Will Aerosol Cans Explode In Checked Luggage? [Everything You Should Know About]

The rules and regulations about whatever you could carry on the plane are stringent now over the last few decades. But we are still not sure of rules about aerosol cans. There are some definite rules of aerosol cans that we should follow. So, will aerosol cans explode in checked luggage?

When we are taking aerosol cans, we must know whether cans are exploding or not. As safety is the priority, this is the most significant question. We have gone through the rules about aerosol cans in checking luggage. We are giving some tips to help you so that you can carry on pane safely.

Will Aerosol Cans Explode In Checked Luggage

Will Aerosol Cans Explode In Checked Luggage?

In a scarce situation that aerosol could explode inside checking luggage. If there is a fire break out or similar calamity explosion could happen. But this is not the regular case. The possibility is very low. And so, carrying aerosol cans, you do not need to be much concerned. When it is not intact, an aerosol can will explode. It will lead to an explosion if it is pierced with some sharp objects. Too much pressure increase might be another cause. Such risks convert more noticeable if there is a scorching temperature spot inside.

Aircraft baggage is kept at a controlled temperature. So when it is appropriately packed inside the luggage, there will be no risk. While you take a big one inside a plane, then there are chances of a fire start. Laptops with batteries are not allowable in checked luggage for a cause.

If a laptop with batteries comes in contact with an aerosol can, it will cause overheating and pressure increase. And this might result in an explosion. As aerosol cans might react dangerously, you cannot pack batteries inside your checking baggage. And this furthermore means you are permitted to bring aerosol inside checked luggage.

Is It Possible To Fly While Using Aerosol Insect Spray?

These aerosols, together with other liquids and gels, must be transported in a single clear, resealable plastic bag. Only one bag is permitted per person, with the exception of caregivers, who may transport the bag/s of those in their care, including minors.

The Rules For Transport Aerosols On Airplane

The Rules For Transport Aerosols On Airplane

The rules about aerosols in planes initiate by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and they are imposed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the security agents. Inflammable aerosols are not allowable on flights in carry-on bags or checking luggage. The exception to the law is toiletry or medicinal aerosols.

If the aerosol product is not applied to your body or skin, then you will not be capable of packing it in your luggage… anyplace! At TSA guidelines, Aerosols are considered as liquids. And the liquids in baggage rules of TSA apply to aerosol too. Liquids rules apply to aerosol. As aerosol is treated like liquids in TSA rule.

Liquids containers bigger than 100 ml or 3 oz are not permitted in hand luggage if they are not bought security check afterward. This law applies to aerosol also. It would help if you bought deodorant or hair gel from the airport. You can carry an aerosol can on the flight. You have to surrender items that are not allowed. Otherwise, airlines security will deny you to go onboard. You can only carry liquids or aerosols if you can fit them into a 20×20 cm resealable bag.

Aerosol Rule Of “Checked” Baggage?

Most airlines allow you to carry up to two liters of personal care aerosols in your checking baggage. But different airlines and check-in security staff may take the policy differently. So check your airline’s website beforehand you pack. Some domestic or sporting aerosols are similarly permitted in checking baggage if they are non-inflammable.

Any household aerosols with a red diamond might not be allowed. Other banned items comprise petrol, paint, pesticides, mineral turpentine, oven and drain cleaners, gas cylinders, bleach, and glues. So leave those at home. You could not pack bigger than two litters or 2kg of aerosols in your checking baggage.

Safe Pack

The FAA has few strategies while packing aerosols in checking baggage. Aerosols in your checking baggage must be in bottles no bigger than 18 ounces. And you are allowed to pack an overall of not more than 70 ounces. A cap must secure aerosol containers in your checking luggage. And you would always pack them in plastic zip-top bags, if for no other cause than to stop a mess should one start to leak.

Pay extra courtesy to its lid while packing the aerosol products. Indeed, it should not come off. If the cap someway escapes its can, plus gets within your luggage, the security officer might trust it is material that does not have a lid. And in this situation, the staff might throw that cans away, and you will not be capable of bringing them. Releasing pressure is another significant thing. You have an idea about the entire outburst risk connected to the aerosol can. You could decrease this risk by just spraying a bit of liquid to discharge the pressure.

Particularly for the cans that are recently bought. Usually, there are some gasses in the upper part. You will be capable of releasing a good quantity of such gas by spraying a little of the content inside. You should prevent the can from fast-moving around your luggage to make sure the can do not explode or leak.

Since there is an odd of hitting that could lead to piercing it, pack it properly to avoid mess inside your luggage. The cans should not be capable of moving; pack these tightly. And finally, be confirm that there are no combustible items next to it. However, when people are in a hurry, such information might get neglected. But you should not pack any combustible items, for example, matches or lighter, nearby to your aerosol items.


The regulations for traveling with aerosol cans are pretty straight. As long as you make sure that you have followed the rules properly and are careful with your packing, there is no reason to concern any aerosol that could blast when traveling.

The passengers are traveling with an aerosol can of specific description that could be deodorant, shaving foam, or even sunscreen cream. You need not worry about aerosol cans. However, these aerosol cans have a few severe rules and regulations that you must firmly follow. I hope now you know will aerosol cans explode in checked luggage or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why Is There A Cautionary On Aerosol Cans About Not Driving The Can In A Fire?

Ans: We should not put Aerosol cans in fires otherwise heated locations since they may explode, and the fuel might be flammable. Highly pressurized cans might also burst if these are placed in a trash compactor.

2.Can You Put A Can Of Lysol In Checking Luggage?

Ans: You cannot bring any aerosol in hand baggage other than toiletries or medicinal aerosols. You cannot pack aerosol products in checked baggage that is not toiletries. So cleaning products cannot go into the checking bag!

3.Why Aerosol Is Dangerous

Ans: Aerosol cans are considered dangerous for a few causes. Anything inflammable is carefully controlled. Almost all aerosols are combustible, as the propellant gases are used in the cans. In rare cases, the changes in pressure plus temperature on an airplane can reason aerosols to leak, ignite otherwise even explode.

4.Could I Put Aerosols In My Checking Luggage?

TSA has determined that aerosols and gels, liquids, in restricted quantities, are safe to bring onboard aircraft. You could travel with your big-size aerosol bottles of suntan lotion, antiperspirant, hairspray, shaving cream, and hair mousse by packing them in checking baggage.

5.Is It Safe To Pack Aerosol Cans In Checked Baggage?

Ans: Yes. A limited number of consumer aerosol products in pressurized cans – hairspray, deodorant ad similar household products – may be packed in checked or carry-on baggage. The cans must be protected from accidental discharge and leakage, the release of high-pressure contents could cause a dangerous or disruptive fire.

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