Best 17 Disadvantages Of Travelling [Bad Situations]

Most people like to travel. Traveling is something that everyone wants to do at some point in life. But just as there are benefits to traveling, there are also disadvantages. I will talk about traveling in 2020 and covid-19 will not come, it can’t be. So, do you know about the disadvantages of travelling?

The epidemic has caused damage all over the world and all types of flight tickets for the epidemic have been cancelled. As a result, travelers have suffered many losses. I will tell you in detail the difficulties of traveling in this article.Disadvantages Of Travelling

Top 17 Disadvantages Of Travelling

Top 17 Disadvantages Of Travelling

1. Financial Disadvantages

Financial Disadvantages

You will often find yourself in financial difficulties when you travel. Notable problems were mentioned in detail.

2. Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses

It’s usually a lot of fun to travel to foreign countries and think about it. But traveling abroad for a week or more requires a large amount of budget.

Not only this, if you stay for more than a week then your expenses will increase further. Expenses include transportation or flight costs, hotels, various types of luxuries and shopping. Since you are away from your home and not familiar with the outlets of that country.

Don’t even know how to spend money. It will be seen that the expenditure abroad will increase further as you explained in the country. You will need a large amount of dollars for travel.

3. Losing a Job

Losing a Job

We all know that money must be earned. But no office will ever want you if you spend most of the month traveling. Because when you are traveling, do not work regularly and do not use your experience and training.

As a result you will not be able to make money. And when you lose your job and you lose your savings for traveling, you get frustrated. But if you are on tour during the office holidays, it is different.

4. Looking For a Job

Looking For a Job

There are many times when you have gone away and your financial deficit has occurred. And at that time you are looking for a job. Even if you are planning to do some work abroad, there are some things you need to know.

First you need a visa to be employed for money. No organization will give you a job without a visa. Secondly It is very difficult to get a job without local experience.

5. Emergency Becomes Expensive

Emergency Becomes Expensive

You have no choice but to spend money if you are away from home while traveling and if you face any problem at that time. Because of being away from home, you will not have any support in the network.

There is a danger that you will have to rush back to pick up your luggage or you will have to book flight too fast to get back to the country. At that time you have to spend a lot of money.

6. Emotional Problems During Travel

Emotional Problems During Travel

Usually people want to travel to observe popular places and meet new people. There are times when you are traveling long distances by train and your luggage or essentials are likely to be lost or stolen.

Because long distance traveling can make you tired and sleepy at times when you are uncertain about your possessions. Usually you may encounter more problems all the time and I will tell you the details.

7. Homesickness


When one is traveling, the one thing that affects him the most is the feeling of home. People miss their lives more while traveling. We all know that no one is closer than family and old friends. And our own home means a safe place.

But when we travel abroad, no one is found in danger. Then it seems you are alone in the world. And this time you will not find anyone beside you to support you mentally.

8. Fear of Strangers

Fear of Strangers

When a traveller travels to a foreign country, everything seems unfamiliar to him. Because he doesn’t know anyone in the new place. And I think going somewhere new is really scary. Because there is a high risk of getting lost on the road and there is a risk of danger.

Again, if you are tired and hungry, it is difficult to find a place to cure it. And when these things go on like this, the fear grows even more. Until things get irresistible.

9. Conquers Fear

Conquers Fear

You have to deal with constant fear and imaginary limitations when you want to make your journey a success. It is really impossible for you to leave your home and travel freely to an unfamiliar city without any restrictions.

However, personal growth is a big part of travellers. Facing fear makes it really difficult to deal with it. But if you are going to spend meaningfully, it will be much more inevitable.

10. Lack of Support

Lack of Support

Some things will seem non-existent when you travel alone. For example, if you want, you will not get the support of friendly family. Not even getting support to provide healthcare. However, if you go traveling with a close person or friend, you will rarely face such problems.

Not only will you be able to support everything on your own but it will also support and work mentally. So I would always suggest that traveling with friends or family is better than traveling alone.

11. Intense But Fleeting Friendship

Intense But Fleeting Friendship

When you get used to traveling, you will meet many new people and make friends. Although these friendships are intense, they are short-lived.

Friends like this can make friends with someone else on the go. When Ample likes to spend time with him more than you do, he will no longer remember you. But family and old friends are completely different.

They will always help and support you. But when your temporary friendships are gone while traveling, you will miss your family and old friends the most.

Then you will feel the worst and feel alone. This is very true because no one is better than family and friends. And although friendship is, it is very short-lived.

12. Get Tired Of Traveling

Get Tired Of Traveling

You have all the things you need in your suitcase when you travel and it is always tiring to carry them. But those who only go on vacation travel stay in comfortable hotels. But those who travel regularly have to carry more than they need which usually has an effect on the body.

