Your Kung Fu Is No Good Here – Fact Details Explained

“Traditional Martial Arts” what do you understand by this word and what kind of image is coming to your mind? If you’ve seen this movie, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Shaolin monks, or the karatekas who are all crouched down shouting ‘Kia’. But Wing Chun practitioners lamented that his traditional martial arts were not honored by creating the event.

Your Kung Fu Is No Good Here

Facts About Your Kung Fu Is No Good Here Movie

Your Kung Fu Is No Good is a 80 minute comedic martial arts film that follows a man who’s spent his life obsessing over a certain school of kung fu only to find out that he has no ‘Kung Fu‘. It takes a humorous look at both the world of real kung fu and the world of fake kung fu.

It features a cast consisting of mainly Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu experts. The film is a mix between a narrative story and a documentary about shaolin kung fu.

The movie was shot in June 2014 in Toronto, Canada at Casa Loma and in the Studio at 299 Queen Street West. Your Kung Fu Is No Good was created by Toronto actors, Charles Demers and Dwayne Bryshun. The film is written by Charles Demers and Kevin Willmott.

Your Kung Fu Is No Good marks the second collaboration between Kevin Willmott, Charles Demers and director Jeremy Pollock. The movie is produced by Dwayne Bryshun, Jeremy Pollock and Charles Demers.

Your Kung Fu Is No Good was released on March 26, 2015 at the famous Bloor Cinema in Toronto Canada where it played for 6 weeks before touring festivals throughout North America – including The Chicago Comedy Film Festival (July 2015) and The Seattle Comedy Film Festival (Aug 2015).

On Feb 7, 2016 Your Kung Fu Is No Good will have its World Premiere on the west coast of Canada at the Victoria Film Festival. Other screenings are planned for other cities in 2016.

Your Kung Fu Is No Good Here: Explained

In the movie, a man was wearing a shirt that read, “Your kung fu is no good here.” And this makes Wing Chun angry and he provides that it is disrespecting his martial arts. Here it is shown that he always had an action mentality which led to the collapse of his traditional martial arts.

But this makes me wonder what we do as TMEST. Who will actually gain respect from someone who is always stress-testing themselves? There are many people who do not know about this. Even our TMAs themselves become all romantic about TMA.

I would never say that there is something wrong with some of the other qualities that are growing due to rigorous training. But if he had tried, the MMA practitioner could have simply removed the roof of the club.

What we actually did but he just saw the cause of the case. They tried to make a t-shirt that had no respect for martial arts. But we drilled so many conditions that trained the bad habits.

We chase hands and try to play the Slapity Slap game. But when it came to Chi Sau, there were people who wanted to hold my wrist and keep busy.

There Is No Respect for TMA? What will I Do Then?

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 Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Is It True That Kung Fu Is Good For You?

Ans: Yes. The real kung fu is good and the fake kung fu is also good – as long as you’re having fun!

2. What’s Your Kung Fu Is No Good About?

Ans: It’s a very long title that says it all: “The story of a man who becomes frustrated after spending his life obsessing over a certain school of Kung Fu only to find out that he has no Kung Fu.” It sounds boring, but the movie is actually quite interesting, funny and entertaining.

3. Are There Any Real Kung Fu Masters In Taiwan?

Ans: Yes. There are many real kung fu masters in Taiwan.

4. Is Your Kung Fu Is No Good A Movie About Karate?

Ans: No, it’s not really about any specific martial arts style other than the ones that appear in the movie. Your Kung Fu Is No Good is actually an independent comedy film about an obsessive character who learns something about himself that he never expected.

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