Fun Ways To Occupy A Toddler On An Airplane

Did you know that toddlers are the most difficult age group to travel with? Yes, it is true.

Toddlers have a way of making travel miserable for parents. Not just that, but they also make flight attendants lose their minds. As a parent, you always look for your child’s safety while traveling. Air travel is no different.There are a few ways to occupy a toddler on an airplane.

Some parents bring toys, others read books, and others give their children snacks or drinks. Whatever works best for you and your child is the best way to keep them entertained. Parents need to be extra careful when traveling with toddlers. Here are some fun and interesting ways to keep your toddler occupied on a flight.

Fun Ways To Occupy A Toddler On An Airplane

About Air Travel With Toddlers

About Air Travel With Toddlers

Before you travel with your toddler, it’s discussing the airline’s travel policies and procedures with your child is important. This will allow them to understand what to expect when flying with an airline.

When planning the trip, consider packing a travel crib, snacks, diapers and wipes, a change of clothes, and anything else your toddler may need. Also, let your toddler know ahead of time that it may be time to go on the airplane. This will help them become familiar with the experience and prepare for takeoff and landing.

In addition to these essentials, you can plan activities for your child during the flight. You could play games on your mobile device or read books together. To keep your toddler entertained and happy, schedule some time for snacks and snacks on board the flight. Finally, ensure you have your child’s passport and other necessary documents ready in advance so your child can attend all vital parts of the trip.

Exclusive Ideas To Occupy A Toddler On An Airplane

Exclusive Ideas To Occupy A Toddler On An Airplane

There are a few ways to occupy a toddler on an airplane. One option is to bring some toys, books, or games the child can play with during the flight. Another option is to pack snacks and drinks for the child to have something to eat and drink during the trip. And finally, you can engage the child in some interesting conversation about what’s happening outside their window.

If you’re traveling with a toddler on an airplane, there are a few easy tips you can follow to ensure they have a fun and safe flight. Start by packing pre-packaged activities in your carry-on luggage, such as coloring books or puzzles. This way, your child can enjoy a distraction-free flight without worrying about creating their playtime activities.

Also, consider bringing along some magazines or books to read, as this will give them something to look forward to during the flight. Finally, plan an interactive playdate with a family member or friend before boarding the plane. This way, your toddler can get their energy out before traveling and engage in enjoyable activities instead of being stuck on their devices for long periods.

1. Sing Along To Your Favorite Tunes

Sing Along To Your Favorite Tunes

Having a playlist of your toddler’s favorite music for flights is great. You can pack a portable CD player and headphones for the flight to ensure uninterrupted listening time. Take advantage of the opportunity to set up a play area in the seat in front of you, with toys, books, and snacks for you and your child to enjoy.

Additionally, it’s always helpful to bring your toddler’s favorite toys and snacks. This will help keep them happy and engaged during long flights. Using these tips and tricks, you can have fun traveling with your toddler and make travel time more enjoyable for both of you.

2. Play With Your Child At The Airport

Play With Your Child At The Airport

It can be stressful traveling with a toddler, but you can do plenty of things to help keep them occupied and happy. One of the best ways to do this is by packing a bag full of toys, snacks, and games. You can also take them out for a walk around the airport or play in the waiting area.

If you have more time, head to the airport’s children’s play area for fun activities. This will give your child something to look forward to as they wait for their flight. Whether traveling with a baby or toddler, taking some time out to play together will make everyone’s journey more enjoyable.

3. Dinosaur Pack

Dinosaur Pack

If you’re traveling with a toddler and want to keep them busy and entertained, this Dinosaur puzzle pack is a perfect way. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, this puzzle pack will ensure that your child stays engaged and entertained. This set of puzzles includes 24 pieces made from durable plastic that can withstand long-term play.

They come in various colors, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Plus, the puzzles are simple enough for toddlers to complete by themselves. This puzzle pack is a great way to keep your toddler engaged on long flights, road trips, or even at home.

4. Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Tegu Magnetic Blocks are a great way to keep a toddler entertained on long flights. The blocks come in various shapes and colors and can be assembled or easily assembled. They are also safe for little hands, making them a great choice for long flight journeys.

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, Tegu Magnetic Blocks are a great way to keep your toddler occupied and happy while traveling. They can be used to build towers, designs, and patterns or to color and play with magnetic pieces. These versatile blocks keep your little one busy and happy during long flights.

5. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Books

Melissa & Doug Water Wow Books

Water Wow Books are the perfect way to entertain a toddler on an airplane. The books feature colorful illustrations and simple text that is easy for toddlers to understand. Each book contains activities you can do in the water, such as making boats, splashing around, and more.

Plus, Water Wow Books are great for teaching toddlers about aquatic life. They’re a great way to help children understand the importance of conserving our waterways and aquatic life. Whether you’re flying long- or short-haul, Water Wow Books are a great option for keeping your child engaged and happy during the flight.

6. Stacking Cups

Stacking Cups

Stacking cups are a great way to keep toddlers entertained on long flights. You can fill the cups with water, juice, or other snacks to keep them busy and interested. You can also decorate the cups with stickers, symbols, or pictures to make them more appealing. Stacking cups provide a fun and interactive way for toddlers to pass the time while waiting for their flight to arrive. They will have plenty to do while they wait, and it will be a distraction from the long flight.

7. Melissa And Doug Reusable Sticker Book.

Melissa And Doug Reusable Sticker Book.

