How To Make Him Realize What He Lost: [All You Need To Know]

Is your boyfriend neglecting you? Do you feel that you are her only trophy girlfriend? After the honeymoon period is over, your boyfriend has started taking you for granted. Are you upset over your boyfriend making no effort to satisfy you?

Surely you are looking for ways to communicate with him through which he can try harder. Perhaps you want to make him realize what he has lost by ignoring you. If so, you’ve come to the right place. How to make him realize what he lost is given through this guide. I hope it will work and help restore your happiness.

How To Make Him Realize What He Lost

Stop Doing Things For Him

Stop doing things for him.

How do you release someone who has lost you and will begin to appreciate you? So stop doing what you thought was right for him and stop taking care of him. For example, do you always make breakfast for him? Do you do the laundry and iron his clothes for work? Or before he says it, you get all his work-ready. Or you do all the housework yourself without any help.

Stop doing these things to prove yourself valuable to him. If he has never admired you, then why would you do anything for him? This strategy will only work when he asks you why you stopped. In that case, you can answer him according to the kind of response you expect from him. So to help you, I have created some questions that you can use in this situation.

  • I’m not your slave that I’ll do your laundry and iron.
  • Now I am busy with my work. And I don’t have enough time, so you do it yourself.
  • Everything will start again when you start appreciating me.
  • You are mature enough, so you should take care of yourself.

He will notice that you are progressing in life without his help. Without his help, you are doing your cooking, trying your best and succeeding. Then he will get worried and start thinking that you can do everything without him. And you are not dependent on him at all. All of this will make him panic, and he will feel as if he was losing you.

Stop Communicating

Stop communicating

Stop contacting your man if you want to see his reaction. They rarely respond to words, but they respond quickly to no contact. It may be a difficult step for you, but it will work. No contact, keep in discipline and make it true day after day and month after month. Refrain from sending him any kind of calls and messages. When you don’t give him any kind of call or message, he will start to miss you.

He will realize that he has ended the relationship or forced you to end it, and you should keep him single for a few days. He won’t like his life without you when he starts to miss you. But you should give him some time to figure it out. Because when you continue to call and text him, he will be annoyed, and he will never miss you.

You never let him know you’re waiting for him, and you’re not finding him without him. So, refrain from giving any kind of sad status on Facebook or social media. Present yourself differently and make him feel as if you are better off without him. After the breakup, she will want to see you, as if you were expressing distress and anger.

So interrupt his thoughts, express love and respect for yourself. Get rid of the one who doesn’t value you, neglects you and thinks you are inferior. And love yourself. You make him feel as if he always regrets that he lost you and made a mistake. Always be strong, and you will see this reward.

Ignore Him

Ignore him

When he starts to miss you, he will try to contact you. You will see that your phone is ringing or a message is coming, and you will want to pick up the call. Don’t weaken him, just ignore all his calls and messages. You may now think, “Why wouldn’t I respond to him?”

Well, this is a very effective step, and you must follow it. He thought you would break down and beg him to come back to you. But his thinking is wrong because you have not contacted him or even responded to any of his messages or calls. Now, he will feel that he has lost you. But if you respond to a text message or receive a call, he will think of the following thoughts:

  • She is waiting for me, and she still loves me.
  • She will come to me in just one gesture.
  • She is nothing without me.
  • Even if I neglect and despise her, she will want me back and wait for me.

When you refrain from responding to him in any way, he will go crazy towards you. He will do his best to break your silence and get a response. You should ignore him until he realizes your worth. In this way, he will feel the consequences of his deeds. He will remember the good times he spent with you and will regret every moment.

He will blame himself for his bad decisions and feel your emptiness. He will start to miss the woman in his life who has done so much for him and loved him so much. And you are that woman, and he will want you back in her life. If he wants to get you back in his life, he will try his best.

He is trying to communicate with you because he is not good without you. It is not desirable at all because he lost all opportunities when he broke up with you. So let him regret thinking that he lost her when he never appreciated it. It must be done by you. Keep yourself busy and ignore him.

Refrain From Pleasing Him

Refrain from pleasing him.

Don’t favor him because he has no right to expect anything from you. He was only in a relationship with you out of necessity. Maybe you can help him with his danger or help with the assignment. I know the moments spent with him are not easy to forget. But now let him understand and see how important you were in his life.

Make Yourself Happy

Make yourself happy

Be caring for yourself and love yourself. Keep yourself busy with the tasks of your choice. Go shopping and go to the parlor to recreate your look. Make yourself more attractive than before so that he regrets his decision when he sees you.

Give Him The Cold Shoulder

The first step is to show your indifference, but don’t give him any hope that you are going to get back together with him any time soon! Stop talking to him if he tries to contact you. Don’t even acknowledge his presence when you bump into each other.

