Signs He Doesn’t Miss You [Identify & Solve]

In order to maintain a relationship, both people have to play an equal role. If one has more responsibility and the other does not have any responsibility, then the relationship will be weakened.

One’s neglect increases when the relationship is long. If you want that in a relationship, you miss him too much. But does signs he doesn’t miss you? Then how do you know, is he misses you or not?

Signs He Doesn't Miss You

Top 8 Signs He Doesn’t Miss You

Top 8 Signs When He Doesn't Miss You

1. He Won’t Text You Back

He Won’t Text You Back

If you don’t give him a message, he won’t give you a message. If you do not contact him, he will not try to contact you. You are texting him but he never send you any message.

If you see him doing that every day, he is ignoring you. Yes, but in many cases he is at a party with friends. If you text at that time, no guys will send a return message. However, he is free but not texting means he is not missing you.

2. He Won’t Meet You

He Won’t Meet You

In another way, he doesn’t want to meet you. When you tell him to meet you, he will show you the excuse. He will always say that he is busy, even if he is free and he will say that there is an object.

Because he never want to meet you and even doesn’t miss you. If he really loves you, he’ll tell you I’ll meet you tomorrow.

3. He’s Constantly In A Bad Mood Around You


He will be in a bad mood if you come to him. He doesn’t want you to be by his side. In fact he will be annoyed and want you not to be by his side. He seems happy when he is with other friends.

But when he is with you, he will feel as if he is in a lot of trouble. He is having a lot of boring time. When he meets you he will try to get away from you as soon as possible with an excuse.

4. He Doesn’t Care If You Spend Time With Other Guys

He Doesn’t Care If You Spend Time With Other Guys

Even it will be seen that he does not care about you. It doesn’t matter what you are going or talking to others. You went to lunch with another person but he doesn’t care about it.

In fact, if you take a picture with another guy and post it on social media, he won’t say anything. But he who loves you never want this. When you do that, he will be angry with you.

5. He Won’t Talk About Going On Dates Anymore

He Won’t Talk About Going On Dates Anymore

At the beginning of the relationship he will want to go for date with you. But when it is seen that he will never want you to go out. He will never ask you to go out.

It will be seen that he will only be interested in sex with you. But whoever really loves you will want to spend time with you. It looks like he doesn’t want you but can’t tell you.

6. He’s Just Not As Interested In What You Have to Say

He’s Just Not As Interested In What You Have to Say

At the beginning of this relationship it is seen that he comes and listens to all your words attentively. But when you see that he is not listening to you even in front of you, you will understand that he is not interested in you.

When you talk to him, he will not look at you, but at the phone. But anyone who is interested in you will listen to you attentively. He will ask you questions and he will have the answers to all your questions.

But when a man doesn’t ask you questions and doesn’t want to spend much time with you, he doesn’t want to be with you.

7. He Doesn’t Prioritize You

He Doesn’t Prioritize You

Everything seems to happen suddenly. He will always make you feel that he is busy with his work, and will show cause because he will hang out with his friend.

He will make you feel that there is more important in his life than you. But early in the relationship it seemed to be completely different. But now if you want to meet him, he gives you a number of reasons not to meet you.

We tell the person we love to wait for the friendship because we should spend time with the friend. But how many times does this happen? When you see that he is doing this to you every day, you will understand that he is not interested in you.

Because when a man truly loves a woman, he will not flake her without a specific reason. If you feel that he is repeatedly canceling you to get someone better, then he has no interest about you.

And he doesn’t miss you. He will never value your feelings. He will have no priority over you.

8. You’re The Only One Putting In Any Effort

you are the only one putting in any effort

There is a time in a relationship when one’s contribution is greater. If you feel that if you stop contributing he will never try. You always call him first and plan everything first.

But he never has any responsibility towards you. And even if he wants to hang out with you in response to your message, he will never tell you to go down.

And if you stop trying, he will never tell you. A good way to test him is to compare how he was in the beginning of the relationship and how he is now. Only then will you find the change in him.

And one time you will understand that he has no interest about you at all and does not miss you.

If you see these signs in the person you love, think that no one is interested in you. He doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Then leave him he doesn’t love you.

Please don’t ever blame yourself. You deserve better than him. You are a good person. And you will find him as your partner who deserves you.

Other Activities To Prove That He Doesn’t Miss You

Still In Touch with His Exes

If he’s not making any effort to move on and is constantly talking to or texting his ex. Then that should raise a red flag for you. The fact that he hasn’t completely let go of her relationship means there’s a small part of him that thinks about it from time to time. If a guy truly wants to be with you, he won’t put any effort into getting back his ex-girlfriend.

