How Do Guys Feel After Kissing A Girl? [Emotion Explained]

Kissing makes a relationship deeper and stronger. The bond and depth of the relationship is revealed through kiss. Kiss contributes to strengthening the physical and emotional bonds of the relationship.

When you meet your partner you want to express by kissing him/her how much you care and miss him/her. How do guys feel after kissing a girl? Kisses make every moment memorable, even more special than intercourse. The distance of the relationship is reduced through kissing. And you can feel the warmth of your heart. You will feel intimacy mentally and physically.

What Happens To A Guy After Kissing

What Happens To A Guy When They Kiss?

Kissing triggers a chemical reaction in your brain, including an increase in the hormone oxytocin. It’s known as the “love hormone” because it elicits sentiments of affection and bonding. According to a 2013 study, oxytocin is especially crucial in assisting males to bond with their partners and remain monogamous.

Is This Reality Or Fiction?

The first kiss seemed imaginary to the men. He thinks it is imaginary and after a while his imagination will break. After the first kiss he had a hard time believing, he had already kissed a woman. The experience of the first kiss is a little different. A man feels nervous while kissing, even his hands get sweaty, and his heartbeat increases rapidly. However, many people think that it is his weakness, but nervousness and sweating are completely normal.

Does The Breath Stink?

Does The Breath Stink

No man wants to have bad breath before kissing. Because they think that when a woman kisses and thinks that the man has a bad breath, it is a bad impression. Also before kissing the man thinks when he last brushed. The first thing he felt after kissing was whether he had a bad impression on the woman. Will the girl kiss him for the second time? Or will this be their last kiss?

Got Surprised

Got Surprise

The first kiss completely surprised a man. He thinks, wow, I kissed a girl. And that is the best feeling for him. Kisses can create very great moments. But keep in mind that the first kiss can make the first impression. If you can’t make this moment special and don’t kiss properly then it can create very awkward moments and bad impressions. Also when you realize that you could not kiss properly then your moment will no longer feel joyful.

Keeps Eyes Closed

Keeps Eyes Closed

When a man kisses, the thought that comes to his mind is whether to keep his eyes open or closed. Men want to keep their eyes open while kissing and feel the moment. But he thinks again that if he keeps his eyes open the girl might feel bad about him.

Feel The Moment

Feel The Moment

When his mind is completely empty while kissing, no more thoughts come to his mind. He feels like there is no one else around him, just that he and his partner are there to feel the moment. It doesn’t care about what’s going on around it, it’s about focusing on the moment. And the specialty of Kiss is to make the moment memorable.

Stay Alone

Stay Alone

To make a beautiful moment memorable, the moment has to be made special. But when a man kisses, he wants no one around him. He and his partner to just feel the moment. The only way to spoil a couple’s beautiful moment is to kiss each other and the other interrupts or greets them. A man would never want to be bothered or hindered in the moment of kissing. It spoils their moment.

Does The Nose Come In Between Kissing?

When a man goes to kiss, many thoughts come to his mind. There is a strange thought in her that the nose will come in the middle while kissing. Although the nose comes in the middle, then the kiss can not be long. You will focus on the moment without such awkward thoughts at this time. If you can kiss in the right way then the nose will never cause annoyance. So forget all thoughts and embrace each other with affection.

Strange Thoughts

There are some weird thoughts I’m kissing her. Is she feeling bad? Shall I take myself away? If I move myself, she may be probably pull me closer to her. Where should I put my hand when kissing? Should I kiss her after embracing her? Am I having trouble breathing? Or I will die of suffocation. I should have taken the guide in advance, then I would not have had so much difficulty.

Has She Been Impressed?

Has She Been Impressed

The first feeling that men have after kissing is, have I been able to satisfy her? Am I able to kiss her well? Has she been impressed? If she is, tell me, I’m a good kisser.

Feel Happy

Feel Happy

Just as a man feels nervous before a kiss, he feels more relaxed and happy after a kiss. Kiss helps reduce stress. Although there is excitement and emotion in the first kiss, it feels comfortable at the end of the kiss. Kissing improves and brightens the mood of any person.

That is why kiss is considered more important in any relationship than sexual relationship. Also, the more kisses a couple has, the longer their relationship will last. Although men feel stupid after the first kiss, after a while they feel happy. But if a man feels very happy after the first kiss, it means he has succeeded.

The First Kiss May End Quickly

When a man kisses for the first time, a lot of nervousness works in him, even he gets scared. So kissing can be rushed and the kiss may not be the longest. So give yourself time. You may feel that your partner is as romantic as the movie hero and you will kiss slowly. But in reality it may not be because they have different thoughts in their head while kissing. But the first kiss will depend on how romantic it will be and how memorable the moment will be. Feel the touch of the lips while kissing.


I hope now you know how do guys feel after kissing a girl.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What Happens To A Guy After Kissing?

Ans: They feel good. After kissing you, guys should feel happy and energized to keep the relationship going strong. If he doesn’t feel that way, then it’s time to move on because you deserve more than someone who can be so uninterested in you.

2.What Turns A Man On During Kissing?

Ans: For guys, it’s all about the little things. They are attracted to girls who are confident in their sexuality and know what they want from a relationship. Things like biting their lip when you kiss them or slowly pulling away afterward are sure fire ways to get men hooked on you. You don’t need to worry about doing anything big because little things are what guys notice the most.

3.What Types Of Kisses Do Guys Like?

Ans: Guys like kisses where you slowly ease into it. They like taking things slow and waiting for their partner to be comfortable before they really get into the kiss. Plus, kissing someone who has never kissed before is just as fun because there’s no past experience that can ruin everything. Either way, it doesn’t matter what type of kiss you do because it’s all about the connection you have.

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