8 Things To Make A Good Short Film, How Can I Make My Short Film Famous?

Over time, the sources of our entertainment have changed. Nowadays, short films are one of the most popular entertainment sources.

This is because people are too busy working, and there are a whole lot of other entertainment sources. So, people are looking for quick entertainment.

A short film is based on a short and compelling story that glues the audience to the screen. It can give us thrill, suspense, romance, comedy, and many other entertainment sensations. It is a way of showing creativity and talent for newbie filmmakers. Moreover, short films are a great way of earning profit as well. Only a famous short film can earn you profit.

How can I Make my short Film Famous? Well, making a short film famous is not a piece of cake. It requires relentless hard work and money. But the first condition is the quality of your short film. A bad short film can never be famous. This article will discuss the features of a good short film so that it can be famous. We will share some tips as well to make your short film go viral and famous, at the end of this article. Let’s jump straight into reading.

How Can I Make My Short Film Famous

Importance of Making Quality Short Films:

Short films are used in film schools for educational purposes. They are also used to showcase the talents of students attending film schools. Many short films have won awards, including Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. Some famous directors made their name by making short films before they went on to make long features.

E.g. George Lucas, David Lynch, Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Darren Aronofsky. Short films are also used to release online advertisements. They are useful in advertising as they can be easily transferred to many other media formats and viewed by large audiences for short durations of time.

How Can I Make My Short Film Famous?

How Can I Make My Short Film Famous

A good short film can make you famous and open doors of opportunity. To make your short film go viral and famous, the first and foremost condition is to make a good quality short film. If you have already made a short film, then you can find some tips below in this article. First, here we will discuss the features of a good short film, for those who are yet to make it.

8 Things To Make A Good Short Film

8 Things To Make A Good Short Film, How Can I Make My Short Film Famous

Here we will discuss 8 things that will be necessary to make a good short film.


1. Script

The script is the first and foremost thing for a short film. A good script is like oxygen for breathing. This very thing is very essential to gain fame. Scriptwriting is very complex. Because you have to complete your story in a limited time. Following things can help writing a good script.

  • Keep it simple and short. The story must be striking and concise.
  • Take a short premise. It helps the story to focus on the target. For example, a couple is having dinner, or a delivery boy doing his delivery, etc.
  • Many famous short films start and end in a single location. For example, a short film can start and end in a bedroom, waiting room, hotel room, or restaurant.
  • Give a specific target to your main character. Start the story right away aiming at the target as you don’t have much time.
  • Include as few characters as you can. It helps to keep the story concise and to the point. It also helps to maintain your budget.
  • Ask yourself questions while writing a script. How many characters do I need? Are one or more villains necessary? How much background should I provide to a character?
  • Once you have written your script, rewrite it. Look for possible details that can be cut off. Or something that you can include.

2.Good Direction

2. Good Direction

It is a must to execute the script into a good short film. And for this reason, you need good direction. A bad direction can turn a good script into a flop short film. Moreover, a good direction helps to develop a character expertly. It brings the best out of an actor or actress. To bring the best out of every scene, a good direction is fundamental.

3.Subject Matter

3. Subject Matter

Subject matter plays an important role to make your short film famous, favorite to everyone. Try to make such a short film that teaches something to society, makes an impact. Only then it can be famous. The subject matter of your story can be about corruption, class distinction, or any kind of reformation of society.


4. Characterization

Characterization means developing a character. This is a very tricky aspect of a short film. You will not be able to give enough screen time to a character, yet you have to provide enough information. Your short film can be criticized for the lack of characterization of a character. So, you have to make such characters that the audience can understand and justify their actions. Only then your short film can gain fame.

5.Good Acting

5. Good Acting

Good acting is another essential requirement. The good execution of your script can be achieved through good acting. Your short film can never be famous if the acting is not up to the mark. So, it is not a good idea to use your friends or local actors as casts of your short film.

6.Famous Actor

6. Famous Actor

You have to cast famous actors for your short film. We know it is expensive. But why so hurry! After all, you have to make your short film famous. If you can cast famous actors, half of your work is done. Worry not, you can cast good actors even if they are not famous. As long as your script and execution are good with good acting, your work can be famous.