And when you go on your next trip you have to endure that same hardship.  To me it also feels very painful. Because the last time I went to travelling I couldn’t get out of bed for two days with back pain.

13. Being A Victim Of Crime

Being A Victim Of Crime

As a traveller you should pay attention to the positive while being aware of the policy. Because so you can avoid crimes. You will experience the worst of your travel life when you face a crime. It’s not just that it causes personal problems.

Moreover you will have to face in front of foreign police even if you have the fear of losing your assets. However, there are countries where it would be safest to travel.

When you travel to Europe, you will feel that there is no other place in the world that is as safe as this. So I would always suggest that you always be aware when you travel and avoid everything that could be a crime by you.

And don’t get in trouble with a foreigner by mistake because they can easily hang you.

14. It Takes Time To Get Acquainted With New Places

It Takes Time To Get Acquainted With New Places

Your experience and skills will increase when you travel from one place to another or from one country to another. Because you have to face a lot of problems when you are not skilled. Because the first thing that is most needed when traveling is accommodation, food shopping, travel tickets, these are very useful.

And the best way to do this is to work at it, and it takes a little time. And it’s very easy to spend the whole day trying to get these life experiences. However, there is very little time available for other tasks.

15. Language Problems

Language Problems

When you travel to foreign countries, you will see that their language is different. There are many countries where English is not so common and they understand English very little.

For example, if you travel to cities other than major cities in India, I don’t think they will understand much English. Even in the case of China. The English language can’t help you when you move from a big city to a small town.

In small towns, people speak and understand their own language. Again when you travel to China they will not understand English at all. Even you will not find any shop or street sign in English, they completely used in their language.

So without the help of a skilled person you are more likely to get lost. However, it is easier to travel to Europe and countries where English is very common.

16. Different Customs And Social Rules

Different Customs And Social Rules

Generally all countries have their own customs. When you see a new one, you need to know all the customs of that country and you have to adopt those customs.

And if you can follow those customs, you may face many problems. What is joked about in your country is probably a cultural rule in another country.

And when you make fun of those rules, you get into trouble in a foreign country. So I would suggest that if you are a traveler try to know all the customs of the place you are going to travel in advance.

17. Stay On The Right Side Of The Law

Stay On The Right Side Of The Law

Not only the customs but also the rules and regulations of the country are different. The things that you do in your country are acceptable to the society but if you do it in another country you can be imprisoned.

You may know that alcohol is illegal in Muslim countries and even boys and girls cannot live together without marriage.

Even kissing in public can put you in danger. Because these are not acceptable according to the rules and regulations of the country.

And I will always suggest you to get enough knowledge about the customs and rules of the country you are going to travel to. Then you don’t have to face any extra hassle.

What To Avoid When Traveling-

7 things you should never do while traveling-

  • Don’t feed the animals.
  • Take no photographs of individuals without their consent.
  • Don’t leave trash.
  • Don’t fly frequently.
  • Don’t buy from other countries.
  • Take no selfies with wildlife.
  • Don’t take advantage of people.

When you return home after a long journey, you will find many differences between yourself and everything you know. In most cases, travelers do not want to go back to their old lives.

They find it difficult to return to regular life. It is often seen that many of your friends will already move on when you have been in the unknown for a long time and come back.

Acceleration will keep you busy with new friends then you will feel that you are not getting close to anyone even with the society. And you will miss your past very much.

But in the end I will tell you that if you are a traveler then you must know its disadvantages as well. Then you can deal with any problems you may have. If you think you have learned something by reading this article, you must be by our side. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Disadvantages Of Travelling?
Ans: Some Main Disadvantages of Travelling You Should Know About:
  • Table of Contents.
  • Traveling abroad can be very expensive.
  • Unexpected costs and emergencies.
  • Related Articles.
  • Language Barrier.
2. Why Is Travel Not Good?
Ans: Travel destroys local cultures – The globalization of food, travel, hotels, and language diminishes the very culture we traveled so far to see. Instead of going out to seek the unknown, most people stay in resorts and hotels, never experiencing the country they are in.
3. What Are The Disadvantages Of Travelling Alone?
Ans: The disadvantages of travelling alone:
  • Solo travel is more expensive.
  • You have to consider personal safety more carefully.
  • You will become lonely travelling alone.
4. Why Travelling Is A Waste Of Time?
Ans: Travelling is time-consuming. Instead of doing things at home, you spend long hours sitting in your car, on the bus, on the plane, or waiting at the airports, railway or bus stations, or just trying to find your way. Each real journey takes time. On the other hand, any virtual journey saves you a lot of time.
5. Is Travel A Waste Of Money?
Ans: It has been scientifically proven that people who spend their money on experiences rather than things are exponentially happier. Travel is not a waste of money for short-lived purposes; it is an investment in your own future and, more importantly, in your present.
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