What Is 1911 Shock Buffs? How To Install 1911 Shock Buffs?

We are living in a world that is revolutionized by science and technology. The effects of scientific discovery are noticeable in every aspect of our life. Some scientific inventions do good to humanity, and some others harm humanity. But for the misuse of scientific inventions, humans are to be blamed. One such kind of invention is the firearm. The firearm was not available even a couple of centuries ago.

1911 is a kind of firearm. This pistol was first designed by legendary American gunsmith John Moses Browning back in 1911. This 1911 pistol is widely adopted, modified, and used by renowned firearm manufacturers and users. The 1911 series pistols are most famous all across the United States of America. But what is 1911 shock buffs? Does it do any good to your gun? We are about to find it out here.

What Is 1911 Shock Buffs

What Is 1911 Shock Buffs?

1911 Shock Buff is a soft polymer and rubber gadget for your 1911 series pistols to minimize the gun’s recoil. A shock buffer goes in the guide rod of a pistol to keep the frame and the slide from slamming together metal on metal. The rubber ingredient of the shock buffer absorbs some reactional force while firing shots, thus minimizing the recoil to some extent. You can easily purchase 1911 shock buffs from the market and install them without any effort.

Wilson Combat, well-renowned manufacture, manufactures and recommends shock buffer. Though some people claim that shock buffer affects efficiency and reliability, these theories are yet to be proved. Shock Buffer is a wonderful and surprising invention that this tiny gear can reduce recoil so effectively. Here are some benefits of using a Shock Buffer.

  • It takes the sharpness out of the recoil.
  • Decreases slide and frame damage.
  • It can be easily usable for up to 1000 rounds.
  • Shock Buffer is easily replaceable. You can do it by yourself.
  • The price is very low. Six pieces of shock buffer cost just over 6 dollars.

Why Did John Moses Not Include Shock Buffer in 1911?

If you wonder why the inventor did not include a shock buffer primarily for the 1911 guns, the answer is simple. The soft polymer was not yet available back in 1911. If he could have made a shock buffer, he would have included it in the 1911 guns.

Does It Harm My Gun?

Some people claim that the shock buffer does not do any good to the 1911 series pistols. Instead, it harms the guns to some extent. But we have not found any evidence to support the claims.

  • Many people say that when the slide is locked back if you have a recoil buffer installed there, it does not allow enough travel to make it to the release point by pulling backward. But we have installed a shock buffer and checked it out, and there was no such stuck. The slide travels back and forth smoothly.
  • Again, some people say that shock buffer ironically increases the recoil of a gun. They theorize that the shock buffer takes up the necessary space of the spring inside the gun. It does not allow the spring to play freely. But this theory is nothing but a blind imagination. Millions of users using shock buffer, and they are quite happy with the lesser recoil.
  • We can find some claims on the internet that it malfunctions inside the gun because of the shock buffer. Shock buffer comes apart out of the guide rod. But we have fired 1000 rounds putting on the shock buffer, but we faced no issues at all.
  • Does it minimize the recoil? Yes, it does. We have fired 200 rounds without the shock buffer, then again 200 rounds putting it inside. The result was there. Shock buffer did take the sharpness out of the recoil.
  • Wilson Combat, a well-renowned company, is selling it for years. Not only that, they are putting in inside their guns. They would not have launched this product without running sufficient tests and checks.

How to Install 1911 Shock Buffs?

How to Install 1911 Shock Buffs

Installing a shock buff to your 1911 series pistol is a piece of cake. You can do it all by yourself without any real trouble. We are helping you through the installing process right below.

  • First, you have to remove the upper part of your gun. Do it carefully so that your recoil spring does not fly away too high.
  • Now remove the guide rod from inside the spring of your gun. Your guide rod can be a standard size or a full-length size. You can use a shock buffer for both types.
  • You can see that the shape of the shock buffer and the guide rod’s bottom part is identical. Now you have to put the shock buffer into the guide rod nice and easy. Check if the shapes fit in.
  • Now put the recoil spin back on the guide rod.
  • It is time to reassemble your gun. Your shock buffer is not set and ready to go hot and easy.

The Bottom Lines

1911 Shock Buffs is an excellent aftermarket add-on you can use to minimize the recoil felt while firing shots from your 1911 series pistols. It does word efficiently without doing any harm to your guns. The installing process of 1911 shock buffs is a walk in the park. You can do it all by yourself without any real trouble. As the price is low, we recommend you purchase one for yourself and check it by yourself if it works or not. I hope now you know what is 1911 shock buffs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here we will discuss some quick answers people ask about shock buff recoil buffers of 1911 series pistols.

1.What Does A Shock Buffer Do?

Ans: A shock buffer goes in the guide rod of a pistol to keep the frame and the slide from slamming together metal on metal, minimizing the recoil felt while firing shots.

2.How Many Rounds Can You Fire With A 1911 Shock Buffer?

Ans: A 1911 shock buffer can endure and work pretty well up to firing 1000 rounds shots. It can take more than 1000 rounds, but it is best to change after firing every 1000 shots.

3.Does A 1911 Shock Buffer Minimize Recoil?

Ans: Indeed, a 1911 shock buffer minimizes recoil. It does what it says and efficiently. We have fired 200 rounds by putting on a shock buffer, then fired 200 rounds without it. The result was satisfactory. We have felt much less recoil.

4.Is A 1911 Shock Buffer Costly?

Ans: Of course, not. A 1911 shock buffer is very cheap. Wilson Combat sells a package of 6 pieces for just more than 6 dollars. As it is very cheap, you can give it a shot and check if it minimizes the recoil or not.

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