Reuse Xfinity Home Sensors [Explained With Details]

This is the era of modern technology. The daily life of every citizen in this planet is gradually being dependent on the usage of technological accessories.

Starting from waking up in the morning till going to the bed at night, you can not deny the blessings of technology. These graces of technology made our life easier and happy. People could not even contact with others before eighteenth century without face to face conversation or postal ways.

But now you can contact with any person living any portion of the world just staying at your home. Traveling, communication, education, entertainment, government works etc. systems will be broken without the help of modern technology.

Few centuries ago, people were afraid of thieves very. Most of the people were anxious about their financial insecurity because any time there may occur robbery in their houses in absence of inhabitants of their houses. Again there was no electricity in that period.

And so the possibility of stealing and robbery was more at the night. Gradually locks came as a security option but still there remained a problem. That is the locks can be broken or duplicate keys can be made. Still there remained insecurity for the people. But we are glad to say that, now it is very impossible to feel safe about the properties in your house. The home sensors are available in the market from many reputable companies which are becoming a must option for every inhabitant.

Many of you have mailed me about an issue about the home sensors designed by Xfinity. The issue was the steps those have to be followed for reusing Xfinity home sensors. In this article, I will provide you all the necessary information about the ways those have to be followed for reusing your Xfinity home sensors. Without further delay, let’s dive into the topic.

Reuse Xfinity Home Sensors

What is Xfinity Home Sensor

What is Xfinity Home Sensor

Basically home sensor is a electronic gadget which is used as a safety measure for ensuring security of a house. This can be attached with the doors, windows or other parts of your house. You can connect those sensors with your device so that you can get alerts about any abnormalities happening in your home without staying at your home. Again the alarms work good by alerting the owner if the door or window is opened somehow.

The laser light sensors are popular enough because any anonymous can not notice the laser light. And crossing the laser light beam will give signal to the sensor about the abnormality. So, there will be not tension about your financial insecurity.

Xfinity recently made some promising home sensors for the passionate customers. These sensors can be used in the opening edges of the doors and windows. The process is when the connection between two parts of the sensor which is used in the doors or windows are disconnected from each other, then it will send you alerts. This is pretty cool! Again, the laser light sensors, x-ray sensors are also available but these are not widely used.

Reasons for Which you May Need to Reuse Your Home Sensors

Reasons for Which you May Need to Reuse Your Home Sensors

There may be a lot of reasons for which you may need to reuse your Xfinity home sensors. As this is a computerized security option, you will need internet connection in your home to reuse the Xfinity home sensors. Now the most common reasons for this issue are given below:

  1. The battery of the sensors may create abnormalities for which the sensor may not function properly.
  2. You may need to change your apartments and for this reason you will have to take the sensors off from the doors and windows.
  3. Internal technical problems may need to be repaired and after that you can face it.

These are some of the typical reasons for facing such type of issue.

Steps to Reuse Your Xfinity Home Sensors

Steps to Reuse Your Xfinity Home Sensors

You have already known the reasons for which you have to face this issue. Now the steps those have to be taken for reusing your Xfinity home sensors are given below:

  1. Reset the sensors by following the manual given with that gadget. Then let it be in the repairing mode for a while. If this is a ZigBee, then it will fix eventually after following this. If not, try again with more accuracy.
  2. After resetting, if the problem still appears then hard reset your Xfinity home sensors. It will be better if you know about the model of the sensor. Without that, you will not be able to connect your sensors with SmartThings.
  3. You can also remove the battery from the device for a while to notice that whether the battery is in good or bad state. If not, change the battery and get a new one. Then it will definitely work if there is no further problems.
  4. If these do not work, then call a technician who is expert in fixing such type problems. For this, you will need to pay additional monetary charge.

These are the available steps those people usually take for reusing their Xfinity home sensors. If all these steps goes in vein then you will have to contact with the service provider of Xfinity for getting the required solution. You can also visit the official website of Xfinity for getting more information about this issue.

When you take the sensors off from the doors and windows, be cautious about breaking the device. It also can damage the walls, doors and windows if precautionary measures are not taken properly. Again, follow the steps for reusing your Xfinity home sensors properly because any malfunction can make serious damage to the device.


If you are changing your house then it will be a little bit difficult to reuse your Xfinity home sensors. But if you want to reuse it in the same house then you might not suffer a lot. Generally, an expert technician will be able to solve this issue if you are not capable of fixing this. Don’t forget to inform us about the output you got. Stay updated with new gadgets.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.How Do I Pair My Xfinity Door Sensor?

Ans: You can pair your door sensor by following these steps:

1. Ensure that the battery is inserted as shown in the battery compartment of your Xfinity Door Sensor.

2. Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth setting is turned on and discoverable (visible) to other devices.

3. Press and release the button located on the top of your Xfinity Door Sensor. The Door Sensor’s LED indicator light will begin to flash red and white. You should see a pop-up or alert on your phone asking you to pair the device.

4. Tap “Pair” on your phone to pair with the door sensor

5. Your Xfinity Home app will show you which doors and windows are open and closed.

2.How Do I Remove A Door Sensor?

Ans: To remove the battery from your Xfinity Door Sensor, lift the battery release latch and pull out the battery. The LED indicator light will turn off after five seconds. This will deactivate the Door Sensor for up to 40 minutes, allowing you to take off the door. To reactivate, simply re-insert the battery.

3.Will My Xfinity Door Sensor Work With Other Security Systems?

Ans: No, your Xfinity Door Sensor will only work with Xfinity Home Secure service. If you no longer have or do not want to continue your service, return all Xfinity Door Sensors to your local Comcast Retailer or the appropriate number listed on this page under Helpful Links.

4.Do I Need An Additional App For My Door Sensor?

Ans: Xfinity Home Secure is required to use your Xfinity Door Sensor. Ensure that you have downloaded and are using the latest version of the app.

5.Can I Have More Than One Door Sensor Per Door?

Ans: Yes, you can have up to two Xfinity Door Sensors connected to your home’s wireless network. To add a second Door Sensor near the same location, follow the instructions below:

1. Ensure that both Door Sensors are within 20 feet of your home’s wireless gateway.

2. To pair your second Door Sensor, ensure that the first one is removed from the door or window you want to secure.

3. Press and release the button on your new Door Sensor

4. The LED indicator light will begin to flash red and white. You should see a pop-up or alert on your phone asking you to pair the device.

5. Tap “Pair” on your phone to add the second Door Sensor to your home network 6. Your Xfinity Home app will show you which doors and windows are open and closed

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