Which 20 Gauge Buckshot For Home Defense? [Follow The Guide]

People have been using shotguns for ages to defend their homes, farms, property, and themselves. Shotguns are an ideal weapon for home defense. Even a former president of the United States used a shotgun to defend himself.

The use of shotguns is so effective that its sound goes far, which warns the enemy. However, many types of shotguns are available in the shops. There are many variations in these; you cannot use any shotgun for home defense. The 20 gauge buckshot is the best for home defense. But the question is which 20 gauge buckshot for home defense?

Which 20 Gauge Buckshot For Home Defense

How Effective Is A Shotgun For Home Defense?

How Effective Is A Shotgun For Home Defense

Before talking about the best shotgun, let’s talk about the effectiveness of buckshot for home defense. Many people choose the hunting rifle, carbine, or handgun as their primary weapon to protect their home. It is much wiser to use a shotgun than to use these weapons because shotguns have many advantages.

The first and biggest advantage of the 20 gauge is that it can shoot more than one at a time, which is very powerful. Many people think that even if they do not hit the target with the shotgun somehow, it hit it.

The idea is wrong, and the fact is shogun can shoot more than one at a time. So when you shoot in a close-range target, somehow, it’s penetrating the target. Also, with the shotgun, you can accurately target, and its monstrous sound helps to inform the people around you about your danger.

Another big advantage of having a shotgun is the firing rate of a shotgun is very high. If an attacker gets multiple shots in the body, it is much easier to overpower him.

Before using a carbine or handgun for self-defense, you need a lot of practice to pierce the target, which is unnecessary when using a shotgun. But the ammo capacity of the shotgun is low and also has a high recoil rate. The main problem with a shotgun is its size.

It is too big to handle, and an experienced person must handle this type of gun. Compared to other weapons, shotguns weigh much more, and their bullets are thicker. So it is difficult to carry a shotgun. A shotgun can load a maximum of 4-6 ammo. A shotgun is a very short-range weapon to use, with a maximum range of 50 yards.

20 Gauge Buckshot For Home Defense

20 Gauge Buckshot For Home Defense

The popularity of 20 gauges for home defense has surpassed 12 gauges. 20 gauge shotguns are very effective for close-range use, although their recoil is much higher than 12 gauge shotguns. It is easy to hit the target and needless practice with a low recoil shotgun. It is not wise to use a 20 gauge shotgun over a 12 gauge shotgun for home defense because a 20 gauge shotgun is a new product compared with a 12 gauge.

The unit for measuring the diameter of a shotgun bullet is the gauge, for example, 10 gauges, 12 gauges, and 20 gauges. 20 gauge shotguns are the 2nd most popular shotgun for home defense. You will need a 20 gauge shotgun to shoot with 20 gauges. The 20 gauge shotgun is much easier to use than other shotguns so inexperienced, and girls can use it too.

Ideal Buckshot for Home Defense

Ideal Buckshot for Home DefenseYou can also use old buckshot for home or self-defense. Any buckshot can be used at a distance of fewer than 20 feet. However, using 00 buckshot is much safer and more effective for home defense. For many years, locals have been using 00 buckshot for home defense. The US police and army also use 00 buckshot. It can be used for house protection and hunting.

Types of Buckshot:

  • Number 3: .25 caliber shots
  • Number 1: .30 caliber shell
  • Single 0: .32 caliber palette
  • Triple 0: .36 caliber palette
  • Number 4: .24 caliber palette
  • Number 2: .27 caliber shots
  • Double 0: .33 caliber palette

However, for home defense, you must want to use the best 20 gauges shotgun. And 00 buckshot is the right choice for your home defense. It is easy to use and has less hassle in maintenance. It is made in modern technology and has the best performance. The biggest advantage of using 00 buckshot is it has a lower rate of recoil than other buckshot.

A higher rate of recoil rate is the main problem for using a shotgun. You cannot hit the target properly if your shotgun has a high rate of recoil. Especially for those who are inexperienced, it is very difficult to use high recoil shotgun. So using 00 buckshot is safer than other buckshot. You can easily hit the target from a 50-yard distance with a 00 buckshot-loaded shotgun.

There can be nothing better than 00 buckshot for use in short range. It is capable of causing more damage by firing multiple shots at once. The most surprising thing is that even if your targeting is not very good, using 00 buckshot is more likely to hit the target. Benefits of using 00 buckshot for home defense are given below:

  • Variety of size
  • Low recoil rate
  • Best for short-range use
  • High penetration rate
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle


When the question is about your home defense, you always want to use the best one. A 20 gauge shotgun is a weapon you can count on. All the features that a standard home defense tool needs to have existed within a 20 gauge buckshot. So a 20 gauge shotgun should be the first choice when choosing a shotgun for home defense. I hope now you know which 20 gauge buckshot for home defense.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Would I Regret Buying A 20-Gauge For Home Defence?  

Ans: No, but if you can spend a little more and buy one with a 28-inch cylinder, several choices would likely be superior.15 gauge – 16 ½ inch length ,17 gauge – 19-inch length. By the way, this gun looks great, even if it is an ultimate home defence shotgun.

Target shooters should probably avoid a BSA ‘Super Detective’ model as a hunting or target gun because of its somewhat detailed wood carving and affinity for marring case-hardened steel barrels. It would make a great collector’s piece, though.

2.What Is The Average Velocity Of 20 Gauge Buckshot?

Ans: The average velocity of 20 gauge buckshot is approximately 1200 feet per second, which can easily penetrate a 2-inch width of the wall.

3.What Is The Range Of 20 Gauge Buckshot?

Ans: The average range of 20 gauge buckshot is 56-60 yards depending on the shotgun you use.

4.Can You Kill A Deer By 20 Gauge Buckshot?

Ans: Yes, you can kill a deer with a 20 gauge buckshot. But it’s better to choose a 12 gauge shotgun for killing a deer.

5.How Much Does A Shotgun Weigh?

Ans: The average weight of a shotgun is 5-6 pounds, depending on the material used to make it.

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