Can You Screen Record Netflix? – Some Ways Of Recording Netflix Videos

We are living in the age of the internet and technology. Everybody is online anywhere across the globe. Over time, the sources of our entertainment have changed. Nowadays, the online multimedia platform is the major source of entertainment.

Netflix is such an online multimedia streaming platform where we can enjoy original content. The contents of Netflix are not to be found elsewhere legally. So, it is necessary to buy a subscription on Netflix to watch their original content. It makes sense that Netflix does not allow their original content to go available elsewhere for their business policy.

It seems a problem. As you can no longer watch the contents when the subscription period runs out unless you buy another subscription. Many people try to figure out other options. May be screen record is a possible solution. Can you screen record Netflix? Well, continue reading and you will get the answer.

Can You Screen Record Netflix

What is Screen Recording?

Screen recording is a video of whatever is displayed on the screen at that time. It’s also known as “screen capture”. While there are several methods to record your Android device’s screen either natively or via third-party apps, most users rely on Android SDK tools.

Why Screen Recording Netflix is Tough

Netflix uses Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy protection technology. It’s used to prevent users from transferring Netflix videos onto non-approved devices. DRM also prevents the video quality from being degraded if you transfer them for example via email or upload it to an unauthorized third-party service.

The only way how to remove DRM is to bypass device’s operating system. The only way to do this is to use Google’s Android Debug Bridge which allows to run custom code on the device while it boots up. Once you achieve that, DRM protection can be removed using a software unlocker tool.

Can You Screen Record Netflix?

Yes, of course, it is possible. Netflix does not allow its original contents to go available elsewhere. And this is the same reason why people all over the world try to screen record Netflix videos for rewatching. There is no doubt that screen record copyright content is piracy and illegal. You may face legal actions if you do so. But if you screen record contents for your personal use, you might face no troubles. Let’s get ready to learn screen record Netflix with multiple devices and software right below.

Screen Record Netflix With Android

You can easily screen record Netflix with your Android device. Android version 10 or the latest versions have the built-in screen record feature. It can record good quality 60 fps videos. It also provides excellent sound quality. You do not have the Android 10 or the latest versions! Worry not, we will help you too. You can record your screen and thus capture Netflix content using third-party apps. Let’s discuss the steps of screen record using an Android device down below.

Built-in Android Screen Record

Screen record with an Android screen record feature is absolutely a piece of cake. Using this, we can easily capture Netflix content. As we have mentioned earlier, it provides good video and sound quality. You can find the screen record icon at the notification panel shortcut keys. You can find screen record settings at the settings, advanced features, and then to the screenshots and screen record option.

  • First, open your Netflix and go to the intended video that you want to record. Now open the video and play it.
  • Slide down your notification panel. Then, select the screen record option from the shortcut keys.
  • Then, a box will pop up where you can see some options for the sound of your recording. You can record video with no sound, only media sound, or using both media and mic sound.
  • Select the media sound option so that it can record the media sound along with the video.
  • Now hit the start recording option. The screen record is now online and it is recording everything on your screen.
  • As a Netflix video is running on your screen, the screen record will record that. After finishing it, hit the stop button.
  • Then save the file on your local drive. This is it. Your Netflix content is now ready to watch offline.

Third-Party App Screen Record

Android versions older than 10 may not have a built-in screen record feature. Don’t be hopeless yet. You can still record your screen to capture Netflix videos using third-party Android apps. One such kind of screen recording app is AZ Screen Recorder. This is a very lightweight and useful app.

This app has more than 50 million downloads and 1 million reviews under its belt only on the google play store. You can get it on the google play store. It is a free app. You can easily screen record Netflix videos with this user-friendly app. Following are the steps.

  • First, install the AZ Screen Record from the google play store.
  • After the installation, the icon of AZ Screen Record will appear on your app menu. Another floating transparent icon will float on your screen.
  • Open the app. Give access to all the required permissions. Now you can see the app’s surface. There you can manage settings, increase or decrease video quality.
  • You have to tap the floating icon to open the recording options. There you can find Record, Videos and Settings, Recording Tools, and Livestream options.
  • Open Netflix and play your intended video.
  • Now hit the Record of the floating icon and permit to record.
  • Select the Start Now option. After a 3 seconds countdown, your recording will start.
  • You can pause and resume your screen record.
  • Press the stop key. Then save the recorded file to your local drive.

