensations, created a finale that was often true with the experience of fighting in the background of the show.

The completion saw an incredible 60.2% of American households. This event was an experience this country had together, and it was an event no one wanted to miss. M * a * s * h characterized what a television show could do. It took us home, it touched us, it took us away, and it made us laugh. When it was gone, it felt like a friend had been harmed. It was sad.

8.The Fugitive

The Fugitive

The Fugitive may be better known today as the Harrison Ford movie, but it was based on the incredibly popular television show of the 1960s. Like the film, the show followed Richard Kimble as he fled the law after being accused of murdering his wife. In the end, Kimble confronts his wife’s real killer, and the mystery that the series spread ultimately is finally solved.

In many ways, The Fugitive provided a modern drama model, combining the elements of systematic storytelling with one’s planned story. This hook is the firm one that forced the audience to tune in to such a large number for the finals. With a 45.9% rating, in the end, The Fugitive satisfied millions of Americans and paved the way for most of the television that followed.

9.All In The Family

All in the Family

All in the family was revolutionary and conventional. It was the sort of show that used the sitcom organization to manage issues that could be unbelievably perplexing. The presentation is “Edith’s Problem,” which demonstrates how a game can change. “Edith’s Problem” centers on Edith, who seems to be experiencing menopause. Archie, a man who is disturbed by several things, is compelled to consider such Edith’s reality is changing in a genuine manner that will influence their marriage.

Everybody in the family used her foundation to discuss the main problems, and this episode was no special case. It was managed with a smile from a whole situation, and it makes it an impressive show. “Edith’s problem” was something that could be related to many. 40.7% of families have tuned in for the episode, making it the most-watched episode of the show’s memorable run.



One of two Western series aired for almost the same length, Bonanza lasted only 14 seasons but was able to achieve a higher rating than Gunsmoke for single broadcasts. When one of the central characters in a story show of a “pure truth” setup is accused of bank robbery, he is forced to enlist a strange prospect.

Bananza is another model where no episode had the option to arrive on this rundown without feeling especially huge. All things considered, the episode is steady with the tone of the show all in all. Bananza tackled complex issues in a manageable manner, like many early plays.

It brings problems to the surface, but it is always able to solve within an hour. The formula turned out extraordinary for the show, which pulled in 41.6% of all family units after it circulated in 1964. These shows have been circulating for so long because they were hugely popular and widely viewed.

Final Verdict

Whenever wildlife TV episodes are popular TV shows, it’s always a huge event. Everything arrives at this epic resolution, and regularly, even the individuals who quit seeing it a couple of years prior will tune in again to perceive how everything got famous.

This is why the episodes of the series over the years have drawn some surprising ratings. One of the Shore episodes beat the Super Bowl that year, and it could be the most-watched scene of any series up until now. I hope now you know what are the most watched TV episodes of all time.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which Is The Most Watched Tv Series Of All Time?

Ans: The answer is probably the ten episodes of the series finale of M*A*S*H, with a record breaking 125 million viewers in 1983. It’s not directly related to video games, but because gaming has been one of the best entertainment industries ever.

2.Which Movie Has The Highest Gross Rate?

Ans: Although “Gone with the wind” was the highest grossing film for twelve years, it is difficult to compare its earnings with modern blockbusters, because ticket prices have increased significantly. Nevertheless, today’s most viewed movie is “Titanic”, which has had more than 2 billion dollars in worldwide box office sales. The first place honors

3.Is Watching Tv Show Popular Nowadays? 

Ans: It is difficult to assess, but on the basis of all TV series produced in 2015, it is estimated that an average of six million people watched each episode. That’s not too bad.

4.Which Is The Most Watched Christmas Day Movie?

Ans: On Christmas Day 2012, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey generated the highest number of viewers for a single release date with 13.5 million people who watched the film in cinemas.

5.Which Is The Best Christmas Special Of All Time?

Ans: The answer is “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (1965), which has attracted fifteen million viewers every year since the first airing. The animated feature follows the classic Charles Schulz’s characters , with highlights including Linus reciting Luke 2:8-14 from the Bible, and the jazz score by Vince Guaraldi.

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