My Husband Is Lazy And Unmotivated: [What Should I Do?]

Hopefully this comes across as a little bit humorous, but it really isn’t. It’s been an issue for years and not sure how to get through to him. May be your husband has never had a full-time job because he doesn’t want one.

He does work part-time in construction sometimes when money is tight, but that’s only if he feels like it (which seems to be the case more often than not).As, it is one of the worst part about your life.

Having a lazy husband is a curse of your life. You are doing lots of work but your husband is sitting idle-this is not healthy for your relationship. This is both shocking and annoying. You might even be concerned about him. You might think if something is wrong with him or his health.

My Husband Is Lazy And Unmotivated

Dealing With Lazy And Unmotivated Husbands

My husband is lazy and unmotivated. What could I do? Dealing with lazy spouses is a hard job, however it is not impossible. Some of them can be really lazy and unmotivated at things that interest them which makes the house look untidy. However, this does not mean you should give up on the marriage because it’s not your fault to begin with. Here are some steps to help you .Such as:

Talk To Him About Your Worries

Talk to Him about Your Worries

Your husband must know about your anxieties. To tell him that he is idle is not a good idea. You will not get the results that you are expecting for and there will be risk making him more reserved. Make him assure that nothing is wrong as well as say that you notice that he has not been himself a little bit. Make certain that his health is okay. Try to find out the reason for his reason of laziness.

A lack of motivation can harm even the most prosperous people. You must try to be understanding and Try to be there for him. You are frustrated but you cannot fix this issue overnight. You might require to be a supportive spouse. You should know that he needs support from you and it is going to take some time to be matured.

You may need to explain him to be a bit self-sufficient. If he thinks you need to take care all of all the household works by yourself and he should pass lazy time then you can feel free to tell him. You should not make this an argument. You should tell him that you need help in your household work. Home is not all yours. He has some responsibility. Workload sharing is essential for the sake of marriage and he could learn how to wash clothes and do vacuuming the leaving room.

These works are not too tough and by little learning he should be ok with that. Have Patience Being patient with a lazy and selfish husband might be impossible but if you want to work on your marriage then you will have to make impossible possible. Your expectation was very high about your husband before marriage, but due to his laziness he cannot support you both physically and mentally.

Listen To Him Attentively

Listen to Him Attentively

Motivating him is not only about the things you do otherwise say to make him want to do something. One of the most important stuffs you could do for him is to just listen. Just Sit as well as let him talk and get his ideas out. When he stops, inspire him to keep going. Resist the wish to interrupt with your own views.

Ask question and let him discuss it detail. Always try him to speak out. Always give him feelings that he is the most essential individual in your life. And you need his support. What he does and says is very important to you Show gratitude A simple appreciation is something that could make a big difference. Give thanks to your husband that he does though it might be very little one.

A simple “Thanks for taking the garbage” costs nothing however could make a difference. When they are doing for first time, just praise him and make him understand that you are happy with him. Dinar was really good, thank you—this is a simple praise but he will be motivated. However, comments as simple as this one could help to serve as positive support. This can be helpful in inspiring and encouraging the desired behavior.

Lower Your Expectation

Lower your expectation

Try lowering your expectations. Reconnect with your husband. Perhaps you are expecting too much, and this could pressurize him. All the fingers of your hand are not same. You have to treat every person individually. To deal with a lazy husband might be the hardest job, however it is not an impossible task. Have a bit of tact and patience, and you will be capable to change your lazy spouse into a perfect one.

Ask About Preferred Chores

Ask about preferred chores

Give your husband the choice of tasks and ask him to get them done on a schedule. It is more cooperative than telling him what to do. Even if you are caught with some tasks you do not like, you have fewer generally to complete. So there is an affirmative trade-off to ponder. This is one of the greatest strategies to deal with a lazy spouse.

Exercise Together

Exercise Together

Does your husband do work out at all? There is a good chance that he has not seen a gymnasium in fairly some time if he is lazy. You can motivate him to be in shape and be a perfect couple. Doing work out together is fun and good pass time. If you can make it happen he will be physically fresh and you will have quality time together. To motivate one another you could decide to exercises together.

Convincing a lazy spouse to get off of the sofa may not be easy at first. It might be smart to use the tactic that he is helping you to stay concentrated on physical health and workout. You need his support and you need him there to watch you. If you can convince him like that, then he might be more probable to get up as well as do it for you. If you could both get back into working out, and this might help you to feel significantly better over time.

Your current fitness levels decides on what kind of exercising plan you choose to get into. Some people like gym atmosphere, and others find gyms to be too scary. You can exercise from home if you wish or you might go for walks numerous times per week. Even starting with easy workouts such as walking for thirty minutes in your locality will be useful.

