What Causes One-sided Relationships – An A Depth Guide

Relationships are always is a combination of giving and take. The balance of giving and take should be equal. Otherwise, it doesn’t work for a long time.

The give and take should be equal emotionally, also in case of needs and feelings too. You cant from one side cause it will start making sense of unfulfilled within you soon. So, What Causes One-sided Relationships?

We want something in return if we provide anything according to human behavior. So, the idea of being in a one-sided relationship is not really well taken and appreciated.

It is not necessary to make things right and good from only one side of a relationship. Giving equal off all aspects in a relationship is the responsibility of both partners.

What Causes One-sided Relationships

What Is A One-sided Relationship?

What is a one-sided relationship

A one-sided relationship is the most notable sign that a person can choose to be alone after having many options. Your love and you can be sitting in the same room, but still, you will feel alone as the person is not aware of your feelings.

If you are committed to this one-sided love, you are choosing to be alone. The return from the one-sided relationship is mostly nothing. Many people still choose to have nothing, and it shows that selfless love still lives. The connection is wholly balanced less cause of its nature.

Only one person is balancing and maintaining it when the other is not aware at all. One is putting their emotions, time, and feelings after knowing that nothing is going to return. If the person knows about your love and doesn’t love you back, that is also a one-sided relationship.

The pain is more intense here. Someone who knows about your feelings still doesn’t make a person emotionally weak. This is a self tiring journey where a person sacrifices their emotions on an illusion that the person they love might love them back.

It is not necessary; any person without a relationship can be only a one-sided relationship. Many people are in a relationship but still in a one-sided relationship cause their partners are not giving them the efforts and love they deserve.

Signs of a One-sided Relationship

Signs of a one-sided relationship

1) They are not there for you when you need them: when someone is in one-sided relationships, they try to be always with their loved ones. If it’s good or bad, they try to be present.

But when a person needs them, they will not be there for you. This is the greater general view in a one-sided relationship. The person doesn’t love you, so they are not for you.

You were there cause you lived them. Also, there is a common cause in relationships in relationships: one partner is always there for the other one where the other one doesn’t even care.

That is also a one-sided relationship. In relationships, both people come in the needs of each other. Other than that, all relationships are one-sided relationships.

2) Only you love the partner: In a relationship, love is the core. The love should be from both sides. But in a one-sided relationship, the love from one side only.

If you are not in any relationship but want someone, love someone, it’s a one-sided relationship. Also, if you are in a relationship but your partner doesn’t love you as you do, it’s also a one-sided relationship.

3) Insecurity: Insecurity is one of the most known elements of a one-sided relationship. If you love someone but didn’t tell them, you will always be insecure that they might get engage with someone else, and you will lose them forever.

The same thing might happen in people who are in a relationship. If your partner doesn’t love you, there is a high chance they might leave for any better option. Both are one-sided relationships accordingly.

4) More negative feelings than positive: In any one-sided relationship, the emotion put is from one side. The other one is not aware of your feelings.

In this case, you cant share your feelings with them, which grows negative emotions within you. The love emotions are supposed to get shared with your partner. Not sharing brings impose in your life.

Who are in relationship, needs to follow the same rules as well. If it doesn’t happen then it’s a problem. If you can’t share their emotion toward partner, it becomes a burden.

Also, sometimes in relationships, your partner doesn’t have the same emotion that you have. That also develops negative emotions quickly.

5) You don’t know how they feel: You are not aware of your loved ones feeling in the one-sided relationship. You don’t know that the person you love loves you or not will love you or won’t.

In relationships, if you don’t have the same level of intensity, you might not be sure how you are partner thinking. Also, you might not be aware do they love you or not properly. That makes you uncertain about the feelings of the other party.

6) Priorities are not the same: In a one-sided relationship, the priorities are not the same ever. The person you love might not consider you on their priority list. They might not think about you.

But you might keep them on the first level of your priority list. That brings disappointment to you. Cause you will always be there for your loved one but the person will never be there when you want something.

The same happens in the relationship. You might not in the top priority list of your partner. You are may not their top priority. Otherwise, you may behave in their priority list but not in the top list.

Also, they might not give you the same priority the way you give. The priority level in a relationship at least should be the same pitch for sure.

Reasons for One Sided-Relationship

Reasons for one sided-relationship

The basic reason is growing up in different environments. Every person grew up in different environments. As a result, their mentality is different. Also, their emotional development is different.

The way their feelings are different. We all become different people in conclusion. If you are one type of person and the person is another type of person, that may grow a one-sided relationship. You may not even say that you love them in the fear that they may reject you.

If you are in a relationship already, there are chances the relationship might not go smoothly or go a long time. Two-person in a relationship should be on the same emotional platform.

Different types of persons mostly have a problem in a relationship. One might be really dedicated to whether the other one is a free bird.

Another factor might be the family background. You might not be a very expressive person If you have grown up in an abusive family. You might have a fear of telling someone that you love them.

Cause you might not be that much strong to hear any negative answer for ignoring the negative answer, you never approach them.

On the other hand, if you have grown up in a fun-loving and supportive family, you might be an amiable and approachable person.

But if you go in a relationship with someone from an abusive family, there will be many emotional ups and downs. You will never feel compatible with the person. You will end up feeling alone in a relationship.

Other Reasons Of One Sided Relationship

Poor Communication Skills

In addition, these types of relationships can be mutually created even when neither party is insecure about their self-worth. If both parties have little to no boundaries and/or poor communication skills, they may find themselves unable to express how the other person makes them feel, or what they need in the relationship, leading to frustration and resentment.

