Where Can You Buy Pepper Spray? Is Pepper Spray Legal?

We are living in the 21st century where technology has changed our way of life. We are undergoing a technological revolution. We are blessed with technology in every sector of our lives.

We depend on technology from waking up to going to bed. Technology is always developing for the betterment of human beings. There always have been newer inventions to do good for us, to improve, and to save our lives.

One such kind of life-saving 21st-century invention is Pepper Spray. It is a small can to spray at the attackers to defend yourself. Where can you buy pepper spray? Many people wonder. Is pepper spray legal? Worry not. You are at the right place. This article will answer all your questions. But let’s learn some more about pepper spray.

Where Can You Buy Pepper SprayWhat Is Pepper Spray?

What Is Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is a canister full of toxic gas or gel. It is used as a handy defensive tool. If some intend to attack you or make a move to harm you, you can spray this thing into their faces. It also works with animals. This toxic gas or gel will momentarily deactivate them.

So, you will get a chance to get away and call for emergency help. A can of pepper spray contains OC. OC means Oleoresin Capsicum. It is a derivative of hot red pepper. OC is responsible for making a pepper chilly and hot.

So, this element of pepper spray causes a burning sensation to the eyes and skin of the attacker you spray at. The level of OC in pepper spray determines how strong it is. The most common OC level used in pepper spray is about 10%. Some pepper spray uses CN and CS tear gas.

These agents can cause severe eye and respiratory problems. In some cases, people become blind. Police authorities use them to control riots all around the world. Some pepper spray uses UV dyes.

They can make a mark on the attacker that is difficult to clean. So, the police get a head start to catch that attacker. There is some advanced tech pepper spray as well. Those are connected to the internet and can send signals through the internet. Whenever and wherever it is sprayed.

So, now you know all about pepper spray. Let’s get one for yourself. You don’t know where to get one?  Scroll down and read further. We are here to provide you with all the information that may come in handy.

Types of Self Defense Paper Spray

Kershaw Model – Dog Off

The name gives it away that this is a dog deterrent (trainer). The spray has 450 grams in Krydderi, and when you press the button, then sprayed up to 6 meters. There is also UV dye added to the spray, which helps in investigations after an attack.

Aluminum case with belt clip included in purchase price. We strongly recommend taking the course (kurs) before you buy one of these sprays. Please note that alcohol-based sprays may banned or prohibited by law if you live in a country or state.

Mace Model – Mace Security International Pepper Spray Police Strength

There are several models of pepper spray with the name Mace, but this is the most popular one. The can contains OC-14. This is a maximum strength version and according to police standards output power spray. This spray has a strong effect on the attacker and can help you escape from an attack or assault since it causes pain and discomfort for about 45 minutes after being sprayed.

It is important to remember that it takes up to five minutes from time of being sprayed until the effects manifest themselves so do not believe that they have been neutralized as soon as they turn away or try to wash off with water. There are also UV dye added to the spray, which helps in investigations after an attack.

Where Can You Buy Pepper Spray?

Where Can You Buy Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is available all across the globe. You can buy pepper spray from anywhere in the United States of America. No matter where you are in the world, you have to look for it at a drugstore. Or look for it at sporting goods stores, automotive stores, and departmental stores.

You can also get one at hardware and army supply stores. Please notice that some states of the United States do have some restrictions on pepper spray. We will discuss it in the next section. Here we will talk about where you can get one for yourself across different states.

Brand Stores

Brand Stores

Many popular brand stores sell pepper spray almost everywhere across the United States. There are thousands of stores you can find in a single state. The name of some brand stores that sell pepper spray are 7-Eleven, Academy Sports Outdoors, Advance Auto Parts, Exchange:

Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Bass Pro Shops, Bed Bath and Beyond, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Blain’s Farm & Fleet, Cabela’s, Camping World, Canadian Tire, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Do It Best, Dollar General, Fred Meyer, and Gander Outdoors.

Some more brand stores are Lowe’s, Meijer, Menards, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pep Boys, Office Depot, Rite Aid, Road Runner Sports, Staples, and Target. Of course, you can buy one from Amazon or Walmart if your state does allow it. There are so many outlets of a single brand in a single city. The numbers are so high that we cannot point to every shop. We are giving you some examples down below.



From 7-Eleven, you can buy pepper spray if your state allows you. The number of 7-Eleven outlets is more than 9000. There are about 1800 7-Eleven outlets only in California. In Texas, there are more than 1300 outlets. Almost a thousand outlets in Florida. Las Vegas has 152 outlets, Dallas 144, Los Angeles 137, Orlando 123, Denver 116, Chicago 109, San Diego 89, Oklahoma City 75 outlets.

Of course, we cannot give you the locations of so many shops. But the solution is simple. Open your google map and search for your nearest 7-Eleven. Though there are some states where there are no 7-Eleven outlets. Such as Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Alabama, etc. So, you have to go to another shop there. We hope that your pepper spray is only a few blocks away waiting for you.

Is Pepper Spray Legal?

Is Pepper Spray Legal

So many options to choose from where you can get your pepper spray, right? But, do you know if pepper spray is legal or not? You are about to find it out. Yes, using pepper spray is legal only if it is used for self-defense. But malicious persons can certainly misuse it.

They can rob or harm innocents by spraying it at them. For this very reason, many states in the United States of America put some restrictions on pepper spray. If you meet the conditions, you can certainly buy and use one. We will briefly discuss here what some states require to purchase pepper spray.

