What Do 16 Year Old Guys Think About? [Curious Mind]

Life in adolescence is the best part of human life. Why? Simply because it is the period when a teen comes to know about the world, about life, and his dreams.

Therefore, one question can come into our mind straight away, what do 16 year old guys think about? Or how we thought everything at that age!

The thought process of a teenage guy runs in a specific way. It’s not complicated, but it has to be full of joy, dreams, happiness, and wishes. 

So, are you wondering about a 16 year old guy’s thought process? The wait is over, as here in this article, we are going to look at what do 16 year old guys think about. Let’s start: What Do 16 Year Old Guys Think About

What Do 16 Year Old Guys Think About – 9 Things

What Do 16 Year Old Guys Think About -9 Things

1. School Life

School Life

Going into school and passing some enjoyable time with friends is one of the parts of growth for a teenage guy. As we explained before, a 16-year-old teenage guy wants to enjoy his life.  Therefore, time in school means a lot to him.

Yes, you can say that they don’t like those boring lessons from the teachers and tricky punishments for not completing homework.  But, when they complete the class and go out, all they think is to pass some freaking fun times with friends! 

2. Want To Be A Smart And Dashing Guy

Want To Be A Smart And Dashing Guy

Every teenage guy, let alone a 16-year-old, wants to look pretty and presentable to someone, especially to a girl. That’s why they always think about how to look more attractive, “How can I get my hair a nice cut or make straight, what to wear,” etc. 

It’s very normal, to be honest. They spend a lot of time in the day thinking about this, and it’s not the worst matter to think about. You always want to look pretty, don’t you? 

3. Girlfriend


Wait, are you wondering after reading this? I don’t think so, because it’s a widespread thing for a 16-year-old guy to have a girlfriend nowadays, isn’t it? They are always on the lookout for meeting a pretty girl, trying to talk to them, thinking about how to attract them, and the list goes on.

One more thing, some guys even think about how to get and maintain multiple girlfriends at the same time. Isn’t it funny? Not sure whether it’s funny or not, but it’s certainly a true fact. Moreover, they like to discuss their girlfriends with their friends and think about how to make her happier! 

4. Eating


It is a factor that varies from person to person. For a 16-year-old guy, it depends on his interest. Some want to eat more and more, and some are more concerned about their fitness.

Why? Cause, it will make them the boss of their group. When a 16-year-old guy goes out with his friend, they often go to a restaurant and enjoy a happy meal. 

5. Hangouts


We all know that teenagers always want to explore, and the same goes as well for a 16-year-old guy. They like to go out with their friends, make a long trip, and hang out on a long drive. You can say that some don’t want to do so.

They prefer to stay at home and spend their time running several gadgets. It can vary really, but most of them always think about exploring the world and capture some photos in beautiful places! 

6. Educations


For a 16-year-old teenage guy, going to school and getting the lessons completed can be so boring. They are not often nor fond of reading and writing at this age even though it’s not correct in some cases.

Education is a must, but they are not mature to understand the value of it. They just think about how to get rid of it. Every time a teenage guy sits on the chair and table to read a textbook, they fall in deep thinking of when they will go out! 

7. Playing Games

Playing Games

Playing games is important for a young boy for his mental and physical health. Isn’t it essential for them to play outdoor games? Indeed, yes. But, the irony is that nowadays most 16-year-old guys prefer to play video games rather than playing outdoor games. 

You can say that it’s an impact of the modern generation. But, it really doesn’t matter, as outdoor games will furnish their mental health.

But, every teenage guy is indeed fond of playing games with their friends. They often think about when to play the game, how to win a game, how they can improve their game and all. 

8. Aim In Life


Every single person has an aim in his life. In the case of a 16-year-old teenage guy, his aim in life is an essential part of life. Some want to be a doctor, some want to be an engineer, and some wants to do something different like singer, artist, social worker etc. 

In this period, a person can set his goal, focus, and then mark himself to do that one day. Therefore, a teenage guy always stays focused on deciding his aim in life. What was your aim in life at that stage of life? Do mention that in the comment section! 

9. To Be Always Happy

To Be Always Happy

Do you want to know about what do 16 year old guys think about? Well, it’s easy. What you will have to do is just put yourself in their shoes or just simply go back to your old days, if you are younger than them. 

The most common thing that every 16-year-old guy think is that how to be always happy. It’s their main priority, and it will remain the same forever. They want to be joyful, and for that, they do silly things which make everyone around them happy too. 

What Do 16 Year Old Guys Think About?

Everything is perfect as long as it has to do with girls. His phone, computer and car are full of pictures of his girlfriend or ex-girlfriends, or girls he would like to be his girlfriend.
He spends hours thinking about her, about their relationship, what went wrong in the past, why he broke up with her or why she broke up with him.
He reminisces about their good times together and tries to figure out how to win back his girlfriend’s heart.
When this guy doesn’t have a girlfriend, it makes him feel insecure about himself because for guys, having a girlfriend is a status symbol. He becomes desperate to have somebody by his side as long as that somebody is a girl.


It’s pretty hard to catch the thought process of a single person. But, when you are talking about an informal group like thinking of 16 year old guys, you can simply clarify the thinking procedure of them. But, remember, it can vary from person to person.

So, be careful about that. So, that it on what do 16 year old guys think about. I hope you will agree this syndromes and try to find those common factors on guys around you! 

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