How To Make A Coilgun: The Complete Guide

A coilgun is a gun that uses a coil of wire as its firing mechanism. This coil is the part that launches the projectile, and it could be designed to fire a variety of projectiles, including bullets and darts.

A coil gun can fire very quickly, making it a powerful weapon. It’s popular for its high rate of fire and accuracy, making it an interesting alternative to traditional guns.

Every gun enthusiast has heard of coilguns. A coil gun is an experimental gun that fires a projectile using electricity instead of gunpowder. There are multiple ways of making coilguns, but the most common is the DIY method. The idea behind coilguns is to use wind power to fire bullets from the gun’s barrel.

From firing guns by swinging them by hand to creating projectile weapons that can fire projectiles at high speeds, coilguns are one of the most innovative ways of firing projectile weapons. If you’re interested in making your coilgun and want to learn more about it.

How To Make A Coilgun

10 Steps To Make Your Coilgun

10 Steps To Make Your Coilgun

A coil gun is a type of gun that fires projectiles using electricity rather than gunpowder. The coils are the main component of a coil gun and are responsible for firing the shot. They are wire or metal discs that spin inside a coil gun frame, powered by electricity. The frames are the part of the gun that holds the coils and arms responsible for moving them up and down to fire the shot.

The trigger controls the firing of the coil gun, and it connects to the coil’s power source. A barrel is used to launch the projectile and is attached to the coil’s power source. Lastly, a magazine holds the shots that have been fired, and it is attached to the coil gun’s arms. Each component plays an essential role in the function of a coil gun, making them an efficient way to shoot projectiles without relying on gunpowder.


Coilguns are popular gun modification devices that you can use for a variety of purposes, including airsoft and paintball. The coil gun’s principle bases on the principles of physics. Wind power harnesses spin the coils and project a projectile out of the barrel. The wire discs in the coils are small enough to move at high speeds, which powers their shot out of the barrel.

2.How It Works

Each component of a coil gun has its function and purpose. The barrel guides and projects the projectile while the magazine holds shots until they fire. The trigger controls how many shots fire at once and fires them off with electricity. Lastly, the frame holds the coils and arms, which move up and down to fire the shot.



The coil gun is powered by electricity, delivered to the coil’s power source through the trigger. The power source also supplies wind power to the coils, which spin and project the shot out of the barrel. You must connect a battery to the circuit to fire the coil gun. The circuit consists of a switch, a motor, and a coil. The switch allows you to activate the motor, powering the coil and firing the gun. When you are ready to shoot the gun, simply press the trigger.

4.3D Model And Components

You will first need to gather the necessary data to create a 3D model of your coil gun. This includes measurement of the barrel, breech, and trigger mechanisms. You can use this data to create a 3D model using software such as SolidWorks. After completing the model, it’s time to design the components of your coil gun.

This includes the barrel, breech, and trigger mechanisms. You will also need to create the required CAD files for manufacturing. Finally, you will need to test and tweak the design until it is perfect. Once you do these steps, you can finally test your coil gun and see if it works as expected.

5.Coil And Handle

Coil And Handle

Your coil gun is almost complete when you have a coil and handle. To make the coil, you must heat up the wire until it is hot enough to form a coil. Once the coil forms, you must cool it down to handle it. The handle for your coilgun should make of sturdy material, such as wood or metal, and should be comfortable to hold. Additionally, the coilgun handle should be free from loose threads and other imperfections to ensure that the gun functions properly.

6.Printing And Painting

After you have assembled your coil gun, it’s time to print and paint it. Printing the gun creates a template for the pieces that you will paint. Painting the gun gives it a finished look and protects it from the elements. Follow the instructions carefully when printing and painting your coil gun. Using high-quality paint and wearing protective gear, such as gloves and protective eyewear, is crucial when working with chemicals. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely to ensure successful painting and prevent damage to your gun.


To operate coil guns safely and effectively, it is important to handle the gun with care. It is vital to ensure the gun properly assembles before using it. Additionally, it’s vital to keep the gun clean to avoid clogging and prevent its use. Finally, it’s important to follow all instructions provided in the owner’s manual to operate the coilgun safely and effectively. These safety tips will help you enjoy playing with your new coil gun without risking injury or accidents.

8.Electronic Part

Electronic Part

You will create the electronic part in the final step of building your coil gun. This part is responsible for firing the gun and must make from a safe and reliable material. You will need to solder two wires to the terminals on the coilgun PCB and connect them to an appropriate power source. Ensure the power source can supply enough voltage to your coilgun PCB.

Once you have completed all the steps, you are ready to test your coil gun. Congratulations on finishing your project and making your coil gun. It can be challenging to build a gun from scratch, but you can do it successfully with patience and perseverance. Remember to take safety precautions when working with electricity, and always follow safety instructions provided by the manufacturer of your coil gun.

9.Thyristor And Charge Indicator

Making a coil gun is a fun and exciting project you can do at home. First, you will need to purchase a thyristor and a charge indicator. Thyristors are small electronic devices that allow you to control the current flow in your coil gun. The charge indicator indicates when your coil gun is fully charged, so you can ensure it does not overheat.