Divide All The work

Divide all the work

This is somewhat you require to do from day one of your wedding. You could have a talk about this beforehand marriage too. You could be a stay-at-home wife or a career woman but the tasks should be divided. He should not expect that you would manage home completely on your own.

Listing down the duties plus pinning them to the refrigerator might be a great idea. You could get magnetic to-do list pads toward sticking on your refrigerator. Write down the domestic tasks on it daily. Consider getting a weekly planner to save time. You can sit with your husband at weekends to decide and divide duties in discussion with him. You could choose on sharing the housework just the technique you could choose on sharing the expenditures in a relationship.

Work On Bonding

Work on bonding

Try to make bond with your partner. Try to do things together similar to cleaning the house or cooking. While working have deep dialogues about experiences and feelings. This would shift his focus from how much work he is doing. He would like having this opportunity to spend time with you. You could try and work in growing the emotional relationship that the two of you share.

Encourage Him

For example, you can use a kind voice tone when you tell him that “you noticed he hadn’t showered in weeks”, or “the kitchen sink has dirtied so much”. This will provoke him to take action because no one wants their family to think less of them.

Have Patience On Him

Reality is far difficult from dream. A person could not be your ultimate support center. He could be your supportive partner. To convert a lazy person toward your supportive partner you should have some patient to deal with his lazy attitude. If you can deal with the situation with patience you can find a healthy means to maintain that patience, your mental happiness will not vanish. As he is lazy that truly do not mean you need to be double lazy. Some men need some time to be matured.

So try to give him more time to make your marriage work. Try to think about his positive characteristics. Make it a priority of your life to understand him with patience. Because your husband is lazy, you cannot dump him. You should advise him that he needs your support in every aspects of life. Just keep your patience. Be strong and supportive.

Involves Sharing House Chores

Do not take the entire load on your shoulders because that’s definitely unfair. It makes you look unhappy as well, which does not solve the problem at all. You can play a fair game where you both give out your duties. This way, he will definitely share the burden as well as learn to be responsible.

Some Other Steps Are:

  • First, try and talk about what has brought you into this situation. Make sure he knows that you are not mad at him for this and he has to understand that you cannot carry the burden of keeping things organized on your own forever.
  • Ask him what is wrong with his life, how things work out for him, then sit down and listen to what he says to you about it all. He should also listen to you as well. This is a good way to break the ice and build up some positive relationship between the both of you again.
  • Never give up on your marriage because it may be difficult sometimes, or things might not turn out as planned but remember that life is full of obstacles and challenges and there’s always a solution for everything if we just keep looking for it.

The Bottom Line

Live with lazy and selfish husband could be a tough thing as it might have such an effect on your life, otherwise how you fantasized your life to be. You should make sure that the circumstances does not get worse is connecting with your husband precisely how you are feeling.

You should try to find the words that express your frustration but not to be extremely critical. This is hard but it is vital. If you are not constructive in this situation you will also become part of the problems also. Your husband would start to make distance with you which is not good for your marriage. I hope now you know my husband is lazy and unmotivated.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.Does Your Man Do Whatever He Says?

Ans: Saying something is easy. To pacify a partner who is upset a person could say whatever is vital at the moment. But words that are not followed up by action are void. They are useless. Change takes effort. Meaningful change is never instant while words happen in a second. When words are followed by actions, it is vital. Otherwise no meaning.

2.How Could You Live With A Selfish Husband?

Ans: Some males are lazy but still romantic and loving, whilst other males can see their lethargy start to manifest itself as self-centeredness. If you are spouse to a self-centered husband, this could be hard to live with – particularly if your priorities of life are diverse and you want to live a high standard life.

3.What Are The Signs Of A Toxic Marriage?

Ans: Some signs are obvious, like living in fear of your spouse’s anger or experiencing physical abuse. But many people live with an invisible problem: They’re married to someone who is emotionally unavailable.
This kind of marriage can be just as damaging as any other form of abuse because it keeps you locked in a cycle that deprives you of the love

4.What Can I Do To Motivate My Husband?

Ans: It’s a question many wives ask. After all, motivation has been shown to improve work performance and marital satisfaction. It helps people get through the tough times in life and contributes to their overall well-being. When you want to motivate your husband, remember that husbands aren’t born with wings, so it’s going to take a lot of patience and understanding on your part.

5.How Do I Talk To My Husband About Being  Lazy In Marriage?

Ans: It’s hard to say something, isn’t it? It takes guts to call out patterns in your spouse that are not healthy for the marriage. But this is what emotional intimacy is all about. If you can call him out on his laziness, you know he has successfully opened up his life around you and given himself to you in an amazing way.

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