G44 Bore Snake Issues [Explained With Details]

When you think about a handgun easy to use and carry, the name Glock will come into your mind at first. Among the varieties of handguns like Magnum, R45, Desert Eagle, M500; people easily afford the Glock. G18 or Glock 18 is a common handgun. These pistols of Glock are very lightweight to carry with.

For a sharp shooting, there is no compromise with the Glock. Like this, G44 is a low-recoil handgun from the Glock with less weight and a sharp accuracy rate compared to other handguns. With .22 calibers bullets, you will be satisfied with its firing.

Very often after shooting the .22 calibers using your G44, the barrel of this pistol gets clogged. This is injurious because a clogged barrel will result in an explosion. That may take the life of the user away because of this mistake. For this reason, you have to clean the barrel of your G44 regularly.

For cleaning the barrels of your guns, the bore snakes are very popular. These microfibers are perfectly designed to clean the barrels of your guns easily with some cleaning oils. By this action, the rust inside your barrel gets removed easily. Along with that, other problems like corrosion gets removed. But the problem occurs when the bore snakes of your G44 can not go through the barrel for being so wide. And some other issues may occur when you want to clean the barrel of your G44 with a bore snake.

In this article, I am going to show you what types of issues you may face when you will clean the barrel of your G44 with a bore snake. And the solutions to these issues will also be provided along with some necessary steps. So, stay with the last word of this article for having your desired solution.

 G44 Bore Snake Issues

G44 Bore Snake Issues

Being a handgun with. 22 caliber ammo, the G44 is fit for all hands. Somehow it may face some issues with its barrel. As the barrel of your G44 is made of metal, it will certainly react with the water vapor and will form rust. This rust will not let the bullet spin perfectly which will not ensure perfect shooting. Then your barrel will get clogged. Sometimes during firing your handgun, the barrel may get damaged.

This will jam the barrel of your G44 and you will face accuracy issues. For fixing the rust, corrosion, and jamming on the barrel, you need to clean the barrel of your G44 up with the cleaning oils. Now, the common issues that users usually face will be discussed below when they try to clean the barrel of G44 with a bore snake.

  1. The bore snake may not go through the barrel of your G44 though you put the cleaning oils on the bore snake. Forcing the bore snake into the barrel may damage the barrel more.
  2. You may not find a perfect bore snake for cleaning the barrel of your G44. And the bore snake for other pistols will not fit with the barrel of your G44.

So, these are the common issues that one faces when cleaning the barrel of a G44 with a bore snake.

Steps to Fix G44 Bore Snake Issues

Steps to fix G44 bore snake issues

You have already seen the issues which you may face using a bore snake for cleaning the barrel of a G44. Now we will discuss the solutions to these problems. Here the step-by-step solution of the issues for the G44 bore snake is provided below.

At first, disassemble the handgun that you are going to clean up with a bore snake. Then try to pull it out on the other side of the barrel of your G44. Then you may notice that the bore snake can not be pulled out on the other side of the barrel. Then put some cleaning oil in the bore snake.

That will make the bore snake more smooth to go through the hole of the barrel of your G44. But try not to force the snake bore to go through the hole of the barrel. It will damage the inner part of the barrel. And for that, the accuracy of the pistol will be lost as the bullet will not be able to spin properly within the barrel.

If you see that after doing so, still, you can not pull the bore snake on the other side of the barrel then change the bore snake. Try with a bore snake of .17 caliber which is comparatively less wide than the bore snake of a G44. Not trying to pull the bore snake of .17 caliber through the hole of the barrel of your G44.

If the bore snake easily goes through the barrel hole, then double the bore snake because it will not clean the barrel hole properly. Now put the cleaning oil on the bore snake.17 caliber and pull it out on the other side of the barrel of your G44. Now, it can be hoped that the bore snake will easily go through the barrel.

If you face further problems regarding the bore snake of your G44, then you should change the bore snake you ordered. Try to communicate with the Glock community. There are a lot of users who will give you suggestions about any issue of Glock products.


Glock 44 or G44 is a precise and perfect weapon for new beginners who have started their shooting career recently. And you may face such types of issues more about your G44. Just enter our website to get solutions for other related issues of your G44. Don’t forget to inform us about any further problems regarding your G44. In this way, you will be able to solve the G44 bore snake issues easily.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.What Is a Glock 44 Used For?

Ans: The Glock 44 is the most powerful semi-automatic pistol (it does not use a revolver method of firing, instead of using a magazine with multiple rounds) in the. 22 Long Rifle round. This gun is recommended for people who are new to shooting or experienced shooters who want more power than the standard. 22 LR round.

2.Can You Convert Glock 44 To 9mm?

Ans: Yes, you can convert a GLOCK 44 to 9mm.

3.What Is The Smallest Glock?

Ans: The smallest Glock is the smallest caliber offered by this company. It’s a rather spiritual question because the smallest model in the line of pistols that bear its name does not fire .380 ACP: it’s known as Glock 42 and it’s chambered for the smallest and least powerful round in all of its family.

4.Should I Carry With One In The Chamber?

Ans: “Carrying with one in the chamber” means. Carrying a gun with one in the chamber means that there is a round loaded into the gun’s cylinder or magazine and ready to be fired. It does not mean, as one might typically hear on TV, “cocked and locked”, which involves flicking off the safety and lowering the hammer.

5.Can You Dry Fire The Glock 44?

Ans: To actually answer his question: yes, you can dry fire the Glock 44. There is nothing special about dry firing a Glock 44.

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