What is a Stabby Cat? Is Stabby Cat Illegal?

The 21st century is a modern time in a modern world. Everybody is too busy in this modern world. Over time, the financial conditions of humans have changed.

The gap in financial status between upper-class society and lower-class society has increased. As a result, this modern world has become a chaotic world. Crimes and violations of laws are frequent nowadays. So, countries around the world set up many laws to prevent crimes and to preserve human rights. The USA has some laws too.

In this chaotic world, people feel the need for self-defense. Over time, they have discovered many handy tools or weapons to protect themselves from robbers, street thugs, or malicious persons. The most popular self-defensive tool is pepper spray among the states of the United States.

But there are other self-defensive tools as well. Do you know What Stabby Cat is? A cat cannot stab people, right? Continue reading and you will find out about this evil cat. Self-defensive tools can be misused. A malicious person can use these tools to rob or harm innocent people.

So, it is now a matter of law enforcement authorities to put some restrictions on self-defensive tools. First, we will discuss Stabby Cat. Then we will try to find the answer to the question, Is Stabby Cat Illegal? We will give you information about some states’ laws on Stabby Cat. Scroll down to find out.

Stabby Cat Illegal

What is a Stabby Cat?

What is a Stabby Cat

Stabby Cat is not an evil cat that stabs you holding a knife. Stabby Cat is a self-defensive tool. More specifically, a self-defense keychain. People also call it Kitty Cat Keychain. It is just the head-part of a cat, made with plastic or sometimes metal.

You can see two holes where the eyes should be. That is so that you can put your fingers into the hole to hold it tightly and use it on your knuckles. The main parts of a Stabby Cat are its ears. The ears are made with sharp plastic or metal, designed to stab others with the ears while defending yourself.

So, it is a kind of brass knuckles. Stabby Cat Keychain or Kitty Cat keychain functions as a beautiful keychain for your keys. Again, it functions as a sharp knuckle weapon to stab the rogue guy while self-defending. Being ended up on the wrong hand, it could be used as a dangerous murder weapon. Is using a Stabby Cat Illegal for self-defense? Let’s find it out down below.

Is Stabby Cat Illegal?

Is Stabby Cat Illegal

Controversy forgets to seize about Stabby Cat or Kitty Cat or Wild Cat keychain. Many people want to use this for both a beautiful little keychain and a defensive tool while necessary. On the contrary, some people think it to be a dangerous murder weapon. We will find out the legality of Stabby Cat here.

Stabby Cat is Illegal

Stabby Cat is Illegal

We already know that Stabby Cat is a cute keychain that can be used as a defensive tool. The sharp-ears part makes it a deadly weapon. Some places in the USA consider it as a brass knuckle. Thus, it is strictly banned from those states. Let’s check out the list of states where the Stabby Cat defense keychain is completely prohibited. If you purchase and carry them, you might be imprisoned and have to serve a sentence. Moreover, you might have to compensate up to 4 grand.

California: California strictly outlaws any kind of brass knuckles. Brass knuckles are made of metal or plastic; both are banned. This includes the Stabby Cat keychain. You cannot buy, carry, manufacture, sell, or repair any type of brass knuckles according to the California Penal Code 12020. Moreover, you cannot lend it to another person in California, or in a state that outlaws brass knuckles.

If you violate the California Penal Code 12020, you might end up in jail serving for at least 1 year. If you violate the code by selling it, you might have to serve a 3 years sentence to state prison. The bottom line is that Stabby Cat is strictly prohibited in California.

Illinois: In this state, any kind of brass knuckles are illegal. This includes metal or plastic brass knuckles. Anything that can be used as a brass knuckle is also illegal here. So, do not think of buying or carrying a Stabby Cat keychain in Illinois. This state strictly outlaws it. If you harm someone using a Stabby Cat, this would be considered a serious violation of laws and a felony crime.

Michigan: Michigan is another state that strictly bans metal or plastic, any kinds of Brass Knuckles. Anything that could be used as a brass knuckle is also banned. This includes Stabby Cat. If you buy, carry, manufacture, sell or try to sell, it would be considered a felony crime. You would be charged a fine of 2500 dollars. Moreover, you would be imprisoned for up to 5 years by the Michigan state.

Vermont: This state says that the possession of any kinds of brass knuckles, including Stabby Cat, is illegal here. If you violate it, you might end up in prison. You could serve up to 5 years in jail. And you would pay a fine of 1000 dollars.

Stabby Cat is Somewhat Legal

Stabby Cat is Somewhat Legal

There are many states where Stabby Cat is legal. But the law enforcement authorities have put some restrictions on this. Sometimes, the law is not clear for this defensive keychain. If you are in the need to buy a Stabby Cat keychain so badly, we recommend that you consult with a lawman in this regard. Please, check carefully what the state says about this little cute keychain. Following is a list of some states where this keychain is legal, or somewhat legal. Sit tight and take notes.

Texas: Brass Knuckles of any kind, including Stabby Cat, was strictly prohibited in Texas. It was a 4000 USD fine and 1 year of jail time for anyone who possesses, carries, buys manufactures, or sells this Stabby Cat. But in September 2019, the governor of Texas signed a bill to legalize self-defensive weapons. Nowadays, any kind of brass knuckles, including Stabby Cat, is legal to possess, carry, or use only for self-defense in this state. The bottom line is that Stabby Cat is legal to use for self-defense in Texas.