This is particularly important if you have been in a long-term relationship because by doing this, he will not mistake your behavior for a joke or misunderstanding—but instead come to the realization that something has indeed changed between the two of you.

Remain Aloof When He Attempts To Re-connect With You

Once he realizes that you have stopped talking to him, there is a good chance that he will attempt to re-connect with you. This is where it gets tough but if you truly want him back in your life, then you must remain strong and aloof. Do not fall for his pleas of wanting to see you or talk to you.

This is where many women make their mistake by giving in too soon. If you try to be nice and pretend that everything is okay, then he will believe that you are willing to give him another chance right away.

Be Unpredictable With Your Behavior Towards Him

This is where you are going to have to be very unpredictable. If he asks you out, then reject him—but if he invites you over for dinner, then accept his invitation! You need to keep your ex-boyfriend guessing about what is going on with the two of you so that he will stay interested in winning back your affection.

Show Him That You Have Moved On

Start hanging out with other guys. You can’t be so obvious about it, but if your ex-boyfriend even suspects that you have a crush on someone else, then you have won half of the battle towards him realizing that it’s time to fight for you again.

Show Him That You Are Strong And Capable

It is important to show that you are capable of surviving without the presence of your ex-boyfriend in your life. If he thinks that he can simply come back into town for a week and then leave again, then he will never actually believe that you are serious about getting him back.

He will always believe that you are willing to forgive him and take him back, so he will never work too hard at winning you over. If you have a successful career and a busy social life, then he will automatically understand that your life is going to go on without him—which means that if he does decide to leave again, it won’t be as difficult for you as it would be otherwise.

Don’t Expect Anything From Him

Now that everything is going according to plan, enjoy the newfound freedom of not having a guy constantly underfoot! This is where you can start getting back into the swing of your life and really enjoy doing things without having to make sure that he is okay with them. After all, it is only when you are truly happy on your own that a guy will see what he’s missing and come crawling back to you!

Get Yourself An Attractive Rebound Guy

This step is the icing on the cake and where everything comes together perfectly. You can’t expect your ex-boyfriend to realize how great you are by just sitting around and waiting for him to come back into your life—it will take a lot more than that. But if you have a new guy in your life who treats you right, then the tables will instantly turn and your ex-boyfriend will be desperate to get back with you so he can spend time with you as well.

Make Him Fall Back In Love With You

Once your ex-boyfriend is convinced that you can survive without him, he will finally realize what a mistake it was to leave you in the first place! Now that he has come running back, Make sure that he fully understands how incredibly stupid he was for doing this by making him fall even more in love with you than he was before! By filling his life with new things and taking him on a rollercoaster of emotions, he will be begging you to take him back.

Give The Relationship Everything That It Deserves

After all of your hard work, you deserve to have the loving relationship that you always wanted with someone who will appreciate you for the wonderful person that you are. By following this guide, you will finally be able to get back with your ex-boyfriend—and then enjoy every single moment of your glorious new life together.


The process of getting him back can be overwhelming, but don’t lose hope. If you’re not sure where to start or how to move forward, try these steps for starting the conversation about your relationship and see if he’s willing to take another chance on love with you. I hope now you know how to make him realize what he lost.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.How Do  You  Make  Him  Feel  Like He  Might Lose You?

It is important for your husband to understand that he might lose you if he does not change his ways. Here’s how:

1. Complain about something very specific and small

You do not want your husband to feel like you are ganging up on him or exaggerating so start with a minor complaint and work your way up. For example, say that you wish your husband would spend more time with you during the week.

2.Discuss some of the things that he might miss if he loses you

Share something that is very valuable to him and explain how it will be difficult for him to maintain this if you leave him. For example, if your husband loves spending time with you, explain how it will be difficult for him to find someone who is as great as you are.

3.Make a specific plan that you can implement if he does not change his behavior

Come up with a plan on what to do next. This is important because it shows your husband that you want to compromise and work towards changing together.

4.Do Guys Ever Realize What  They Lost ?

Yes, men are also capable of feeling emotional pain. If you are unhappy with your relationship, this will get through to him one way or another. If you tell him that he might lose you, your husband will understand that you are not happy with his behavior. As such, he should change his ways to make sure that this does not happen.

5.How Do  I Make  Him  Regret Losing Me Psychology?

When you are unhappy with your relationship, it might be difficult to stay together. However, if your husband realizes what he has lost, he will want to change his behavior and save the relationship. Here’s how:

1. Try not to make suggestions or demands

You do not want to come across as demanding because this will shut down your husband rather than motivate him. Instead, ask him what you can do to make yourself more important to him and show that you want to find a solution together.

2. Ask him hypothetical questions about the future

Ask him what he might feel like if he loses you or what it will be like if your relationship ends.

3. Find a healthy way to express your feelings

Be honest about your feelings, but do not be overly dramatic about it. If you want to leave your relationship, explain how he can prevent this from happening.

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