Doesn’t Introduce You To His Friends And Family

While a guy isn’t making an effort to bring you around his friends and family, it basically means that he’s not interested in continuing this relationship. He’s keeping you at arm’s length, which means he likes you but not enough to make this relationship official.

You’ve Met All Of His Exes

When he really cares about you, he won’t give the time of day to any other woman except for you. If all of his ex-girlfriends’ seem to be popping up everywhere, it’s a sign that he still has feelings for them and isn’t ready to completely move on.

Never Brings You Around His Friends Or Coworkers

They don’t introduce you to the people who are closest to him. You should ask yourself why he doesn’t make an effort to even inform them about you.

Only Calls When He’s Drunk

A guy who calls you when he’s drunk is sending you a clear message .That he wants to get in your pants. If this is the only time he decides to get in touch with you, it’s probably because he’s not happy.

He may soon bring up moving on and breaking up, but if you’re not ready for this type of relationship.

Treats You Differently

If your boyfriend’s behavior has changed recently or if he doesn’t seem as into your relationship as before. Then there may be a chance that he wants out of the relationship. He may start showing less interest in you, he may not ask about your day anymore or even compliment you.

Pay attention to how he treats you when he hangs out with his friends or when he’s with his family. If you notice a change in the way he acts around any of these people, then it’s time to find out what’s really going on.

Doesn’t Initiate Sex Anymore

A guy will only stop making the effort to have sex if he feels .That means he’s losing interest or that things aren’t going well in the relationship.

This isn’t something that just happens after a few months of being together. If he doesn’t have sex with you soon, then it’s likely that your relationship is going to end soon.

Says Things Like “You’re Boring”, “I Don’t Have Fun With You Anymore”

If a guy tells you that he doesn’t find anything interesting about you anymore . That the two of you used to have more fun together, then it’s definitely time for things to end.

You should ask yourself whether this relationship is really going anywhere if he’s making these comments.

Tells You He Wants To Be Friends

This is a clear sign that he’s not happy with the relationship and he doesn’t feel like it can be saved. It may be best to end things and move on instead of trying to salvage a very poor and deteriorating relationship.

Says Negative Things About You

If your partner makes fun of your personality traits, criticizes your body, puts you down during arguments or brings up mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Then it indicates that he wants to break things off. He may say that he only stays with you because he knows it won’t last, but this is just to justify his decision to end things. No healthy partner would say these types of words.


If you want to know if he still loves you, look for these signs. There are a few things that can indicate whether or not your ex is signs he doesn’t miss you and thinking about the relationship. they had with you before it ended.

Pay attention to how much time has passed since the breakup. This will affect his ability to experience nostalgia. Notice what kind of behavior he exhibits when interacting with other women online or in person. As this could be an indicator that he’s trying to replace you.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How Do You Know If He’ll Miss You?

Ans: He will give you hope and show you that he misses you. A guy who really misses you will always let you know how much he cares about the relationship, even if it seems like things are hopeless at the time.

He may become overly clingy because of his fear of losing contact with you again. Also, he will want to have more contact, like phone calls and texts, than you do.

2. How Do You Know When A Guy Is Tired Of  You?

Ans: He stops responding to your texts, phone calls, and even skips out on plans with you. He has no interest in putting an effort into saving the relationship if it means hurting himself by staying with you.

He doesn’t care about you or your life and will only take the time to respond when it is convenient for him.

3. How Can You Tell If A Guy Doesn’t Care About You?

Ans: A guy who does not care about you will never bother trying to get your attention, affection, or love back because he has already come to terms with the fact that it’s over between you guys.

He won’t have any desire to spend time with you or pick up the phone to call you. He will accept the break up and let you go with no regrets.

4. What Are The Signs Of Someone Missing You?

Ans: He will fight for you if he wants you back. A guy who misses you will always feel the need to prove himself and show you just how much he cares about you and wants to be with you.

He may try to get back together with you by fighting for your love just as hard as he did the first time around, proving that he is willing to do just about anything to get you back in his life.

He will also pick up the pieces of your broken relationship and show you that he is ready to put in all the effort necessary this time around.

5. How Do You Know If He’s Done For Good?

Ans: He will let you go and not put an effort into getting you back. A guy who is done for good will have already come to the conclusion that the relationship has run its course and it needs to end so there’s no point in trying to get things back on track.

He might try to cut contact with you because he wants space, and ultimately the breakup. He knows that it’s easier to move on when he doesn’t have you constantly in his life and is trying to accept the loss of what was once good between you guys.

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