Screen Record Netflix With Iphone

iOS users can record Netflix videos using the iPhone built-in screen recorder. If you have iOS version 11 or the latest versions, you can find this screen recorder at the Control Center of your iPhone device. We are listing the steps here.

  • First, go to Netflix and open the intended video.
  • Then, swipe up your device’s screen. This will open the Control Center. There you can find the icon.
  • Hit the icon. Then on the screen, you can see the start recording option. And at the bottom, you can find the Microphone Audio option.
  • Keep the Microphone Audio off. If you keep it off, it will record only the media sound.
  • Now hit the Start Recording option. Now your screen is ready to capture everything happening on your screen.
  • Once you are done recording the Netflix video, press the stop recording button. Now is the time to save the file.

Screen Record Netflix With Windows

If you are a Windows operating system user, here we are to guide you. You can screen record Netflix videos using some Windows software.

Screen Grabber Premium

Screen Grabber Premium is a paid screen recording app. It can record HD quality videos along with high-quality sounds. This app allows using a trial version. Using this app, you can easily screen record Netflix videos. We are describing the steps below.

  • Download and install the Screen Grabber Premium on your windows operating system device.
  • Once installation is done, run the app.
  • On the app surface, you can see the settings icon. Select settings, then go to the Output option.
  • There you can select the video format which you want. We recommend you use the MP4 option for your best experience. There you can adjust other settings according to your need.
  • Now minimize the app and go the Netflix with your browser. Play the video you want to record.
  • Now switch to the app screen and go to the audio input system. Now keep the System Sound option turn on. This will enable the app to record the media sound along with the video.
  • You have to choose the full option to enable the app for recording with a full screen.
  • Now you are done with the settings. Hit the Rec option and the rest will be done by the app.
  • Now it is working on recording. You can see a recording toolbar right at the bottom of your screen. When you are done with capturing the Netflix video, select the stop at the recording toolbar.
  • Now a window will appear. There you can watch the file you have just recorded.
  • Save the file on your local drive.
  • One excellent feature of Screen Grabber Premium is that you can schedule your recording. So, you do not have to sit and wait before your device’s screen for a program to record. Just set the schedule and your app will do the rest for you.

EaseUS RecExperts

This is another excellent app for the Windows operating system to screen record Netflix content. It can record full screen. It provides good video and sound quality as well. Schedule recording is another useful feature of this screen recorder. You can easily screen record Netflix by following the steps below.

  • Download it from the internet. Install it on your Windows device.
  • Now open this app and minimize it. Go to Netflix with your browser and open the intended video.
  • Now switch to the app window. There is a full-screen option on your left. It is for full-screen recording.
  • For capturing a customize area, select the Region button. You can find it just beside the full-screen option. You have to customize and select your region.
  • Now on your left, you can find the Mic and System option. The system option will enable the app to record only the system sound while recording video.
  • Now hit the Rec button and the app is doing its job.
  • While you are recording Netflix video, a screen record toolbar will be there on the screen to help you with the controls. You can pause and resume the recording.
  • If you press the camera icon on the toolbar, it will take a screenshot of the Netflix video.
  • Hit the stop icon on the toolbar. Then a window will appear where you can preview and save the file to your local drive.

The Bottom Lines

It is possible to screen record Netflix videos with screen recording apps though it is very illegal. If you badly need to record it, we recommend you do it for your personal use only. You can screen record with your Android device, iPhone, and Windows device. There are many excellent screen recording apps available on the internet. Choose any one and it will do its job. I hope now you know can you screen record Netflix or not.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Let’s take a quick peek at the answers to some questions asked about screen record Netflix.

1. Can You Screen Record Netflix?

Ans: You can certainly do it by using screen recording apps. It is also possible with the screen record feature of your Android or iPhone device to do it.

2. Is It Legal To Screen Record Netflix?

Ans: It is illegal to screen record Netflix contents. Because Netflix owns the copyright of their original contents and they are not available elsewhere.

So, it is piracy to record them. You may face legal actions if you screen record Netflix content. It would be safe if you screen record video, only for personal use.

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