There are other factors that contribute to these types of relationships. If one person comes from an abusive home where he/she was not taught healthy relationship skills (i.e., how to express themselves), then it can lead them into unhealthy or one-sided relationships.

Lack Of Knowledge About Healthy Boundaries

In some cases the abuser may have been in a one-sided relationship as a child and therefore believes that they are “helping” their partner by pushing them to be more dependent on the other.

Fear Of Abandonment

It is also possible that the abuser used to be in a one-sided relationship and because they were not able to express themselves adequately during it, they are repeating the same pattern with their current partner.

What Are The Effects of One-Sided Relationships?

One-sided relationships can take a toll on both parties involved because each person feels as if they lack control over their life and their relationships.

In addition, they can often feel as if they lack a sense of self-worth and that they are not worthy of being loved by their partner. This can lead to depression or anxiety in one or both parties.

In some cases the person who believes that he/she is in a one-sided relationship may attempt to break away from it. However, this can result in guilt because they do not want to hurt the person that they are leaving behind.

It is important for these individuals to recognize that their satisfaction and happiness should come first, before any other person.

The Consequences of a One-sided Relationship

The consequences of a one-sided relationship

Anything one-sided is not good. The person who is in a one-sided relationship might struggle in getting fulfilling their emotional needs.

They might not get emotional peace ever. That creates anxiety the stress in the long run. The person feels alone all over. Loneliness might make a person mentally weak. The person might do something extensive such as suicide.

If you are already in a relationship and your partner doesn’t provide the mental peace you want, that results in stress and anxiety. So, there is nothing good in being in a one-sided relationship, whether single or in a relationship.

How to Get Rid of One-sided Relationships

How to get rid of one-sided relationships

There are Many Ways to Get out of one-sided Relationships. Such as:

1) Don’t avoid your feelings: You should not avoid your feelings of needing someone. This not necessary to get everything we want in life. Always believe that you might get something much good in the future.

So, don’t ignore your Emotional need. Getting love against giving love is a human necessity. It is not healthy to fight with yourself, forgetting someone’s love that might not happen ever.

Also, if you are in a relationship and don’t get the love you require, it’s better to get out of the relationship. Something will be right; this is the most wrong concept we are hoping.

2) Always love yourself first: Loving yourself is the first step of human love criteria. A person can never love someone else if they don’t love themselves. It’s really necessary of being aware of owns feeling.

The mental and emotional needs should be very clear. Your feeling will be never satisfied if you don’t know what do you want. Loving yourself will make you realize what you want from your partner.

Otherwise, you will be always feel bad about yourself and pity for someone’s love. You will always be busy with complete your partner’s demands and need where you will always ignore your own feeling.

There comes the ignorance of owns demands and needs. It’s really necessary to love yourself for one-sided relation. There is no one-sided relationship where self-love exists.

3) Communicate: Communication is the most necessary part of every human’s personality. It is also an essential aspect of every relationship. Lacking communication well is the most crucial reason for a one-sided relationship.

When a person doesn’t know to communicate well, they cant share their feelings. They cant approach someone for less communication. They ended up not approaching and being alone. Here starts the one-sided relationship.

Building up a good communication relationship is important for ignoring one-sided relationships. Communication is also very important for people who are in a relationship. Often partners lose interest and love from another partner if they don’t communicate well.

The lack of communication may break the relationship instantly. So, we should Communicate well if we want to approach someone as well as if we want to maintain a healthy relationship.

One-sided relationships are never good. So, it’s constantly good to be aware of the one-sided relationship and the consequences. We should avoid being in a one-sided relationship with our goddess.

Life is very short to waste your emotions and to feel that not going to give love. Be with someone who loves you from the depth of their heart. Never compromise your happiness for anyone else.


One sided relationships are difficult to manage and can lead to loneliness. It’s important that you try not avoid these types of relationship situations in order to protect yourself from the negative health effects they may have on your mental well-being.

If you’re struggling with one sided relationships, speak with a professional therapist who has experience dealing with this type of issue or reach out for help at an online support group like ours. I hope now you know What Causes One-sided Relationships.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is It Possible to Have Successful One-sided Love?

Answer: Even if it appears that the pair overly in love with the other, one partner will always love more than the other. Also, the most successful relationship is typically one-sided, with one part doing everything in their power to keep the relationship in fact.

2. Is It True That One-sided Love Is Painful?

Answer: One-sided relationship can develop feeling as anxiety, loneliness, depression. You might believe it’s simple to determine if love is not reciprocated. It can bring many uncertainty and mental pressure in various situation but not always.

3. What Is the Best Process to Maintain a One-sided Relationship?

Answer: Try starting an open and honest discussion. The best reaction is there to talk about things out. They may not know how their activity in effecting you. Also, they have a different perspective on your relationship situation.

4. How Do You Be Sure to Save That Being in Relationship or Not Will Be Beneficial?

Answer: The first sign that your relationship is worth saving is if you are both committed to Personal and joint progress. When a couple seeks help, they are generally going through a difficult period of increased conflict, betrayal, or separation.

5. Can a One-sided Relationship Be Fixed ?

Answer: A one-sided relationship can be very difficult, as you might not have a chance to develop a connection. After a while, it can become hard to want anything from the other person. If you feel that something needs to change then it’s worth talking about your feelings….

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