  • Massachusetts: This state says that you cannot buy pepper spray from online shopping retailers. You must not have any criminal records. You cannot buy pepper spray from normal shops. It is only allowed to buy from licensed arms dealers.
  • California: The minimum allowed age is 16 years. The maximum quantity you can carry is 2.5 oz.
  • Delaware: Minimum age to buy one is 18 years.
  • Florida: Only restriction here is the quantity. You would not carry more than 2.5 oz.
  • Hawaii: There are many restrictions in this state. The age restriction is 18 years. You have to get a license. Cannot buy from online shopping retailers. The maximum allowed quantity is 2.5 oz. Finally, your pepper spray must not contain CN tear gas.
  • Illinois: Age restriction is 18 years. Pepper spray is banned in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Indiana: You cannot buy it via the internet.
  • Michigan: The maximum allowed level of OC is 10%. And the quantity is 1.2 oz. You cannot buy one via online shopping retailers.
  • Nevada: Allowed age is 18 years minimum. The allowed quantity is 2 oz.
  • New York: Allowed quantity is 0.75 oz. You have to be 18 years or older. No purchasing via the internet.

Some more states have restrictions on pepper spray. We are not putting them all on the list. Please check the laws of the state from where you are. Again, there are some states where there are no restrictions on pepper spray. You can buy it and spray it for self-defense. But note that you must not use it for illegal purposes. Otherwise, you would face consequences whatever the state is. Now take a quick note of the states where there are no restrictions on pepper spray.

These states are Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Mississippi. Again Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Dakota, New Mexico, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming also don’t have any restrictions on pepper spray. Finally, if you don’t find your state here, please check the laws and what your state says about pepper spray.

Precautions Using Pepper Spray

Precautions Using Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray contains toxic components. If you spray it at the person who is attacking you, that person would feel a terrible burning sensation in their eyes and skin. If you are not good at spraying it, you might end up getting a blowback. As some pepper spray comes in the form of gas, it can easily affect you. Certainly, pepper spray does not know who is the friend and who is the foe. So, the following steps might help you to be cautious.

  • Firstly, do not spray it on closed surroundings or indoors. It might end up coming into your own eyes.
  • Practice a lot. Your pepper spray may have a lot of sprays. So, you can spend some time practicing. Furthermore, there are some practice versions available at a low price. You can buy one.
  • Know the range of your pepper spray. The range can vary from company to company. Some pepper spray has 18 feet of range. Some others have 12 feet.
  • Always call 911. After a spray, you might want to call for help for yourself or your enemy. Maybe your enemy needs medical attention as well.
  • Buy a gel form of pepper spray if possible. Because they are easy to spray and do not tend to fly back into your eyes. As it comes out as a stream out of the canister, it proves to be more accurate.
  • You cannot carry pepper spray into an Air Flight. It is banned from carry-on baggage.
  • Do not use it illegally. Or you would face the consequences.

What If Pepper Spray Gets Into Your Eyes?

What If Pepper Spray Gets Into Your Eyes

If you are a rookie or become too nervous during a situation, pepper spray can get into your own eyes. In that case, follow the steps down below.

  • Blink rapidly and wash your eyes. Blinking rapidly will lead to more tears. So, the toxic components will come out of your eyes.
  • Go outside into fresh air immediately if you are indoors. Leave the pepper spray spot as early as possible.
  • Wash your eyes with splashes of water. Wash it for at least 15 minutes.
  • You might want to see a doctor. You never know what damage has been done.

The Bottom Lines

Pepper Spray is a life-saving invention. It is a very handy non-lethal defensive tool. You can get pepper spray all across the United States of America. Some states have some restrictions on pepper spray to ensure better safety measures.

In this modern age of crime and chaos, we recommend you to get one for yourself. But first, know the laws of your state. Be cautious using pepper spray. Your safety is what we want. I hope now you know where can you buy pepper spray.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.How Can I Buy Pepper Spray Legally?

Ans: Pepper spray should be available to buy online, though you will need a license issued by local police before doing so. There are other types of pepper sprays such as bear mace, Which you could only use in places where bears were present, and hiking clubs or mountaineering groups who wanted to issue them for safety reasons.

2.Can Civilians Buy Pepper Spray?

Ans: Pepper spray is intended only to be issued under extreme circumstances by police constables or other trained and authorized officials.

3.Can I Sell Pepper Spray?

Ans: Selling your pepper sprays online (and having the sales restricted against any misuse) would immediately lose you lots of potential customers because most buyers will not want their legal business relationships with criminals made public. Also, there’s no chance they could be re-issued again.

If you ever decide to sell your pepper spray, make sure buyers know (in their read-me notes) what its legitimate use is. And never advise criminals how they can get hold of any illegal chemicals that would enable them to attack with it; rather, say no one should be carrying through the streets or around buildings in a way disguising this weaponry.

4.Can A 16-Year-Old Carry Pepper Spray?

Ans: No, you need a license from local police to carry pepper spray as there are laws at play, although once you finally get one issued, it will be renewed without requiring additional qualifications.

5.Why Are Pepper Sprays Illegal In The UK?

Ans: Because they are intended to be issued for self-defenses purposes by the police only, criminals should not handle them if they’re taken into possession. They will also be considered carrying a weapon, and all of these generally lead to confiscation or arrest.

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