Children love to stick things to surfaces, and airplane windows are a great choice. This reusable sticker book is the perfect way to keep your toddler entertained during the flight. The book is filled with colorful stickers that can be peeled off and applied to any surface, from window glass to tabletops and even clothing.

In addition to being fun and educational, this book is also sturdy enough to stand up to repeated use. Whether you’re traveling by plane or traveling by car, this book will help keep your toddler occupied and happy while traveling.

8. Travel Train Set

Travel Train Set

It’s important to spend time engaged with your toddler while flying, so provide them with plenty of activities and toys to keep them entertained. A traveling train set is a great way to keep a toddler busy while traveling. Other ideas include a puzzle box and a soft play area.

These activities will allow your child to explore their interests and learn new skills while taking time away from the flight window. Besides, it will make the flight more enjoyable for everyone. Spending time engaging with your toddler during flight can help them calm down and focus on their surroundings. Besides, it makes the flight a memorable journey for both of you.

9. Playdough Travel Set:

Playdough Travel Set

The PlayDough Travel Set is a fun and educational way to keep a toddler occupied on an airplane. The set includes a play dough ball, scissors, and a magnifying glass, which can be used to play with the dough or explore shapes and colors. The ball can be used as a fetch toy or to learn about shapes and sizes. The magnifying glass can help toddlers see small details in the play dough.

The set is easy to store and travel with, making it perfect for on-the-go parents. It is great for traveling long distances and can be packed in a carry-on or checked as luggage without needing special storage containers or packing materials. This fun toddler travel kit can help keep your child entertained while traveling long distances.

10. Felt Play Books

Felt Play Books

Felt Play Books are a fun and engaging toy for keeping your toddler entertained on long airplane rides. The books are soft and colorful and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them great for playing with. They make a great toy for traveling and can be used as a playmat or pillow.

Felt Play Books are easy to pack and take along on trips, making them the perfect choice for busy parents. These books are great for long-flight activities, such as reading or coloring, and can keep your child entertained for hours. Whether you’re traveling long-distance or locally, Felt Play Books will ensure that your toddler stays happy and occupied during your flight.

11. Melissa & Doug Water Reveal Activity Cards

Melissa & Doug Water Reveal Activity Cards

Toddlers love playing with water, so it’s a great activity to keep them busy on an airplane. Melissa & Doug Water Reveal Activity Cards are the perfect way to do this. The cards come with a variety of different activities, such as puzzles and matching games. We can use them as a resource to teach toddlers about colors and shapes.

The cards are also easy to pack and take along with you on your trip, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving your little one behind. If you travel with your toddler frequently, it’s a great idea to pack a few boxes of Melissa & Doug Water Reveal Activity Cards in your carry-on luggage, so you’re always prepared for hours of fun onboard your flight.

12. Gel Window Clings

Gel Window Clings

Window clings are a great way to keep a toddler occupied on an airplane. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and can be attached to any window. These clings are made of soft, flexible material that gently holds the child’s attention while they watch the world go by from outside the window.

The window clings are also easy to remove once the flight is over. They can be reusable or disposable, depending on your preference. Either option is fine as long as you keep some in hand for future flights. To ensure long-lasting enjoyment, make sure to store your window clings in a safe place after use.


Traveling with toddlers can be tricky. You have to plan activities that you both enjoy and keep them busy, so they’re not fidgety on long flights. One of the best ways to keep your toddler occupied is to pack travel-friendly toys and activities for the flight. Not only will traveling with toys help keep your toddler entertained but traveling with your own toys and activities helps create a familiarity of travel that your toddler will love.

If you are too busy singing your favorite song, the toddler won’t able to get bored and start acting up. Instead of finding another new activity or distraction, try changing the environment. For example, offer some toys in a different seat or pull down a video on the lavatory mirror that your child can watch without disturbing you. No matter what tricks you use to keep them entertained, it is always good practice to have an emergency backup plan for traveling with toddlers since unexpected events could arise at any given time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Activities Can I Do With My Toddler To Occupy Him On An Airplane?

Ans: There are a variety of activities that you can do with your toddler when flying. Some of these activities include playing with a toy, listening to music, and watching a movie. It is important to choose activities that are age-appropriate and safe. It is also important to be creative and find fun ways to keep the toddler occupied.

2.How Do I Keep My Toddler Entertained While We Are Flying?

Ans: Some fun things to do on an airplane with a toddler are playing games, singing songs, and reading books. If your toddler is fussy or restless, try giving them a small toy to play with. You can also keep the plane cabin as quiet as possible so that your toddler can sleep.

3.Can Toddlers Be Too Loud Or Not Quiet Enough On Airplanes?

Ans: Different children will scream, laugh, or play differently in different airplane environments. It is best to experiment and find what works best for your toddler on each flight.

4.What Are Some Of The Safest Activities To Do With A Toddler During Takeoff And Landing?

Ans: Some activities that are considered safe for toddlers during takeoff and landing include having them sit down quietly with their parents, crayons and paper available in case of drawings or coloring outside the lines (if allowed), snacks if desired like small juice boxes or applesauce packets, and headphones if desired.

5.How Much Sleep Should A Toddler Get Before Flying?

Ans: All toddlers should not fly without at least eight hours of sleep. Flying is a long flight, and it can be tiring for young children. Some fun ways to occupy a toddler on an airplane include playing games, watching movies, and reading books. It is always a good idea to pack a few toys and snacks for the little ones in case they get bored.

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