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Everyone loves traveling. Traveling is a movement from one place to another place. You can travel by your foot, bus, boat, plane, train, and many others vehicles. Every vehicle has some advantages and some disadvantages. If you travel by train, you will get some advantages. At the same time, you will get some disadvantages.

If you are planning to travel by train, you may face some problems. If you want to know what kind of disadvantages you will get, this article can be a good option for you. We are going to explore eight major disadvantages of traveling by train. Stay with us.

Disadvantages of Traveling by Train

Eight Disadvantages of Traveling by Train

Eight Disadvantages of Traveling by Train

Train Takes a Lot of Time

Train Takes a Lot of Time

The train is very slow than others vehicles. If you compare it with a plane, a train is very slow. Even buses are faster than trains in some cases.

The average speed of a passenger train is limited to 59 mph (mile per hour).On the other hand, the average speed of a commercial passenger plane is 547-575 mph. We think you understand that how slow a train is compared to a plane. For slow speed, the train takes a lot of time.

If you travel a long distance, you will see many stations. At every station, a train stops for some time. If you miss a train, you have to stay for few hours.

But some trains are very fast. For example, the Shinkansen train’s average speed is up to 200 mph. It is very fast compared to normal trains.

Distance Problems

Distance Problems

If you are planning to travel long distances by train, it will not be a good choice for you. If you want to travel a long distance by train, it will take a lot of time because the train is not fast enough.

Long-distance train travel is a waste of time. You may have to travel for many hours or a day to reach your destination. Because of that, you will be bored. You can use a car or a plane for long-distance travel instead of train.

If you want to go to a particular place, only traveling by train may not be enough. You have to change a few trains or vehicles to reach your destination. It gives some extra stress.

No Control

No Control

When you are traveling by train, you can’t get enough flexibility that you can get when you are traveling by car. When you get on a train, you have to stay on the train until you reach a station. You will be bored after few hours.

But if you travel by car, you can stop wherever you want. You can do anything. You can change routes. You can eat something. It is clear that if you are traveling by train, you cannot get enough flexibility like cars.

Connections Are Not Good In Some AreasConnections Are Not Good In Some Areas

Connections of rail lines are not good enough in every place. In some cases, you cannot go to your destination by train. That’s why you will need other vehicles for going to your destination.

It depends where you live. If you live in a rural area, you may not get proper benefits of train. Because, most of the time, rail facilities are not good in rural areas. The connection between rural areas and the rail line is not good enough. If you are planning to travel by train in rural areas and where the rail line connection is not good, you may suffer.

Train Travel Is Expensive

Train Travel Is Expensive

After reading this, you may be laughing. But it is not a joke. Yes, we know that train tickets are cheaper than others but some specific times the tickets price increase. In the morning and afternoon, you will be able to see higher prices compared to other times. At festivals times rail tickets price increases badly.

If you want to travel with your family, train travel will cost more than a car. In this situation, a car will be a better option instead of a train.

Crowd Problem

Crowd Problem

Many people use the train for travel. That’s why you may see a lot of crowds. Some specific time you will see crowds in the railway station. Generally in the morning people goes to their work and come back in the afternoon. That’s why in the afternoon and morning you will see crowds in the rail station. Also in festivals session, you will see crowds in trains.

If you have trouble getting around with extra people, it would not be right for you to travel by train. If you have claustrophobia, we recommend you not to travel by train instead you can use a car.

You May Have To StandYou May Have To Stand

We have already explained that trains could be crowded. For the extra crowd, you won’t be able to find a sit for you. That’s why you may have to stand. It depends on when you are traveling or what kind of train you are using.

In festivals season or morning and afternoon times, you will face this problem. And if you are traveling on a local train in those times, you may have to stand. It is so annoying and exhausting to stand for a few hours when you are traveling.

Luggage Issues

Luggage Issues

If you want to carry some big luggage when you are traveling by train, you will face many problems. Many trains do not have enough space to carry a few luggage.

You don’t have to worry about your luggage if you are traveling by bus, car or plane because the authorities take responsibility for the luggage.

But on the train, you have to be responsible for your luggage. It isn’t very pleasant when you are traveling. It is clear that you can travel by car, bus or plane without luggage issues. But if you are traveling by train, you will face luggage issues.

Is a Train Faster Than a Car?

The first thing you need to know is that a train travels at a higher speed than a car. The second thing you must note is that this question only makes sense if we take the distance between both points into account.

A train can be faster than a car and still arrive later than it if the distance to be traveled by both modes of transport is longer. This is why we will need to know the distance between both points in order to find out who wins this race, a train or a car?

The following video does a good job at demonstrating all the variables involved in this simple question: Now let’s calculate the time it would take for a train and a car to travel between London and Edinburgh.

Train journey time

The distance between London and Edinburgh is approximately 354 miles (570 km). Using the average train speed of 80 mph (129 km/h) the travel time would be 5 hours 24 minutes.

However, this average train speed is also called nominal or advertised train speed. The top speed for a Class 395 train is 140 mph (225 km/h). This would result in a travel time of 4 hours 20 minutes.

Car journey time

The average car speed on motorways in the UK is 74 mph (120 km/h). The distance between London and Edinburgh can be covered by car in 5 hours 50 minutes. But keep in mind: this does not take traffic jams into account!

Winner: train

Even though the average car speed is higher than the average train speed, the travel time by car between London and Edinburgh takes 9 minutes longer than it would take with a train. We also need to take into account that this question only makes sense if we compare both modes of transport using the

Frequently Asked Questions :

1.What Are The Disadvantages Of Train?


  • rains can be unreliable.
  • You may miss important appointments.
  • May take you significantly longer compared to using a plane.
  • Not suitable for long distances.
  • Connections may be quite bad in some areas.
2.Why Should We Travel By Train?
Ans: Save money – Taking the train is a cost-effective way of travelling, especially if you’re going a relatively short distance. Luggage – Unlike air travel, travelling by rail allows you to take as much luggage as you can carry without extra fees.
3.Is Traveling By Train Comfortable?
Ans: All the carriages in the train are air-conditioned, seats are comfortable and positioned so that each passenger has a leg rest and far more space than on the plane – and also can freely throughout the train. A feast for the eyes is provided outside the large windows, as you admire the scenery of America passing by.
4.Are Trains Safe?
Ans: Just as it does with air, car, bus and other means of transport. Even so, statistics are clear – officially, the train is one of the safest modes of transportation these days! The same level of safety goes to air traffic while all other means of transport come after.
Ans: Is Traveling By Train Better Than Flying?
Ans: Train vs. If you don’t mind spending more than three times as much to fly, the plane is faster, even with airline security and transportation to and from the airport: total travel time one way on the train is about 5 hours and 15 minutes compared with only 2 hours and 35 minutes by air.


Usually, people travel by foot, cars, buses, boats, trains and planes. Every vehicle has different purposes. Every vehicle has advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we have explained some major disadvantages of traveling by train.

If you like traveling by train, you can travel by train. We don’t see any problem in there. If you haven’t traveled yet by train, you can travel by train for a new experience. But remember those problems we have mentioned.

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