7.Sound Effect And Background Music

7. Sound Effect and Background Music

Sound is an inseparable part of a short film. This is the fun fact that you have to take care of every single thing if you want to produce a masterclass work. And only a masterclass work can gain fame. Good sound effects and relatable background music bring completeness to a short film. It is wise to get the help of expert sound crews for the sound work.

8.Visual Effect

8.Visual Effect

You have to do a lot of visual works on your footage. The visual effect can enhance the touch of reality into your footage. Suppose, you are working with a story of the 70s or 80s, now you need a kind of visual effect that suits the time setting of the story. An expertly done visual effect can make extraordinary things out of the ordinary. So, it is a must to hire expert crews for this work if you want to produce a masterclass show.

5 Tips To Make Your Short Film Famous

5 Tips To Make Your Short Film Famous

Now we know that a good short film is what you need to make it famous. And you have already made a good one. Here we will share 5 tips that can help you to make your short film famous and go viral.

1.Make Them Respond

1. Make Them Respond

Your short film can only become famous if the audience likes it and as well as shares it. The audience will respond if you can touch them and make a lasting impact on their mind by your story. Amuse them with the story of your short film and it will become famous.

2.Shorter The Better

2. Shorter The Better

If you are a new filmmaker, keep the length of your short film as short as possible. Because people are not ready to watch a lengthy show of someone who is comparatively new. It is better if you keep the length between 10 to 20 minutes. But you can make it lengthier if you plan to release your short film on a popular platform.

3.Promote Your Work

3. Promote Your Work

You have to think about promoting your work by advertising to get the maximum reach. Remember that the less reach the less popularity. In this social networking age, everyone is online. So, use social networking platforms for promoting your film. Paid promotion can be a good approach to make the reach.

4.Teaser And Trailer

4. Teaser And Trailer

You have to make the audience ready for your show even before it gets released. You can make them watch your short film by making them curious. A teaser or a trailer serves this purpose best. A teaser is a quick peek into your short film to make the viewers curious about your show. Remember that it must not reveal your plot or give any hints about it. After watching a teaser or trailer, people decide whether to watch it or not. So, make it with topmost importance.


5. Title

Last but not least title. You have to set such a title that is related to the story of your short film. A good title can make a good impression on the people about a film. A mere title has the power to make people watch your short film. So, set a good title to make your short film popular.

The Bottom Lines

A good short film is a must need if you want it to be famous. Script, good direction, good acting, famous actor, visual and sound effects, all contribute equally to make a short film famous. Proper advertisement, title, and teaser all are essential parts you need to execute to make it famous. Give it your best effort, who knows, maybe the next Oscar for the short film goes to you.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Here we will answer some questions regarding a short film. Let’s see if it helps you or not.

1.What Is A Short Film?

Ans: A short film is a short movie that tells a concise and pragmatic story. It has a specific start and an end. A short film can be of live-action or animation type.

2.How Is The Length Of A Short Film?

Ans:  The length of a typical short film can be around 20 minutes. The length can be up to 50 minutes.

3.Does A Short Film Make Money?

Ans:  Of course, you can earn money through a successful short film. Your short film can be sold to different platforms. YouTube is another option for filmmakers. Moreover, a short film opens doors of opportunities.

4.Some Famous Short Films:

Ans: The Man With A Movie Camera (1929) is a silent film by Soviet director Dziga Vertov, edited in the kino-pravda style. It shows life in the Soviet cities of Moscow, Kiev, and Kharkiv in order to explore rapid urbanization and transformation of everyday reality.

La Jetée (1962) is a French science fiction featurette by Chris Marker. The film tells the story of a post-nuclear war experiment in time travel through still images, and is composed almost entirely of still photos. Koyaanisqatsi (1983) is an American experimental film directed by Godfrey Reggio with music composed by Philip Glass. The first in the Qatsi trilogy, it has been described as a “nonverbal documentary”.

A Trip To The Moon (1902) is an 11-minute silent film directed by Georges Méliès and released by Méliès’s company Star Film. El Apóstol (1917) is an Argentine silent film written, produced and directed by José Agustín Ferreyra. It was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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