After purchasing the necessary parts, the next step in making your coil gun is assembling the parts and attaching the wire. Once all the steps have been completed, you can start shooting at targets! The process of making your coilgun takes some time and dedication, but with patience and perseverance, it can be a rewarding experience.


To fire the coil gun, you will need to create a bullet. You can do this by wrapping a metal rod in wire and creating an object that will fit inside the gun’s chamber. The wire should be tight enough to hold the bullet in place, but not so tight that it cannot move freely. Once the gun loads with the bullet, test it to ensure it works properly.

You can do this by pointing the gun at a target and gently pulling the trigger. If the gun misfires or does not fire, then there may be some issues with your coil gun project. If you successfully create your coil gun, take pride in your accomplishment and share your project with friends and family for feedback and encouragement.


In order to make your coil gun work properly, you must finish it off by lacquering or powder coating it. This step is important to protect the metal from rust and corrosion. You can choose from a variety of finishes, depending on your preferences and project requirements.

Whether you are building a firearm for hunting or self-defense, it’s critical to take the appropriate safety precautions and follow all standard manufacturing procedures when completing your coil gun. By finishing your gun properly, you can ensure that it performs reliably and safely.

How Does A Coil Gun Work?

A coilgun is a simple machine that uses an electromagnet to launch projectiles. The coil in the gun creates a magnetic field around it, which attracts and launches the projectile along the field. The coil can power by electricity, compressed air, or hand-cranked engines. Different types of coilguns are available on the market, each designed for specific purposes.

Some of the most popular varieties include high-powered coilguns, which shoot metal targets up to 100 yards away, and pistol-size coilguns, which are small enough to carry for hunting or recreational shooting. A coilgun can use for a variety of purposes, from hunting games to recreational shooting. Besides being an easy and fun way to shoot projectiles, it’s also an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional firearms.

Tips For Making A Good Coilgun

If you’re planning on making a coil gun, choosing the right materials is important. Start by choosing the metal tube of your choice. This can be any size, but the thicker the metal tube, the longer the gun will last. You can use wire for this purpose, but make sure to use only high-quality wire, such as copper.

Next, you need to prepare the coil. This is made up of a coil of wire that wraps around a magnet or other object. The coil must be strong enough to keep the projectile in place while firing. You can choose from different coil forms, such as spiral or flat, but follow the instructions provided with your gun to ensure that it functions properly.

Finally, assemble and test your gun. This involves winding the coil onto the gun’s body until it is fully covered and securing it with wire or tape. Once all this has been done, you can decorate your gun with paint and stickers to finish it off. Shooting your gun is equally simple, as all you have to do is put the gun on a flat surface and fire it using a battery or power source.


A coil gun is a fascinating project you can do at home with a few basic tools. Coilguns can fire shots that can accurately fire at long range, and the coil gun’s coil allows for high voltage to be applied to the coil gun’s projectile very quickly.

The coilgun’s high-voltage coil is a capacitor that stores energy from the high-voltage power supply. The capacitor discharges the capacitor’s stored energy through a coil wire. When this coil wire is in contact with a target, it creates an electric field around it, resulting in an explosive reaction.

With coilguns, you can fire projectiles that travel long distances at relatively low cost and have a minimal environmental impact. Although coilguns have been used for decades, much recent progress has been made in their design and use.

Coilguns are easy to make and can create in many shapes and sizes, including ones that run on electricity, gunpowder, or even air pressure. With the right materials, tools, and instructions, you, too, can build your very own coil gun. Now that you know how coilguns work and how to make one, it’s time for you to design one of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How Do I Assemble A Coil Gun?

Ans: To assemble a coilgun, you will need the following items:

  • A spring gun (a type of airsoft gun that uses a spring to propel projectiles)
  • A COILGUN KIT (containing all the necessary parts to build a coilgun)
  • An electric motor
  • A battery
  • Some wire (or a metal coil)
  • BBs (bullet balls)

2.How Do I Operate A Coil Gun?

Ans: There are a few different ways to operate coilguns, but the most common way is to use an electronic controller. Electronic controllers can be bought online or at gun stores. Using an electronic controller, you can shoot the gun without holding it in your hand. You can also use manual controls to shoot the gun.

3.What Are The Uses For A Coilgun?

Ans: A coilgun is a type of firearm that uses a coil of wire as its ammunition. Coilguns are often considered more accurate than traditional firearms and can use for hunting, self-defense, and recreation.

4.Can You Build A Coil Gun?

Ans: Yes, you can build a coil gun. A coilgun is a type of weapon that uses a coil of wire to shoot projectiles. The coil gun commonly uses in video games as a weapon.

5.Is A Coil Gun Lethal?

Ans: A coil gun is not lethal – it is an electronic weapon that uses a coil to shoot projectiles. Coil guns are not firearms under Australian law, and as such, you will not need to obtain a license to own and operate one. When using a coil gun, some things to keep in mind include safety precautions, ammunition selection, and cleaning procedures.

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