Alabama: This keychain is legal in this state. But you cannot carry it hidden. To do that, you have to get permission to do carry it hidden.

Alaska: In this state, carrying a metal brass knuckle is illegal according to section 11.61.210. But the law is not clear for a plastic Stabby Cat. We recommend you consult with a lawman in this regard.

Connecticut: This is legal in this state. But you cannot carry this keychain in a concealed manner. Get a license and the problem is solved.

Florida: Brass Knuckle or this keychain is legal here. But get permission to use and carry them hidden. Otherwise, you might have to count a fine of 1000 dollars and up to three years in prison.

Arizona: In Arizona, the minimum allowed age is 21 years to carry or use a kitty cat keychain. Still, illegal use of this weapon can be considered a serious crime.

Georgia: It is legal here. But you cannot carry it to a school or hospital.

Indiana: It is legal here to use a Stabby Cat for self-defense. But it is a serious crime if you commit an act of violence with it.

South Carolina: Stabby Cat keychain is legal here for self-defense. But it is not allowed in schools or hospitals. No requirement of license here to keep it hidden.

Wyoming: In this state, Stabby Cat is legal. But carrying it as a concealed weapon without a license will result in a fine of 750 USD and up to six months in prison.

There are some more states where Stabby Cat is legal. But you cannot carry or use them hidden. For that, you must get a license to do so. Otherwise, you would be considered a misdemeanor. Such kinds of states are Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Some General Advice

Some General Advice

This cute little defensive keychain creates a lot of controversy among people. Different states consider Stabby Cat differently. According to some states in the United States, there is no difference between a Brass Knuckle and a Stabby Cat. Both of these could be used as dangerous murder weapons.

But some states find no harm in this cute little keychain. Nonetheless, illegal use of this defensive tool is a serious crime. So, we are enlisting some general advice for you. It is only because we do not want you to get into any trouble regarding Stabby Cat. Let’s take a quick note.

  • First, determine how much you need a Stabby Cat defense keychain. If you are badly in need of a self-defensive tool, you may try other options. We recommend pepper spray. Because there is too much controversy regarding this cute keychain.
  • Using a Stabby Cat is very difficult. Particularly if you are a woman, you may find it very difficult to punch your enemy while defending (with all due respect). If somehow your enemy gets possession of your keychain, then you are in trouble big time.
  • Cat lovers want to buy this cute cat keychain. We recommend you not to do this. You better love your pet cat more and more.
  • If you still need this defensive keychain, go buy one. But first, consult with a lawman about what your state says about this keychain.
  • If your state permits using a Stabby Cat, still you may be stopped by police for security checks in places. It is not possible to get a pass and enter into a federal building with this.
  • You cannot take this keychain during air travel. It is prohibited to carry with your carry-on baggage. TSA would confiscate it.
  • If Stabby Cat is your first-choice self-defense tool, then do some practice with it. Because it is a close-range defending weapon and it could be very tricky to use.

The Bottom Lines

Stabby Cat is a very cute keychain with sharp ears. It is a very effective self-defending tool as well. Some states consider it as a brass knuckle and strictly outlaw it. On the other hand, it is a legal self-defending weapon in some states. Do check with the law authority before purchasing it. Your safety is our priority.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.How Do I Get A Stabby Cat Tattoo?

The first step is to find a tattoo shop. You can use various websites such as Google Maps, Yelp, or Tattoo Johnny’s Guide to find a stabby cat tattoo artist near you.

Next, make an appointment with the tattoo artist who has been suggested to you by others. Make sure that they specialize in stabby cat tattoos. During your tattoo appointment, make sure that you provide the artist with plenty of time to work on your stabby cat tattoo because this type of tattoo takes longer than other types due to all of the extra detailing.

2.How Much Does A Stabby Cat Tattoo Cost?

The average price for a stabby cat tattoo generally ranges from $150 to $300, depending on where you go and who does your tattoo work.  Factors that affect the price include the size of the design, whether or not it is coloured in, location on your body (for example, stabbing cat tattoos on the lower back tend to cost less than stabby cat tattoos on the chest), and how great the design is.

3.What Are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Getting A Stabby Cat Tattoo?

When looking for a stabby cat tattoo, make sure that an experienced tattoo artist does it. You also want to ensure that you are comfortable with this type of tattoo. To help you relax, bring along a friend or loved one who can support you and keep your mind off the pain. You could also try to find someone else who has had a stabby cat tattoo done before if it’s your first time; therefore, you may be able to ask them questions about their experience to get a better idea of what to expect.

4.Are There Any Side Effects From Having A Stabby Cat Tattoo?

Yes, there are many, some very common and some not so much. The most common side effects include pain (the more experienced the tattooist, the less painful it is), swelling, bruising, infection of the tattoo or any scab that may form, heavy scarring.  Not all these side effects happen to every person, but they can happen to you, so it’s up to you to do your research and ask people who have had a Cat or similar tattoo before.

5.Are Stabby Cat Keychains Illegal?

Every state and country has their own laws, however I’ve found that Stabby Cat Keychains are legal to sell in the United States as long as they meet certain guidelines:

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