How Often Change Out Shotgun Shells In Pump Magazines?

Action, thrill, or aspiring adventure people desire to buy firearms. Moreover, for home safety, people can get a shotgun in their homes. Some people do not know much about changing out shotgun shells in pump magazines.

If you are one of them, you should read this article. So, how often change out shotgun shells in pump magazines? Because here we will vastly explain shotgun shells and how often you should change out shotgun shells in pump magazines? Moreover, you will learn which is the best shotgun for your home safety and magical tips about how to store your shotgun. So read it from start to finish.

How Often Change Out Shotgun Shells In Pump Magazines

Shotgun Shells

A shotgun shell is a cylindrical-shaped cage that is traditionally made from lead. But lead is harmful to the environment and has a bad impact on human health. So this shotgun shell started to formulate from steels, bismuth. Besides, you can also use magnesium, rock salt to prepare shotgun shells currently. You can load enormous shots in shotgun shells which assist you to use your gun handily.

Type of Shotgun Shells

There are different kinds of shotgun shells worldwide. Here we will discuss the most common three types of shotgun shells.

  1. Buckshot Shotgun Shell

You will get eight or nine pellets of buckshot in a Buckshot shell. Buckshot shot is used for hunting, long sizes of shots, military defense, and personal defense. It is very heavy.

  1. Birdshot Shotgun Shell

Hearing the name, you can realize the use of this shot. Yes, it is used for hunting birds and is less heavy than the buckshot. There are two types of birdshot.

One is the ‘number 2 shot,” and the other is the “number 10 shot”. In the number 2 shot, there are 87 pellets, and for number 10, you will get 848 pellets per ounce.

  1. Slug Shotgun Shell

You need government permission to use a slug shotgun shell. It is a heavy projectile and is used for hunting large game and strong defense.

How Often Change Out Shotgun Shells in Pump Magazines

It would help if you changed out your shotgun shells annually. Otherwise, they can be damaged. When you are not aware of changing shotgun shells in pump magazines, the cardboard can be moisture over time, affecting the cardboard. Tare can harm your shotgun shells. Also, you should know that gunpowder never dies; it could be a blast. Shooting depends on the spring quality; if you load your shotgun for a long period, the spring quality will reduce. So it would be best if you changed out your shotgun shells in pump magazines.

If you are using a cheap or underrated magazine for your gun, then you must change your shotgun shells every three to six months; otherwise, it will not be able to fire appropriately. Despite using a good spring for your magazine, you should change shotgun shells yearly or even twice a year. It will be incredibly effective in keeping your shotgun workable for a long time.

Which Shotgun Shell Is The Best For Home Defense?

You already learn about the types of shell guns above. We will suggest the 00 buckshot shell for your home defense because after researching, we found the buckshot shell remains a king in home defense function for many years. Experts say buckshot shells with 12 pellets offer tremendous performance for awesome home defense. We will share some special characteristics of buckshot shells that make them the best for home defense.

  •    Approximate Size

You get ten to twelve buckshot in a buckshot shell which is perfectly suitable for home defense.

  •    Penetration Power

The penetration power of buckshot is adequate and satisfactory. This remarkable shotgun shell has a deep penetration power which is most recommended for a home defense weapon.

  •    Easy Loaded System

When you keep a gun to protect your home and family, you must want an easily loaded system gun shell and buckshot shotgun shell to do the same. You can load them effortlessly.

  •    Extremely Powerful Load

Buckshot delivers a heavy and huge percentage of power per trigger pull. When you get a powerful load, you can imagine the target condition after the attack.

  •  One-shot Stop

Buckshot shotgun shells provide a one-shot stop aspect and proper shot placement. So it increases your chance to heat a crucial portion of the body of your target.

  •    The Government Allows General People To Use It

If you want a home defense gun, you need only the permitted one in the market, and the good news is buckshot shotgun shells are allowed. The government gives a pass to use it.

How to Store Shotgun Shells Properly

If there was no moisture or high-temperature condition here, you could be sure that your shotgun shells will be fine for many years without any caretaking. But this is not possible. So you must be serious about how to store shotgun shells properly.

Four Magical Tips on How to Store Shotgun Shells

  1. Maintain a Dry Atmosphere: Suppose you keep your shotgun shells in a place where the humidity level is very high. Your shotgun shells will be harmed and will disable for their work. So always maintain a dry atmosphere for storing your shotgun shells. As basic advice, you can use a dehumidifier.
  1. Use the Original Packaging to Store Shotgun Shells: Use the original package you get while buying the shotgun shells because it helps keep your shotgun shells organized.
  1. Keep it Far From High Temperature: High temperature is an enemy of shotgun shells. You should always maintain a proper temperature condition to store your shotgun shells.
  2. Change out Shotgun Shells Annually: Never load your shotgun shells in pump magazines for an extended duration. You should change out shotgun shells in pump magazines once or twice a year.


We hope you got a clear view of how often change out shotgun shells in pump magazines. So change it one or two times a year or every three to six months. And use these four superior cues to store your shotgun shells nicely.

Frequently Asked Question :

1.Are Shotgun Shells Illegal In The USA?

Ans: No, some shotgun shells are not illegal in the USA. You can have a shotgun shell for your pistol or rifle for your defense or home defense. But you should be 18 years or older. If you are not 18 yet, then you can not use a shotgun.

2.What Are The Effects Of Keeping A Shotgun Loaded For A Long Period?

Answer: It is not safe to keep a shotgun loaded for a long time. It can create an accident and can damage your shotgun. So you should not load your shotgun after your shoot. Keep the chamber empty.

3.Is Slug Good For Home Defense?

Ans: No, the slug is not for home defense. Everyone is not permitted to use slugs. You can use buckshot shotgun shells for home defense.

4.Is It Ok To Leave Shotgun Magazines Loaded?

Ans: Don‘t forget the most important thing! Always double-check that all guns are unloaded before you leave your home.

5.How Long Do 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells Last?

Ans: A 12 gauge shotgun shell can still be fired even after 20 years of being left in the sun. The quality of the shell will have diminished, though, so it won’t be as powerful or accurate as it used to be.[1] As long as there is no rust on your shells and they are not exposed to water (lubricant will be washed off), they should still work just fine.

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